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  1. So I am pretty sure I found the location of this shot, I cropped it down a bit: My family went for a hike to the Pembina valley provincial park today. On the way home I took this portion of 201 near the provincial park: the trees are much taller now but check out the clearing of grassy arias on both sides of the other side of the valley along side of the road in the far side of the photo they are the same. in my photo you can not see the bridge at the bottom of the valley because the trees are much taller but it is there.
  2. https://maps.apple.com/?ll=49.031254,-98.277931&spn=0.027836,0.048148&t=h if this works on your guys computer I think this is were the 1960s rally photo was taken judging by land scape. I am really curious now I think I will take a drive up there and see if I can find the spot the photo was taken and see what it looks like 58 years later.
  3. I am also curious is this photo is the same location on provincial road 201 that I described in my previous post: http://forums.wscc.mb.ca/index.php?/gallery/image/42-1960swscchillclimb13jpeg/
  4. I don't know any tracks. but if an event could be organized out close to the Pembina Valley Bible Camp west of Morden there are some nice curvy gravel roads out there with large elevation changes. Would need to get the roads closed for the events but would make some good stage rally sections. I am told by an old racer that they used to run rally's out by Morden in the early days of the wscc. To get to the road I am thinking of take highway number 3 west out of Morden. Turn left (south) on highway 31( still paved but a beautiful short stretch through a large valley). Head south on highway 31towards Maida. Make a left/east on provincial road 201 (this is a gravel road). drive 201 till you have a choice to go left or right but not straight. Now when you turn left onto road 201 going north is the section I am thinking of. It is about a 2.25 mile section of gravel that would make a sweet portion of stage rally. On my map the biggest curve in this stretch is labeled "Holo Crossing" I have driven some other sweet gravel roads while exploring that portion of our Provence I just don't remember where they are any more. Not sure who this would concern but, I would like to participate in a winter rally with my winter car this year. something different than hot laps on the ice race course. Something with solo tied runs. Maybe a field on some ones back country yard/farm. SCCA rally's (I have never been to one just watched on youtube) seem to be in grassy/ dirt fields and mapped out like an auto cross. That would be fun in winter map it out in the snow and have at it. Is this something we could presue as a club this winter? if so I am in! I may just have to build a metal tube/skid plate to save my bumper front bumper. I would help with the event if we could get this going would be soooooo good! Could we potentially use some of the autocross cones and timing equipment to run the event?
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    Event 10 at Gimil

    Sorry to hear about your Subaru. I needed a tow home as well. I have some pretty awesome friends who came all the way from Winkler today to pick me and the Miata up. I managed to do all four runs and then fun runs happened and I got in line about to stage and the car would not go any where except reverse while in neutral. So I ended up backing the car all the way out of GMP till the highway at the end of our event. No internet at the hotel or research would have allowed me to have fixed the car in 15 min! turns out that the 1990-1993 miata 5 speeds will get stuck in reverse but still allow you to shift into 1st or second while stuck in reverse. This happens when you shift from fifth while moving to first/second. My last run I missed my shift into third after the cross over and hit fifth. So I down shifted back to second (Wonderfull shifter slop). I finished the run. I went to do fun runs and that is where the problem happened. Shawn, awesome awesome course. My favourite one this year! quite fast too, I needed third for quite a while after the cross over!
  6. So I have been looking for a 1971-1972 Celica restoration project for about 10 years and my dad found me one a few weeks back! So we stopped in at the shop where it is located to take a look at it and see if the owner was around to talk to. He was there and told me to make an offer on it. I offered him the $ that I started saving for dyno time on the Mach 1. So I am in the process
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    I noticed CBC was filming today what time is the episode airing our event?
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    ok makes sense. still cool to watch even though I did not understand the french.
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    sweet is there an English version?
  10. Miata build stuff getting into the frame rail:
  11. next segment of the build:
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    Ecoboost swap parts car Celica

    So two videos very similar but for two separate projects (miata and celica):
  13. Hey guys, On Friday a good friend and I started a project we had been planning since My wife and I moved to our new place. I had to pull the car cover off of my 1972 parts car to move it to the new shop on our new property. I was out side looking at the parts car thought how about a low budget autocross car. I texted my friend and said "how about a race car out of my parts car". His reply: "Then we need to put a 302 into it" He is a ford mechanic. I said sounds good. So for the last couple of months we have been talking different ideas for the build, but each having our own car and truck projects already (he is building a 1951 Merc grain truck onto a newer f250 truck frame with its motor and suspension making a tonne of hp) never had time to actually do anything with our race car. He had a wrecked 2015 Ecoboost Mustang write off he bought. He was going to put all the 2015 mustang Goodies into his Fox Body Mustang. One day he said if our race car was 1600 lbs and we threw all the eco boost stuff into it it would be a riot! and so it began. The car is a budget build so cosmetics are not a priority. If it makes it fast on a budget then it is a winner for the car. This means using what we can find for free or cheap or repurposing stuff we have. The rough dead line for this build is not this summer but next summer where we can put more time in to the build next winter. So updates are going to be a while for one to the next. I had to smile at how light the car is. We could literally slide it side ways in the garage by lifting it with our hands and sliding it over no floor jack needed. I could not stop smiling on Friday while we were working on the car! Here is the Part one of this build: Thanks for checking out our build.
  14. Hey guys, for the ecoboost swap celica we are looking at either using my friends mustang solid rear axle and transferring the celica brackets onto the mustang rear end. Or Transferring a independent rear suspension into the car. Any one have any thoughts on which IRS will take 320 or so hp on a budget? We potentially will buy something to part out from the mpi auctions and steal the rear end out of. How much hp can a mid 2000's model year Wrx and STI rear end safely hold up? My rear axle in the celica is good for about half of what the eco boost makes.
  15. Just looking at the event details for the test and tune. Do the gates open at 10am or is the first run going to be at 10am? Thanks,
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    test and tune on April 28th?

    awesome thanks.
  17. Hey guys just curious when the first event is going to be? Are we having a test and tune for the first event again?
  18. next video for my build:
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    when is the first autocross event?

    I am not going to make a debate about this and will finish with saying this: I had a ton of fun and that is what matters most. I commented previously I was over 100kmh not topping out at 100kmh. In reality it was more like 145-150 (I never really looked all that much at the speed, just listened for the revs) in the straight. Some people ware faster and some slower but in the the end it is about having fun. My friend in his miata sport experienced minimal wear as did I. Not "no tire wear". I did blow the stuffing out of my cheap muffler though . So you be the judge if you want to go or not, that is up to you. This will be my last comment on this topic, no need to start an argument.