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  1. You guys can't get rid of me that easily. lol It's like a family. I just got my Officials license 2 days ago, and I still plan to come out a few times per year and do some corner marshalling. (always a need for those) The good times after the racing, was just as much fun for me as the racing was. I don't plan on giving it up entirely. See you all at race school.
  2. SALE PENDING, I will update the ad some time next month after it plays out. (And you'll still see it racing at Gimli, but I'll let the new owner debut it themselves) lol -1983 SF Reynard, Formula 2000 (aka FC), Log book included -New 6 point harness just installed -2 sets Compomotive Turbo wheels, one 13x6/13x8, one 13x7/13x9 - A few extra suspension parts, plus a full set of 4 aluminum suspension shear plates. (upper suspension front and back mount to those. Then those bolt to frame. Keeps frame from twisting if you knock off a wheel) - a few extra coil spring sets -a very good used Bosch distributor, with spark box, to replace Ford Autolite unit. -20 extra gear sets for transaxle -Additional high speed rear wing (not pictured) -Additional Van Diemen style front wing flaps (not pictured) -Starter battery and cable Priced to sell at .....
  3. Well folks, it is time to hang up the racing suit for awhile. Due to some physical medical issues I will not be racing (or wrenching) for the next few years, minimum. The car and parts, plus trailer and camper van, will all be going up for sale immediately. A sale is pending!!!
  4. Or how about a homemade mushroom and egg fried rice paired with a chicken and vegetable lo mein. Only instead of the crummy chicken most chinese places use, I opted for roasted chicken slices (that I diced) I had grabbed at a deli. Wait until next year. I'll bring a portable stove and everything I need. Challenge accepted.
  5. This one I called KGB, because it's Korean Ginger Beef and white rice. lol Very spicy.
  6. This one was my take on Fair Food. Miniature corn dogs. battered mushroom slices, and battered shrimp. (using a corn flour mix)
  7. Not afraid of my cooking, quite the opposite. But if I make anything here at home on Wednesday then it's 3 days old by the time you eat it at the track on Saturday. Next year I'll have to arrange to bring a portable stove where I can cook on site. I have reinvented spaghetti. Took it to a new level. No I'm not kidding. And you should try my homemade Chinese food. My kitchen Kung Fu is strong. First, this is homemade fried rice with battered shrimp.
  8. Is anyone bringing a can of ether to get our cars started?
  9. Cookies, buns, pastry, or whatever looks good at the Sobeys on Friday in Gimli. (and maybe some extra gluten) lol
  10. Darin/Mat, Doing a bit of spring cleaning here and came across some assorted size 3 ring binders. Will bring them to race school if the club has any use for them.
  11. an expensive winter. Just got the parts dropped off by Fedex today to fix the right rear suspension. Into that for $900+ already, and haven't bought the CV joints yet. Not even sure they're damaged, but plan to replace them anyway. The upgrade won't hurt as the right side takes all the high loads anyway. And those old Volkswagen parts can't be that expensive. lol Also got a new 6 point 'HANS friendly' harness for $400+ this week. And still thinking about buying some newer 'used' slicks for this year. (ran all last year on used ones installed 2 years ago) The price we pay to go fast, huh.
  12. Well it's over a year later and I had a brief scare a few days ago. lol All the lights on my transponder started flashing red. I unplugged and checked cable and plugged it in and it kept doing the same thing. Then I'm thinking wtf? So I surfed to their website and found the user manual to decode the lights, and it turns out it does that when it needs a major update. So I had to download the new file into the transponder thru it's USB cable from my PC. Then power down and back up again and we are back in business. Carburetors man, that's what life is all about.
  13. Too many late registrations. lol Thanks for all your efforts over the last few years though.
  14. I bought a used GMC Envoy recently. Was reading up on some net info on these vehicles and came across a reference to this pdf file from GM. Seems to have been written for non-gearheads to understand. Probably was for the Corporate Execs or something. Seems too detailed for a media release, etc. Quite impressive considering that GM only thinks of it as a truck engine. Here's brief rundown on it. An inline 6 with an aluminum head, block, and oil pan. 4 valve head with twin cams c/w variable valve timing. 10:1 compression ratio Hyper-eutectic pistons with full floating pins, forged steel rods, nodular iron crank Vane-style crank-driven oil pump. Gerotor style water pump. Drive by wire throttle. PCM controls everything. (like sports cars and fighter jets) I've read this twice already, and I'm really glad I own one now. lol File included, if you want to read the long version.... vortec4200.pdf
  15. My car is still not ready. Hoping to be ready by race #2.
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