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  1. The Aficionado for April 2019 with the 2019 ice racing results, race weekend comparison, 2018 survey results and details of our upcoming events. Please email any updates, corrections or suggestions regarding this newsletter to: khilash@mac.com. Aficionado 2019 04.pdf
  2. Hi Corey, The following is a direct link to the 2019 membership renewal: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/wscc-annual-membership-2019-winnipeg-sports-car-club-617935 A good way to see all the current club events is to goto: http://wscc.motorsportreg.com I hope that helps. Ken.
  3. XK8

    Used harness

    Hi Josh, I have an expired (3 years ago) Pyrotech 5 point harness that you can have. I can give it to you at World of Wheels or at the April meeting unless you want to meet somewhere sooner. Ken.
  4. Joining us from “outside” Canada? We are often asked if there are special forms or documents that need to be produced at the Canadian border in order to bring a race car into the country in order to attend an event. The answer is “no”. If you are not leaving any goods in Canada (i.e. you are taking everything you bring in out again when you leave) then you are not subject to any import rules or requirements. The Border Service may ask you for information about the event, or some form of proof that the race car is yours (log books are great for this – although we usually just show them our name on the side of the car). What they want is assurance that you are not importing anything into Canada. We have taken an excerpt from the government’s guidelines on importing vehicles – have a look below. It clearly states that vehicles entering the country temporarily don’t require any special documentatiton. Have your event registration or other relevant documents printed and on hand to show in case they ask. In our opinion, something of greater importance, is whether or not your home country will want anything from you before they’ll let you bring your car home… We know from our own experience returning to Canada after racing in the US that the Canadian Custom Service is most interested in whatever “goods” I might be bringing back to Canada (so they can charge duties). You may need to be able to prove you owned the car and other equipment before you left your home country. Again, a log book is good proof as is pointing at your name on the side of the car. Make sure you check your own border and customs rules so that you don’t run into difficulties on your way home. Thank you for considering one of our events – we look forward to hosting you… Import Vehicles Memorandum D19-12-1 ISSN 2369-2391 Ottawa, September 19, 2018 This document is also available in PDF (633 Kb) Relevant excerpts for visiting racers: Vehicles Entered Temporarily 67. The circumstances listed below allow the temporary entry of vehicles into Canada without having to comply with TC’s import requirements at point of entry into Canada. These vehicles generally do not require a Vehicle Import Form – Form 1 or RIV e-Form 1 unless they need to be registered in the province or territory during its temporary entry. As such, the importer can submit a completed Vehicle Import Form – Form 1 or RIV e-Form 1 and indicate that the vehicle is not required to enter the RIV Program by checking the “visitor or temporary resident” entry box. Note: Motor vehicles which have been documented on a temporary admission permit, Form E99 – CBSA Report, or Form E29B – Temporary Admission Permit, will only be issued a Vehicle Import Form – Form 1 or RIV e-Form 1 when the importer confirms or anticipates having to fulfill provincial/territorial registration obligations. 68. A temporarily imported vehicle cannot be sold, gifted or otherwise disposed of while in Canada, does not qualify for permanent importation and cannot remain in Canada longer than the time constraints listed on a persons’ work permit, student visa, or other CBSA entry documents. Once these time limits have been exceeded, the vehicle no longer qualifies for temporary entry and must be exported. Should the temporary status of persons change while they are in Canada, the vehicle will have to be exported and subject to the regular importation requirements for that class of vehicle so as to determine if the vehicle is admissible as per the applicable sections of this memorandum. Visitors 69. Vehicles may be admitted into Canada without complying with the MVSR when they are to be used exclusively by a person entering Canada as a visitor for a period not exceeding 12 months; or temporary residents such as students studying at an institution, for the duration of their studies in Canada; or individuals with valid work permits/authorizations for employment for a period not exceeding 36 months. http://cbsa.gc.ca/publications/dm-md/d19/d19-12-1-eng.html Thank you to Helmut Friedrich for providing this information.
  5. The Aficionado for January 2019 with the 2018 club results and the description of the Gimli Motorsports Park Asphalt Resurfacing Project. Please email any updates, corrections or suggestions regarding this newsletter to: khilash@mac.com. Aficionado 2019 01.pdf
  6. Resultra Project Management Inc. is donating: - Reciprocating saw - Keurig coffee maker - Car seat warmer - Three bottles Darin is sick today and I'm bringing the tire pressure gauge that he and Sarah are donating in case they can't make it tonight
  7. It was also great to see the continual improvements at the race track. The painting of the washrooms and showers made a 1000% difference and our out-of-town visitors noticed and commented on them. The Saturday night banquet tent, food and atmosphere were amazing especially considering the location that used to be a tire dump in three feet of weeds. The t-shirts and program elevated the event to a level that I see at other tracks. Thank you to the drivers that drove and volunteered their race cars for the "ride a race car" experience on Saturday and Sunday. I talked to one of the passengers afterwards and she was ecstatic, thrilled, laughing...it seemed to be the equivalent of skydiving or bungee jumping. We'll have to continue doing those. Great job everyone!
  8. Race Fuel For local and out-of-town vintage racers that require high octane race fuel, the following are local sources in Winnipeg or they are on the way to the race track in Gimli. Call ahead to confirm that they have in stock what you require and the hours that they are open: Auto Parts Centre (take your own containers) 1102 Notre Dame Ave Winnipeg, MB R3E 0N8 Phone: 1-877-433-6722 Phone: 204-783-7400 https://www.autopartscenterwpg.ca/parts/high-performance Century Powersports 880 Century Street Winnipeg R3H 0M3 Phone: 204-338-5050 https://centurypowersports.ca/en/118-vp-race-fuel Chudd’s Powersports Highway 8 at Provincial Road 231 Gimli, MB R0C 1B0 Phone: 1-888-642-8555 Phone: 204-642-8555 https://www.chuddspowersports.com J.M.S. Motorsports 19076 St. Joseph Road Springfield, Manitoba Office: 218-478-2720 Mobil: 218-280-0168 http://www.jmsmotorsports.com/ Power Play Inc. 215 Cessna Way St. Andrews, Manitoba R1A 3N6 Phone: 204-334-0855 http://powerplayparts.com
  9. in 2018 the WSCC is starting a Gimli Motorsport Park road race track asphalt resurfacing project that over the next couple of years is planning to resurface the road race track and add curbing. The total cost will be over $460,000. The initial work planned for 2018 includes corner one and corner three to eliminate the bumps, cracks and excessive abrasiveness of the track surface. The start and completion dates of the 2018 work is still being determined but we're targeting to start as soon as possible. To complete the entire track in the shortest amount of time the WSCC is open to all ideas for raising that amount of funds. Please contact me at president@wscc.mb.ca with your fund raising ideas or if you or your company are willing to donate to the project. Today, the Honourable Jeff Wharton Minister of Municipal Relations for the Manitoba provincial government, met me at the Gimli Motorsports Park to formally confirm that a Community Places Program grant of $30,489 has been approved to assist in carrying out the resurfacing. Thank you Jeff and also thank you to Bev Arden, Dave Cain and Ian Goodall-George at the Community Place Program for their excellent assistance during our application preparation. This funding is an awesome start to the project!
  10. The following are the contact details for the local suppliers of 110 octane race fuel that I know of and they may sell unleaded or low leaded: Chudd’s Powersports Hwy 8 PR 231 Gimli, MB R0C 1B0 (888) 642-8555 or (204) 642-8555 http://www.chuddsarcticcat.com/s/search/products/query/fuel J.M.S. Motorsports 19076 St. Joseph Road Springfield, Manitoba Office: (218) 478-2720 Mobil: (218) 280-0168 http://www.jmsmotorsports.com/ POWER PLAY INC. 215 Cessna Way St. Andrews, Manitoba R1A 3N6 p. 204.334.0855 http://www.powerplayinc.ca/store.htm
  11. A couple of years ago Standard Machine Works at 660 St Matthews Ave were able to do exactly this for me on a Jaguar XK8 brake caliper. I took them a new bleed screw as well and they were able to get the broken one out and also ensured the new one seated correctly. I had no problems with the caliper afterwards and I was able to melt brake pads again Time Attacking the Jaguar.
  12. The Manitoba Karting Association (https://www.manitobakarting.ca) is actively seeking a Race Director for the 2018 Race season. It is a paid position with a per diem of $150 per race day with 11 races in 2018. Please see the attached for more details. If interested please contact: MKA Steward Doug Despins dougdespins@gmail.com Race Director.pdf
  13. Article from April 6, 2018 Winnipeg Free Press: https://autos.winnipegfreepress.com/news/537/trio-inducted-into-manitoba-motorsports-hall-of-fame.html WFP20180406MMHOF.pdf
  14. Winnipeg Sports Car Club member Dino Calvert is being inducted into the Manitoba Motorsports Association Hall of Fame this Saturday, March 17, 2018. Dino is a long-time member of the Winnipeg Sports Car Club and in addition to his decades of competing in rally and road racing he has spent an enormous amount of time volunteering to organize and officiate Manitoba’s motorsports. Dino has also forever been the club’s regional representative at our sanctioning body, the Western Canada Motorsport Association. Dino’s ability to fairly and consistently apply the rules without making enemies is a gift and is one of the reasons that the club is able to repeatedly attract racers and cars every year from all over Canada and the States due to the quality of the racing. Dino has and does everything from chairing drivers’ meetings, inspecting tracks, discussing rule changes, ensuring safety standards, organizing large race weekends and generously sharing his extensive experience. Dino is the race track go-to-guy and at every club event you are sure to hear someone say "...you better ask Dino”. The presentation will take place at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg, 375 York Avenue, during the World of Wheels on Saturday, March 17 at 4:30 pm in the 2nd floor theatre. Please plan to attend and support Dino and his motorsports achievements.
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