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  1. VelocityChris

    Time to Register for July 21 - 23 weekend

    Looks like I missed the registration online, but I will be there on Friday for the 2:30 session, cash in-hand. Chris (Audi TT)
  2. Wonderful! Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I have a great relationship with St. James Audi, so I will talk to them. This is a project car, with the intent to get it into a decent race/rally mode over the next few years, so I want to learn how to build that engine. Just wasn't thinking that I would be learning so early on! 8-)
  3. Hi guys,So at the last hot laps day at Gimli I decided to bash pistons against valves and we are now looking at rebuilding that engine. There is a possibility that we will decide to put a stroker kit into the engine, as the engine is coming apart anyway. 2001 1.8T VW/Audi engine, AMU spec - 20valve, 225HP (in a 2001 Audi TT 225)We have a place in California that services these heads, but I was wondering if anyone can recommend to me someone local who could help me rebuild that engine, who could maybe also bore the engine for the stroker kit. I would love to learn how to do this myself, but not sure if the tools and skill required are a bit much to tackle at this point.Any recommendations would be greatThanksChris
  4. Looks like Shawn and I are removing the head of the TT. It turns out we need a special head removal tool. I am going to order one, but that will be days/week away. Does anyone have one that I can borrow to remove the head for today/this weekend?There are two kinds - they are 12mm and there is a 6-point and a 12-point. I believe I need the 6-point, which are for newer head bolts, and the head was replaced last year (I am 30km away from the car so I cannot check). Kind of like a torx head, but not quite. More square.You can see the tool here:Part MN3452 - Head Bolt Bit for 1.8T® and Some V6 & 2.0 Gas Engineshttp://www.metalnerd.com/cat05.htm(The tool might get returned with a case of beer!)
  5. Hi everyone,We continue to make progress in developing our rally program. But to be honest, these are still baby steps. I believe that it will take a couple of years and some good luck to make it all work for us. If we keep at it, though, I see good futures.We had a couple of ice driving events where we made use of the track that the Ice Race guys had set up. That was excellent, even if I lost the nose of my TT in the process. Now it is easy to spot me with my silver body, black nose car.This spring we have been discussing how to get some kind of stage rally or rallyX event going. Maybe even a TSD. A stage rally is definitely the most exciting but also the most challenging to pull off. This is it because it takes several weeks of preparation and many people. From planning the routes to organizing volunteers, to taping off areas to safety marshalling. And then there are the people who actually manage and time the competitors. I think we would need to be able to rely on at least 20 volunteers to help us on a day.We unfortunately live in a province of gridded out roadways, so long, twisty areas are a bit of a drive for us. Our rally director, Dr. Henri Marcoux, and I have done a little scouting up in the Belair/Hillside/Victoria Beach area and there are some interesting possibilities on the quad trails and we are going to see if we can get an event scheduled up there, maybe in September once it is quieter after summer. There would be an opportunity for a RallyX there and something of a 'stage' event, although it may be a restricted speed event. There are only a few prepared vehicles in the province so we need an event that will offer spirited driving on interesting terrain, but at speeds that would allow street vehicles to participate, without requiring roll cages. We are exploring all of that. If it doesn't work for September, we would work towards spring 2014 on this one. Baby steps. As I just posted in another thread, we are also going to be helping out at the Ojibwe Forest Rally near Fargo on August 23-24. Please, if you are interested in making rally a reality in Manitoba, try to make it to this event to help us learn how to do things well.Henri is also looking into a possible TSD rally for us as well.I am also considering going out to the 'Sport Car Olympics' http://www.qcma.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=21&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0which is held near Regina on October 5-6 and includes a TSD rally, Rally X and a Autoslalom series of events. Sounds like fun!If you are at all interested in any of this, please keep posting to this forum and make yourself known to us. This can only work with several people stepping up. I believe that this will take time as we all have limited time. I have an 8- and 6-year old with a zillion activities on their own. I also have limited funds for prepping a car. I figure it will be easily next year or 2015 before I have the TT properly prepared in the most basic of senses. But that is fine. I would rather build a strong team over time rather than flash-in-the-pan. My goal for racing Targa Newfoundland in the TT is a 10-year goal and I am in year 2! I hope that you are interested.If we actually pull off the September event, I will be ecstatic. We managed to get a couple of events in the winter, maybe we will be able to do a summer/fall event, too!CheersChris
  6. Hi all,As we take our baby steps to building rally in Manitoba (I will discuss some of our progress in a different post), we have a great opportunity this summer to do some real learning. I'd like you to join me at the rally.On August 23-24 Rally America is holding the Ojibwe Forest Rally, near Fargo. This is Race #6 in the national championship and if you are interested in rally at all, this is an event not to miss. http://ojibweforestrally.com/workersI have spoken with the organizers and they would love a contingent of WSCC members to help out/volunteer as marshals and course workers. This would be a great way for us to get to know what is required to properly hold a rally event if we are to ever start doing serious races or rallyX here in Manitoba. From everything I hear about the organizers from others, these people are fantastic and treat their volunteers very well. This event was previously a regional event but has been moved up onto the national championship calendar so that speaks to the level of organization. Running a rally takes a small army of people to make it go right. It also involves all manner of people and skills - many of whom may not even be car nuts but who love the team atmosphere of putting on an event. It is very logistically intensive as you have groups of people moving across large areas of terrain, taking over an area, maintaining safety, providing excitement and entertainment and then cleaning up and moving on to the next stage. It is pretty cool, actually.Last fall, my brother, Shawn and my father and I traveled to work Stage Operations for the week-long tarmac rally Targa Newfoundland. We were part of a 7-person team with my Dad working Start and Shawn and I working the Flying Finish. Our team was one of 6 stage-ops teams and there were over 75 people who ran the rally and we covered over 2000km trekking all across Newfoundland. It was fantastic.And I am going to do this again! I would like to see if anyone else is interested in working the rally or even just going down to watch and experience it. If you are interested, please go register through the link provided above. It would be a good show of support to a rally organizer that is so close to us and who we may be able to lean on for support as we develop our own program.Thanks everyone,Chris Clarke
  7. VelocityChris

    Hot lapping /School Friday July 5th 2013

    I will be there for the 4:00 session. Still $60 for the half? I will buy a couple pieces of pizza and a drink if there is any left at 3:30.Chris
  8. VelocityChris

    Rally x /hotlaps Feb 2 2013

    Is there anyone else planning on going for RallyX? I have had a few solid cancellations but have not heard from anyone who plans on going.
  9. VelocityChris

    Rally x /hotlaps Feb 2 2013

    I think that Shawn and I will be going.I spent last Sunday taping my chin back together, but didn't get it actually attached onto the car. It has been too blasted cold!Chris2001 Audi TT.
  10. VelocityChris

    January 26th Rallycross pictures

    That second shot with the snow blowing overtop the STi is amazing!
  11. VelocityChris

    January 26th Rallycross pictures

    Very Nice! Thanks once again for all the shots Steve!
  12. VelocityChris

    RallyX NEW Event #1 - this Saturday, Jan 26

    Looking forward to tomorrow! Cheers everyone!Chris2009 Audi A42001 Audi TT
  13. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can rent a heated garage for a Saturday or Saturday/Sunday sometime in February or March? I need to swap out springs on my car and would love to do that in the warmth. If the garage has a lift or a hoist or anything like that, that would be amazing, but I have my own jacks. I will be bringing all of my own tools, so none of that is needed. Basically a warm space.ThanksChris Clarke(from Rally and long ago from AutoX)2009 Audi A42001 Audi TT
  14. VelocityChris

    RallyX NEW Event #1 - this Saturday, Jan 26

    Whoops- I have now enabled it' date=' updated the original post and it is [email']velocitychris@gmail.com