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  1. If you're a WSCC member, you're probably an enthusiast who knows auto parts. And that's exactly what I'm looking for. We have a 5-bay auto service shop at Nott and we are exploring the possibility of adding a Full Time Parts and Service Coordinator to assist our Service Manager in quoting/estimating work orders, ordering and managing parts inventory, and sourcing/selling aftermarket parts. Requirements: - Know what these words mean: Ball joint, end link, strut mount, wheel bearing, axle seal, coil pack, flange, bolt pattern. - Understand and embody these words: Dependable, honest, team player, strong work ethic. - Basic computer software aptitude. - Be scrappy and resourceful for our customers! When the tech says we should try replacing a $1000 part from the dealer, scour the web to find a cheaper source or fix the problem another way. Bonus skills: - Professional service/parts experience - Internet search ninja, especially for auto parts and repair info - Intermediate/Advanced software proficiency - Experience or interest in social media (creating, not just consuming) - Customer service Compensation will be based on experience and skill set. Entry level pay for an entry level (but fast-learning/coachable) coordinator, professional level pay for a pro parts/service associate. Bonus for performance. Email me: jeff@nottautocorp.com Referrals welcome. Send your friends, kids, former employees, etc. Anyone you think might like the job.
  2. In 1. Corey 2. Curtis 3. Kevin R. Tentative 1. Waiting list 1. Beau 2. Jeff (with spectators)
  3. +1 to tatawaki's advice. A SMALL committee (2-3) of qualified members should be formed to handle the project. If executive wants to approve the creative brief, that would be ok, but getting a large group to vote on any design just doesn't work. Leave it to a qualified committee with a solid brief and a good designer, and you'll get a good logo. A much cheaper but much less reliable route is to try 99designs.com. Their entire business model is running design competitions where designers work for free, hoping their work gets chosen. You may end up with something really good, or maybe a bunch of crap. Even if you go this route, you need a small, qualified committee to manage it.
  4. Good idea with lots of potential. Worrying about exactly where the dollars go at this point is probably missing the forest for the trees. I agree with Kosta (first time ever?) that workload is probably the biggest concern at this point. It looks similar to the SCCA model in America, but the SCCA is a LOT bigger than WCMA.ca would be. They have serious resources. It's clear that Gerard put a ton of time and effort into this proposal, and that's truly commendable, but one committed volunteer isn't enough to keep a ship that big sailing. SCCA clubs survive on volunteerism, but the SCCA itself has many full-time staff. I don't see WCMA.ca running much differently, just on a much smaller scale. I can see many potential upsides from a growth standpoint, but we would need an idea of the level of time commitment required to start and keep it going.
  5. Mondays: Taylor, Sam, Mohamed, Rob, Chris, Kevin, Zac Tuesdays: Taylor, Mohamed, Rob, Chris, Wednesdays: Taylor, Corey, Mohamed, Chris. Thursdays: Taylor, Corey, Sam, Mohamed, Rob, Chris, Kevin (sometimes), Zac, Curtis, Kevin R., Jeff (part-time) Fridays: Corey, Sam, Rob, Chris, Kevin, Zac
  6. Sounds like you're in pretty good shape for weight. Does that mean you can use ballast to adjust weight bias?
  7. LOL, I already sold it to myself. It's a 2008 with 85km and we were going to ask $18k for it. I will let you know when there's another one available, Mike. Or better yet, swing by here and tell me your wants and needs so we can hunt one down for you.
  8. So is this where you got the beamer wagon? Hope you got an employee discount. I might actually buy something from ya eventually. I'm getting tired of not having AC Yup, I snapped the Bimmer up as soon as it came in. Finding a 3 wagon with the sport seats in Canada is very hard. We didn't want black, but we might wrap it to make it more interesting.
  9. BTW, it's not just supercars and exotics. Most of our inventory is under $30k. You CAN actually afford to shop here.
  10. We have about 25-30 pieces of art on the walls too, throughout the front showroom and offices. Mostly local art, supplied by Gurevich Fine Art on Albert St.
  11. Many of you already knew that I left my secure, stable, and life-sucking marketing career at Manitoba Hydro last summer to find something less governmenty and closer to things I care about. After several months off, a nice long road trip and some networking, I've found something! The new store, which we're calling our Luxury Auto & Art Gallery, is totally unique in the city and we always have something exotic on hand. Right now there's a Maserati Granturismo 4.7, F430 Spyder, Viper GTS, 997 4S Cab, Tesla Model S and two Audi R8's to gawk at. (Still working on permission to autocross one.) If you're actually looking for a car, even better, but feel free just to stop for a visit (Waverley at McGillivray) and to check out some cool cars. We're really low pressure so even if I'm not around, you'll be welcome to just wander and check out the inventory. Alright, I didn't pay to advertise here, so I'm done.
  12. If anyone needs tix and wants to pick them up from the north end of the city or downtown, shoot me a PM, email or text.
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