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  1. Thanks guys This info is much appreciated. The car won't be ready for the 8th, though I wish it would be. I am hope to order most of my needed parts this week.
  2. Hey guys/gals I picked up a rust free 1991 miata yesterday and it is completely stock so I intend to keep it that way. My budget including purchase for the car is $3000-$3400 So far I am at $1700 which includes purchase and trailer rental/gas to haul the car home. The car will need a new top which I have lined up for a good deal. There are a couple other things needed for safety. But my question for now is what shocks are suggested to run in street class for an affordable price. I may just run new rear ones of what ever is oem for now but I am still curious on what others have run in street class. The fronts seem ok but the rears need replacing so in terms of budget I may just replace the rears for now with oem equivalent.
  3. I am looking for a bell housing to connect a toyota "r" series engine (eg: 22r, 22re, 18r, 18rg, 8r, etc) to a "w" series trans ( w58, w56 etc. W50 will not work) Thanks
  4. Santos on the 1st gen forum hooked me up with some fairly workable front fenders. Finally I have a set of fenders that have a bottom not rusted away which allows me to properly fit a set of rocker panels: Something is missing, I was quite afraid to cut the rear 1/4 panel off but I ended up just going for it: The rocker from wolf steel had multiple fitment issues the flat visible surface when the door is closed was very round and the celica is flat so hammered and dollied it flat. The next issue was the part where the sill plate mounts was too narrow so I cut off the 90 degree top edge and made a new one and screwed it in place: Then I welded it up: I built a new middle rocker support out of thicker 16 gauge steel, a more simple design than oem but it is functional. Also being thicker should make it last longer against rust: fitment of 1/4 panel, rocker panel, and door. A lot of time in getting these parts to fit any where near right like 16 hours at this point. The passenger side should be a lot quicker now that I know what I am doing. The door is from my 1972 celica which is less rusty and way lighter because it has no crash bar inside it: 1/4 panel fitment in trunk jambs: Just got my modified steering colum in the mail today from Cary the same guy who built the steering rack bracket to work with my rack and pinion: picked up a w58 out of a MK2 P type supra and a big brake kit as well as the MK2 KYB struts. Not sure if the MK2 stuff is going to work, but if it does than I have a very affordable big brake set up for the car. I have some ideas on how to get it to all work on the car. I do plan on converting the struts up front to coil overs yet. The rear shocks have 10km on them and are from a Ford Focus, the front struts are MR2. The rotors are 12 inch Land Rover HSE re drilled to fit the supra bolt pattern, with a hub centric ring. The calipers are q45 twin piston units. I also took the MK2 brake booster and master cyl. I took a rough measurement and the booster piston and studs they are in the same location as the oem TA22 booster's. These parts all are out of an old time attack car. He said the brakes worked really good at the track. It was quite a fun adventure taking out all these parts in his back yard hoping the rain would not come and it never did. I managed to fit all the tools and these parts in the back of my FJ which sat a fist lower in the back and was down on power with all the extra weight (most people do a front end leveling kit I just go buy enough car parts to make my leveling kit happen).
  5. I have ordered Some of the parts needed for this build from Toy sport and Santos on the 1st gen celica forum. These were my number one must have parts for this car from Toysport and Santos: I also got the other 1/4 panel from Santos: My garage was getting full so my basement has 1/2 a car in it: I also was able to get ahold of this 1985 mr2 manual steering rack someone replied to my kijiji want add: Cary from the 1st gen forum made up this really nice steering rack conversion bracket for me. He makes and sells this conversion bracket or the bracket and engine swap cradle. I decided to only do the steering rack. This part is such a time saver: A little test fit with my mr2 steering rack in the bracket and a comparison of the old steering set up vs the new one: The weight of the two setups feel very similar. I ordered a set of 1984 rwd Corolla inner and outer tie rods and they were a bit to long so I had the local machine shop cut 1.5 inches off of each outer tie rod and tap the thread as far as it could be tapped. I could not find a tap big enough locally so I had the work done for me. There was a lot of test fit remove bracket grind transmission to engine brace and repeat. Then my car being 43 years old did not fully line up on all the bolt holes so they were enlarged and one of the mounting tabs had to be cut off and welded 1/16 inch out. I don't blame Cary though as my car has been jumped and landed very hard by a previous owner at some point so things could have shifted a bit. Here is the completed install mocked up it looks very oem sitting in there:
  6. Gates open at 9 am this year right?
  7. Sweet see you guys tomorrow.
  8. Is the event still on? I have a 2 hour drive just want to know if I should get up early tomorrow or sleep in? Thanks.
  9. Good thing I checked here I will keep my eye on this post. Last year people often waited till last minute to register and the event would fill up right? I am just in the middle of getting ready for tomorrow. I will still pack up my stuff to go just in case.
  10. I also had a blast! Thanks for putting on such a fun event. I went home wishing I could be out running laps some more. I hope to be out again this summer.
  11. found one thanks guys.
  12. got the inner rocker mounted up as well and was able to reuse the seat belt mounting bracket. The seat belt fits nicely too: The middle of the rear floor pan is rusted through and needed to be fabricated due to a leaky window and standing water: Time to disassemble for sand blasting the floors: Test fitting rocker panels they are going to need a little tweaking:
  13. I found an add on the local Kijiji for a 2003 wrx turbo for a good deal. So my daughter and I went for the 2 hour drive to pick it up. We got to the guys house and it was so cool he had like 6-8 nice sports car parked on his drive way (multipul wrx's, an Evo, a Carlos sans celica etc) all in nice condition. I guess he is kind of a car collector. He showed me the turbo it was mint and no shaft pay. He also had the down pipe which I intend on using for the flange and welding a new down pipe to. I asked if he had an intercooler and he took me to his back yard garage which was full of cool car parts he pulled out a front mount evo intercooler. I purchased the parts and took my daughter for supper at Half Moon at 9pm I know these motors are not worth much but having a spare motor and curiosity of what the motor will make with a turbo on it has got me excited. My daughter came to hang out with me in the garage the other day: So the last section of rust repair underneath the car: And the patch work begins: At this point I remembered that I had ordered some cut out parts off a 1974 celica from different member on this forum and realized I could probably make something work. So I trimmed up this section of the 1974 floor that I had Started some real life "photo shop" Took the measurements and cut out the old floor: Then the 1974 piece got welded in place: at this point with 1972, 1973, and 1974 celica parts welded into the car I was reminded of this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWHniL8MyMM
  14. Does the w58 work behind an r series motor?
  15. Congratulations that car is pretty cool! Hard to find all ready too.