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  1. The Winnipeg Sports Car Club invites you to attend the 2017 Annual General Meeting and election of Directors and Officers. Thursday, November 23, 2017 Canad Inns “Boardroom”, 826 Regent Avenue @ Plessis (not the casino).The Boardroom is down the hall by Tavern United (not the Annex room that is off the Aaltos restaurant).6:00pmWe have the Boardroom beginning at 6:00pm. Come and join us for dinner. Take food from the Aaltos buffet back to the Boardroom where a server will take drinks orders. The club will pay half the cost of your meal. 7:00pmThe annual general meeting will start at 7:00pm. Please plan on attending to ensure we have a quorum to conduct the annual club business and elect next years executive.Thank you,WSCC Executive
  2. Yes, that was a very good time, great food and very impressive to see that many people from out of town making the effort to come and celebrate with the club. Thanks Pete!
  3. Triple Track Showdown

    Cool idea. The WSCC already runs road racing, time attack, autoslalom, drifting and track days at the same time during our race weekends at the Gimli Motorsports Park but perhaps we can do a better job of promoting this. At Gimli the drag strip runs right through the road race course and the two of them can't be used at the same time.
  4. 1967_MacDonald_CanAm.mp4

    Vintage film of the Winnipeg Sports Car Club CanAm Races in 1967 at the MacDonald Airport in MacDonald, Manitoba
  5. The following are the dates of our club events for 2017. In addition there is also a club gathering on Saturday July 15th at Skinners Restaurant near the locks in Lockport. We are hopping to meet at noon at the River Rd. location and after spending some time eating and mingling, we will take a scenic drive to Selkirk and back. Please bring family members and friends in any vehicle and enjoy some good times and conversations...rain or shine.
  6. 1967_MacDonald.mp4

    Short film of the Winnipeg Sports Car Club Summer Races in 1967 at the MacDonald Airport in MacDonald, Manitoba
  7. 1967_Southport_Mpls.mp4

    Winnipeg Sports Car Club, 1967, closed and open wheel racing at Southport Airport, Southport, Manitoba, Canada
  8. early_Gimli_CKY.mp4

    Short film of the Winnipeg Sports Car Club at the Gimli Motorsports Park in the mid-1970's
  9. Gilles_Villeneuve.mp4

    Gilles Villeneuve feature from the day after he died in 1982. A sequence of Gilles racing at Gimli Motorsports Park in the 1975 Formula Atlantic Series is just after the 6 minute mark.
  10. HIserlohFFgrid.jpg

    Harald Iserloh Formula Ford grid, Winnipeg Sports Car Club
  11. HIserlohtrophy.jpg

    Harald Iserloh, Winnipeg Sports Car Club
  12. HaraldwFrankM.jpg

    Harald Iserloh and Frank Mancini, Winnipeg Sports Car Club
  13. Buzz Cut

    Mat also took on and did a great job of grinding down the bumps at the track. The grinding attachment he had to use is super scary and he had to work around buried conduit that was in ground. Now, low race cars can exit the track at the end of the main straight and come into the pits from that way as the big bump just before the pits is gone. Race cars can now also pit along the road that leads from the pits past the concession and washroom building towards corner 4 as Mat got rid of that huge bump as well. Thank you also to Hugh and Ari Hanson who suggested and sponsored the idea. With the bumps gone we will be able to better handle the large runoff and vintage events this summer. Great job everyone!
  14. HaraldIserloh10.jpg

    The Winnipeg Sports Car Club, Gimli Motorsports Park, Gimli, Manitoba, Canada, Summer of 1973 or 1975 Photo Harald Iserloh provided by Byrnes Benoit