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  1. If you're a WSCC member, you're probably an enthusiast who knows auto parts. And that's exactly what I'm looking for. We have a 5-bay auto service shop at Nott and we are exploring the possibility of adding a Full Time Parts and Service Coordinator to assist our Service Manager in quoting/estimating work orders, ordering and managing parts inventory, and sourcing/selling aftermarket parts. Requirements: - Know what these words mean: Ball joint, end link, strut mount, wheel bearing, axle seal, coil pack, flange, bolt pattern. - Understand and embody these words: Dependable, honest, team player, strong work ethic. - Basic computer software aptitude. - Be scrappy and resourceful for our customers! When the tech says we should try replacing a $1000 part from the dealer, scour the web to find a cheaper source or fix the problem another way. Bonus skills: - Professional service/parts experience - Internet search ninja, especially for auto parts and repair info - Intermediate/Advanced software proficiency - Experience or interest in social media (creating, not just consuming) - Customer service Compensation will be based on experience and skill set. Entry level pay for an entry level (but fast-learning/coachable) coordinator, professional level pay for a pro parts/service associate. Bonus for performance. Email me: jeff@nottautocorp.com Referrals welcome. Send your friends, kids, former employees, etc. Anyone you think might like the job.
  2. Corey offered me his banana, and how can anyone say no to that? Thanks for offering your Buick, rjames. Hope the school goes well for you tomorrow!
  3. I love my S2000 but I know it so well it feels like cheating. Also Curtis threatened to beat me up like when we were kids if I spoil stock class.
  4. Liar. Honda made the Beat. Now I can't trust anything you say. Not that I ever did.
  5. Woohoo! I can finally make it to another event this Sunday. WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR: Something fun that's not an S2000. WHAT I CAN OFFER: If you want personalized instruction, I will gladly provide it. If you just want to see how fast your car can go, I'll do my best. If you just want some serious competition in your own car, I'm good for that too. Monetary compensation can be discussed if needed. At the very least I'll buy you lunch. Post here or shoot me a text at 7 nine tw0 4081.
  6. Great discussion. I agree completely with going back to the old way of having novices integrated with veterans. We all learned from veterans while working the course, and we also made friends with some of the veterans that way. Keeping the two groups segregated doesn't make it easy for novices to get to know someone they can learn from. As for weather, it's just part of the sport. If we start excluding certain events from the season standings because of rain then someone becomes responsible for making that decision ("was it wet enough?").
  7. The school is this weekend, everyone! And since I haven't done a great job of promoting it this year (#playingthebabycard) we only have 14 students signed up for Level 1, which means LOTS of seat time. If anyone else is interested, sign up now at wscc.motorsportreg.com. I guarantee three things: you will have fun, you will learn something, and you will be 100% glad you signed up.
  8. In 1. Corey 2. Curtis 3. Kevin R. Tentative 1. Waiting list 1. Beau 2. Jeff (with spectators)
  9. Awesome vid again, Mike. It clearly takes a lot of time. Thanks for the effort.
  10. So if the 29th is booked, what about the alternate Thursday?
  11. Mondays: Taylor, Sam, Mohamed, Rob, Chris, Kevin, Zac Tuesdays: Taylor, Mohamed, Rob, Chris, Wednesdays: Taylor, Corey, Mohamed, Chris. Thursdays: Taylor, Corey, Sam, Mohamed, Rob, Chris, Kevin (sometimes), Zac, Curtis, Kevin R., Jeff (part-time) Fridays: Corey, Sam, Rob, Chris, Kevin, Zac
  12. Regrets. Joe can take home the 1st place trophy after all.
  13. Have you tried YouTube's image stabilization feature? It actually works really well.
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