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  1. white_cross


    ok makes sense. still cool to watch even though I did not understand the french.
  2. white_cross


    sweet is there an English version?
  3. white_cross


    I noticed CBC was filming today what time is the episode airing our event?
  4. Miata build stuff getting into the frame rail:
  5. next segment of the build:
  6. white_cross

    Ecoboost swap parts car Celica

    So two videos very similar but for two separate projects (miata and celica):
  7. white_cross

    test and tune on April 28th?

    awesome thanks.
  8. Just looking at the event details for the test and tune. Do the gates open at 10am or is the first run going to be at 10am? Thanks,
  9. next video for my build:
  10. white_cross

    when is the first autocross event?

    I am not going to make a debate about this and will finish with saying this: I had a ton of fun and that is what matters most. I commented previously I was over 100kmh not topping out at 100kmh. In reality it was more like 145-150 (I never really looked all that much at the speed, just listened for the revs) in the straight. Some people ware faster and some slower but in the the end it is about having fun. My friend in his miata sport experienced minimal wear as did I. Not "no tire wear". I did blow the stuffing out of my cheap muffler though . So you be the judge if you want to go or not, that is up to you. This will be my last comment on this topic, no need to start an argument.
  11. white_cross

    when is the first autocross event?

    Interesting you guys are waring soo fast on those items. I was not holding back either as I was passing most guys in my run group in the school. I had a blast and want to do it again. My instructor had me learning to be smooth. The way you drive fast around the road course is not the same as a fast autocross run. If I drove like it was autocross I would have killed the tires and brakes in a few laps. on the straight I was hitting over a 100kmh and my impreza is not a turbo model but a 2.5ts wagon. There was another person who took the school and she corded her tires badly by the end of the event but she over drove her car all day. When I pushed the car beyond its limits and started sliding a lot more the tires started to get used up more. You can be smooth and fast out on the road course.