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  1. Tried running highpass filters using free audio software but it removes too much of the cars various sounds as well. Looks like it needs a foam box to sit inside. Here are a few of the ones filmed last weekend: https://youtu.be/hLsep8Hv4bk https://youtu.be/uE3OZamZ6CE https://youtu.be/PtyYtQj9mS4 https://youtu.be/tKfXStrPHoA
  2. Well there is a fair amount of video clips recorded but they are all severely affected by the wind noise. So much so that it's hard to hear the cars. It was a bit breezy through the weekend though. lol I'll work on these and see if I can find a way to filter it out somewhat. If that fails I'll have to use other background audio tracks just to cover it up. Stayed tuned. This will take awhile.
  3. Don P

    old bricks

    Schteve for the win. lol
  4. When do we get to see it Greg? More importantly, when can I get a ride in it? lmao
  5. Don P

    old bricks

    Yes please. Any condition. And thanks.
  6. Don P

    old bricks

    Does anyone have 5 or 6 old bricks (any kind or shape) that they can bring to the track this weekend? Also posted on Facebook. Let me know there or here, if you have any. Thanks
  7. Now that I'm "just" a corner worker, lol, I'll be bringing my GoPro along and setting it up on a special cone at marshalling stations to record live track action. Will bring it to race school and whatever other regular season events I can make it to. I'll be dumping each video batch onto my laptop, as it fills the card. If anyone wants copies at the end of HPDE, bring along a flash drive. If you don't get copies, some of the content will end up posted on YouTube anyway, and I will post the links for those as necessary. fyi
  8. SOLD! Watch for it this year at Gimli with it's new owner. See you all there! -1983 SF Reynard, Formula 2000 (aka FC), Log book included -New 6 point harness just installed -2 sets Compomotive Turbo wheels, one 13x6/13x8, one 13x7/13x9 - A few extra suspension parts, plus a full set of 4 aluminum suspension shear plates. (upper suspension front and back mount to those. Then those bolt to frame. Keeps frame from twisting if you knock off a wheel) - a few extra coil spring sets -a very good used Bosch distributor, with spark box, to replace Ford Autolite unit. -20 extra gear sets for transaxle -Additional high speed rear wing (not pictured) -Additional Van Diemen style front wing flaps (not pictured) -Starter battery and cable
  9. Darin/Mat, Doing a bit of spring cleaning here and came across some assorted size 3 ring binders. Will bring them to race school if the club has any use for them.
  10. I bought a used GMC Envoy recently. Was reading up on some net info on these vehicles and came across a reference to this pdf file from GM. Seems to have been written for non-gearheads to understand. Probably was for the Corporate Execs or something. Seems too detailed for a media release, etc. Quite impressive considering that GM only thinks of it as a truck engine. Here's brief rundown on it. An inline 6 with an aluminum head, block, and oil pan. 4 valve head with twin cams c/w variable valve timing. 10:1 compression ratio Hyper-eutectic pistons with full floating pins, forged steel rods, nodular iron crank Vane-style crank-driven oil pump. Gerotor style water pump. Drive by wire throttle. PCM controls everything. (like sports cars and fighter jets) I've read this twice already, and I'm really glad I own one now. lol File included, if you want to read the long version.... vortec4200.pdf
  11. Besides the country club prices, who has the budget to race 15 days a month and 2 weekends a month? That's half of your life at the track. lol If it flops and doesn't pull in enough support it will go public pretty fast, or go bankrupt. Then we might have a shot. lol
  12. So glad I never had one of these when I was younger. But I'd take one now. 26psi of terror. lol
  13. Free practice 3 on TSN5 in 2.5 hours Qualifying in 3.5 hours on TSN 1,3,4,5 booyaaa!
  14. Everyone should start drilling 1/4" holes all over the front plate except through the letters/numbers/stickers. lol "Hack the planet!"
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