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  1. Just needs some sticky tires, motor, floors and a couple other things (miata chassis swap) and it is ready to go : [URL=http://s1356.photobucket.com/user/1973celica/media/IMG_4996_zpswj9pupvp.jpg.html][/URL] Just kidding it is more like a drift car right now: [URL=http://s1356.photobucket.com/user/1973celica/media/IMG_6955_zps18bftcc9.jpg.html][/URL] I will probably be running my really slow wagon again or maybe getting my self a cheap Miata. What I do need is new autocross tires. What are decent autocross street class tires for this season?
  2. Ok nice, my friend and I are planning to sign up just wanted to make sure we did not miss out on registration.
  3. What is the maximum number of people allowed to take the school?
  4. I did a quick search on google and came across a couple of articles on compound boost. Here is one of them (same kind of Cobra mustang as the one i saw in sturgus): http://www.mustangandfords.com/parts/mmfp-0801-twin-turbo-compound-boost-2003-mustang-cobra/ They said you won't be getting as high hp numbers as just a straight turbo set up but the torque down low and up top was pretty awesome. It also allowed them to run bigger turbos than the motor could normally run. The car was more focused for street use than just top end drag racing hp. When I saw that mustang at sturgus I was very impressed with it
  5. Thanks for the complements guys. Just a thought. I saw this on a cobra mustang at the sturgis mustang rally. They were running compound boost with the supercharger and twin turbos . Could allow it to have down low torque and up top power too. I got time to plan what route I will take yet. Thanks guys for the advise. I am not very mechanically skilled with motors but everything can be learned.
  6. Well the trunk metal work is done! I started with the jack storage it was shot so I cut it out and replaced it with one from a 1974 celica. The 1973 and 1974 have no differences: Old jack storage: Rust free 1974 jack storage: Test fitting 1974 storage: repair patches patterned off of the 1974: Jack storage and small patches welded in and cleaned up: The driver side trunk needed some work too. Either the back axle seal or brakes are leaking. This section was covered in oil or fluid of some sort, does not matter as it will end up all fresh any ways. explains why the rear brakes do not work: The frame rail had a couple places where it was cut out with a cutting torch to mount a hitch so I fixed those too, no idea why a small car like this had a hitch any ways: Also started making the fender mounting locations on top of the strut towers and the outer rad support corners as they are pretty rusted. It appears that this 43 year old car has crumple zones built into the front! I had no idea that kind of thing existed in the 70's: I also shoveled the snow from the shed and pulled out my crusty spare fenders to find the best one for test fitting while installing the fender mounting structure. Each fender has the exact same rust flaws to some extent, so there must be a way to improve on these places:
  7. That sounds like a cool plan too. Though don't superchargers make power through out the whole rpm range? Which car did you do the turbo kit to? How much boost were you running to to double your horse power?
  8. I may not be able to make it out this weekend . Jaarreedd Is there a schedule of possible future events this winter? Would be nice to mark them on the calendar.
  9. Did any one have any pictures or video of us guys in our Subies going around the track. My go pro was not working that day.
  10. Sweet looking forward to the next one
  11. Thank you to the ice racing community for allowing us to join in yesterday. I had a lot of fun and hope to come out a couple more times this winter. It was a fun challenge getting the car do do what I wanted it to. But when I nailed it it felt soo good. Thank you Jaarreedd for starting this rally community I look forward to running some timed events. Jaarreedd what was that subaru face book group called?
  12. Pretty cool to see a bunch of similar cars for tomorrow. should make for some good fun.
  13. found this for some entertainment!