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  1. Thank you for the complements. I sure am looking forward to taking it out for a drive! Hoping to paint it next winter Hard part is picking the color.
  2. Sweet Dason! Thanks for the statistics! I imagine on street tires traction is a challenge in your car for sure! We hope to be running it some time this summer. Probably not fully completed but finished enough do have some fun with.
  3. most major metal work is done on the car! Couple small items to fabricate yet but here is the pass side quarter panel ad rocker getting welded in place:
  4. Engine monts and trans cross member are done:
  5. 1990 miata front suspension is almost completely installed. Fabricated up new strut towers and frame rails to tie it all together:
  6. Hey guys I am going to need to buy some roll bar tubing for the 1973 celica soon to do the roll cage and tube front end. To run Hot laps and track events etc what should I be buying and welding into the car in terms of size and thickness etc.? What else do I need to consider before buying that I am not aware of? Thanks in advance. ps if someone has a tube bender they are willing to lend me for that would be awesome
  7. Actually a friend and I are doing this one together so it is kind of a once a week hang out and build a race car enjoy a drink or two kind of deal. I take turns between the two work on one while I wait for parts for the other . I would like to be fitting the 1/4 panel on the other celica but Canada post not shipping stuff for their strike is keeping my door pins from Thailand from getting to my house. Need the door pins to line up the door to get proper gaps for the 1/4 panel. Hopefully we can have this car running by spring. Wont be pretty (think General Mayhem) but would be cool to get to an autocross or two with it this summer for a couple of shake down runs to see what will need improving over the winter after this winter.