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  1. Time for the next update. we are aiming to have this car at the last autocross events of the season on September 21-22 I think? Tony is finishing engine bay plumbing and I am getting ready to get the 2015 IRS installed. No idea where this car will class but don't care at this point just want to rip it at the track!:
  2. took a day and a half out of my holidays with Tony to get big progress on this car
  3. other items: -black inner bumper for an na miata, Make me an offer if you need it. -metal Battery tray out of my 1973 celica. It is sand blasted and epoxy primed: Make me an offer if you need it.
  4. 1985 Toyota supra w58 bell housing $15 Underdrive crank pulley for a ford 3.8 adds Some performance. Was on my 1997 Mustang before I sold the car. $15
  5. Going through my shop and selling off some parts that I won't be using on my project cars to get some space back: Selling the Subaru TDO5-H turbocharger with no shaft play. pair of intercoolers (larger one is off of an EVO smaller one not sure what it is for), a blow off valve. Subaru up and down pipe. Was going to use these on my 1973 celica but decided to put throttle bodies on the car instead. Asking $200 for every thing in the picture. This Manual 4 speed transmission came out of my 1973 Toyota celica. The bell housing is included and will bolt up to any "R" series Toyota motor (20R, 22R, 18R, 18Rg asking $75
  6. John came down and programmed our key to the car it runs!:
  7. The SC is getting closer to a test start of the ecoboost. Today Tony and I are test fitting the wire harness and front end:
  8. Thanks for the offer I really appreciate it. Unfortunately I can't make it on friday. if that offer stands in the future I just might have to take you up on it
  9. Just curious is someone would be willing to lend me an oem Mazda hard top that would fit my 1991 miata for may 3rd so I can try some lapping in my miata? Thanks,
  10. No hard top no roll bar so no lapping but I guess if I found someone who would borrow a hard top to me for the day I would be good.
  11. do I need a roll bar in my 1991 miata to run laps on the third?
  12. I have a w40 with r series bell housing.
  13. If I understand this correctly we reserve our 2019 car numbers here? Devin James Member number 6280 I am reserving my 63 again. Thank you.
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