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    1993 Honda Prelude SR-V

  2. honda78

    Pot luck 2018!

    Home made buns
  3. honda78


    Anyone know what the winning 50/50 number was for August 19?
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    Thank you
  5. honda78

    1993 Honda Prelude SR-V

    Please make a reasonable offer Will require a new battery and passenger side window motor . Have no use for a track car any longer Thanks Shane
  6. honda78

    1993 Honda Prelude SR-V

  7. honda78

    1993 Honda Prelude SR-V

  8. honda78

    1993 Honda Prelude SR-V

  9. honda78

    Custom alignment shop thread?

    C.A.P.S. 688 Dufferin 204-582-9672 Tell them you are a member of The Winnipeg Sports CLUB
  10. honda78

    School zone speeds

    thanks Jim
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    Ice Race 2

    thank you
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    thank you
  13. honda78

    1993 Honda Prelude SR-V

    also comes with the aluminum rims in the photos and new fount brakes still in the box
  14. honda78

    Windshield decals available

    are we also doing shark fins?
  15. do we have a lunch venue for sunday?
  16. Just a reminder, all vehicles must have a front and rear tow hook - accessable. Thank you.
  17. Due to scheduling conflicts the Stewart Family will Not be racing this season. Bryce will not be available for any events therefor there is no Tow vehicle for Test and Tune days as well as no secondary Tow for race days. As of right now there are not enough volunteers to even hold events. If you or anyone you know might be interested in helping out so our events can happen please have them contact Cara A.S.A.P. Thanks Shane
  18. honda78


    Thanks again to everyone who took part in the potluck! Looking forward to the 3rd annual
  19. honda78


    Stu Mclachlan will bring cake
  20. honda78


    cheesy potato casserole (Sue and Dan)
  21. honda78

    Shop recommendation

    Call Frank at C.A.P.S on Dufferin 204-582-9672