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  1. insertnamehere

    Out of Focus

    I haven't been to autocross for a while, but if you want to stick with a Ford, I'll be coming out on Saturday with my Fiesta ST and you're welcome to co-drive. I'm not running a terribly competitive tire, it's the new firestone firehawk Indy 500. Additionally, it's in SMF-S as I've modified it for my liking and not for autocross class purposes.
  2. insertnamehere

    FS: (SAFETIED) 2000 Mazda Miata Supercharged

  3. insertnamehere

    FS: (SAFETIED) 2000 Mazda Miata Supercharged

    Sale pending
  4. insertnamehere

    FS: (SAFETIED) 2000 Mazda Miata Supercharged

    Bump. Freshly safetied as of this morning, new ignition coil and spark plug wires the week before!
  5. insertnamehere

    FS: (SAFETIED) 2000 Mazda Miata Supercharged

    Price for a WSCC member is $7,500 now.
  6. YEAR, MAKE & MODEL: 2000 Mazda Miata CURRENT MILEAGE (SPECIFY KMS OR MILES): 201,xxx KMs COLOR (EXT/INT): Black TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual CONTACT VIA (E-mail, PM, phone number, etc.): PM here, email epprileyd@gmail.c0m, text 204-3I9=0634 PRICE (MUST STATE A PRICE, IS IT FIRM OR OBO?): $8,000 obo IS THE VEHICLE SAFETIED: not currently OPTIONAL INFORMATION: CLEAN TITLE: rebuilt HISTORY OF ACCIDENTS? (IF YES, DETAILS): front end collision, have pictures of damage HISTORY OF PAINT/BODYWORK? (IF YES, DETAILS): see above MODIFICATIONS DONE TO VEHICLE:BRP MP62 supercharger, track dog racing fuel card, track dog racing header blanket, Koni struts and springs, Suzuki cappuccino washer bottle mod, AEM A/F gauge included with sale but not yet installed, 15x8 Konig Wideopen wheels with Yokohama S-Drive 205/50/15 tires PICTURES:
  7. insertnamehere

    Car Classing Guide + Help Thread

    Yeah. I'd probably let it go for $7000 if I do end up selling it.
  8. insertnamehere

    Car Classing Guide + Help Thread

    Feel like buying my supercharged Miata?
  9. insertnamehere

    2017 Season-Changes

    Interestingly enough, the Firestones I just bought were far cheaper online from PMC Tire as opposed to Costco.
  10. insertnamehere

    2017 PAX

    I'm hearing that a lot. I've tried to find a review that was negative, I've been unsuccessful with that.
  11. insertnamehere

    FS: 2005 Jeep TJ Unlimited

    YEAR, MAKE & MODEL: 2005 Jeep TJ Unlimited CURRENT MILEAGE (SPECIFY KMS OR MILES): 205,000 km COLOR (EXT/INT): Black TRANSMISSION: 6 speed manual CONTACT VIA (E-mail, PM, phone number, etc.): epprileyd@gmail.com or 2043190634 PRICE (MUST STATE A PRICE, IS IT FIRM OR OBO?):$9,500 IS THE VEHICLE SAFETIED: yes Selling my 2005 Jeep TJ Unlimited (also known as an LJ). The LJ has a 10" longer wheelbase than a standard TJ and is 15" overall longer in length, making for more room inside for passengers and cargo. 4.0 inline 6 with 6 speed manual transmission 4" lift and 35" Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC tires with 4.88 gears in the rear Currently safetied! The bad-in the cold snap we've been having, something disconnected between the passenger side door handle and the mechanism inside and only currently opens from the inside, there's a spot of rust on the passenger side, and the vehicle does have a rebuilt title. There was no frame damage from the write-off. http://imgur.com/gf88B9q http://imgur.com/gL9PkGK http://imgur.com/jtY9T2p http://imgur.com/CeYTTCW
  12. insertnamehere

    2017 PAX

    Picking up a 2015 FiST on the weekend. This'll be the first time I have a PAX friendly car!
  13. insertnamehere

    Sep 11th event

    I had fun my first time back out in a year! Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be racing next weekend as I've got some family events going on and I'm playing with fire with not knowing my AFRs. A wideband o2 sensor will need to be installed before the next time I race the Miata.
  14. insertnamehere

    Another School next weekend

    Who are the instructors?
  15. Just talked to my wife, this trip is not completely out of the question for me. Now my question is, who would be willing to let me co-drive?