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  1. Just curious is someone would be willing to lend me an oem Mazda hard top that would fit my 1991 miata for may 3rd so I can try some lapping in my miata? Thanks,
  2. No hard top no roll bar so no lapping but I guess if I found someone who would borrow a hard top to me for the day I would be good.
  3. do I need a roll bar in my 1991 miata to run laps on the third?
  4. I have a w40 with r series bell housing.
  5. If I understand this correctly we reserve our 2019 car numbers here? Devin James Member number 6280 I am reserving my 63 again. Thank you.
  6. more progress on the "SC" (sc is what Tony and I have been calling this car)
  7. Just been wondering if there is a 2019 autocross schedule?
  8. the engine is mounted and strut tower/ engine brace is done:
  9. Thank you for the complements. I sure am looking forward to taking it out for a drive! Hoping to paint it next winter Hard part is picking the color.
  10. Sweet Dason! Thanks for the statistics! I imagine on street tires traction is a challenge in your car for sure! We hope to be running it some time this summer. Probably not fully completed but finished enough do have some fun with.
  11. most major metal work is done on the car! Couple small items to fabricate yet but here is the pass side quarter panel ad rocker getting welded in place:
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