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  1. it's that time of the year lets get ready to race!!!!
  2. WAHOO!!!!!
  3. sold thanks
  4. bump
  5. Thanks Jim
  6. Thanks Pete That was fun as usual great day
  7. noon till 5 ish
  8. yes thanks to all
  9. The Collector Vehicle Program offers special insurance coverage to customers who own collector vehicles. To be eligible, your vehicle must meet certain criteria (see Declaration) and you must qualify your vehicle. Declaration By submitting this application I declare that my vehicle meets each of the following requirements of the Collector Vehicle Program: • is at least 25 years old • is a passenger vehicle or light truck • has a value of at least $5,000, and • is used for ‘Pleasure’ only under Basic Autopac(i.e. not used for regular commuting) I understand and accept that qualifying my vehicle for the Collector Vehicle Program in no way implies an Actual Cash Value (ACV) for my vehicle. if you do not do this your "classic" is just a car
  10. yes you can pay at the track see Al
  11. we nead 4 to replace the dead ones but more would be great Thanks
  12. Yes we would like them please. If you could bring them out or pass them to someone that has room to bring them. Thanks Shane sorry Jim
  13. Hay Beau if the generator is at Jims shop i will get Bryce to grab it Thanks Shane