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  1. The 2020 WSCC Meeting schedule is as follows: January 23rd – 7:00 pm CanadInns Transcona – 826 Regent Ave W. MB 204.224.1681 February 20th – 7:00 pm location TBA March 19th – 7:00 pm location TBA April 16th – 7:00 pm location TBA May 14th – 7:00 pm location TBA June 25th – 7:00 pm location TBA July and August – no regular Club meeting scheduled September 17th – 7:00 pm location TBA October 22nd – 7:00 pm location TBA November 19th – Annual General Meeting – 7:00 pm location TBA December – no regular Club meeting scheduled December 10th – Joint Board Meeting – 7:00 pm location TBA (incoming and outgoing Directors and Officers)
  2. Hmmmm... I was trying to be humorous, apparently that didn't come across. But seriously - Darin understands these Audi's better than most.
  3. No doubt - your symptoms are identical to the ones I was having. A vacuum leak is definitely the most likely suspect - and the fix won't cost you much other than your time. Oh, and BTW - Darin is the one who solved the issues with my car, so he knows from whence he speaks. Ignore his advice at your peril!!
  4. I don't pretend to know as much as Darin or the other guys, but I know when Darin and I had a similar problem getting my TT to fire up one of the issues we encountered was a small gap between the intake manifold and block when the manifold got hung up on a bracket that prevented it from seating properly. seems like an unlikely problem to repeat itself, but the symptoms you're having are eerily familiar... might be worth your time to give it a quick check - everything looked good from on top - wasn't until we looked underneath we noticed the small gap. hope you guys get it sorted out! oh, and let me know who your AEM guy is, I think I'm going to ditch my OEM ECU and go aftermarket at some point - stock unit is a bitch to work around (huh Darin?!?)
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