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  1. I have been following it and has some help full info on the build as well.
  2. I am finished the rusty stuff in the engine compartment with the exception of grinding down a few welds. So with that checked off the list I am almost done the structural rust repair and can start on the body work. It is coming along a lot quicker than I had thought. The bottom of the strut towers on both sides along the frame rails needed the same repairs here is the passenger side: I am also excited about this recent purchase. Santos Toy Shop in California provided me with a very clean rear 1/4 panel requiring just a small rust repair on the rear lower corner I hope to get the other side from him as well: I stripped the paint from the rust prone areas and they are solid, amazing how a 40 plus year old car does with very little salt: The other side will not have the rocker panel portion of the rocker and i am coming up with an idea to build one. If i cut up an existing replacement rocker panel I can make it work for that portion as this photo demonstrates:
  3. That is some use full information. This turbo stuff is new to me so a lot to wrap my head around. choosing the right parts seems most difficult, building it seems more straight forward.
  4. Chris is using the wrx T3 or the Nissan T25? I am guessing the the T3 is larger than the T25? What does the 3 and 25 numbers mean are they the millimeters of the intake flange size like the T25 is 25 mm and the T3 is 30mm?
  5. Hey Joe, What are your thoughts on using a stock wrx 2.0L turbo I think they are a T3 garrett unit vs the T25 you used? I believe my 18rc motor is right around 2.0l in size.
  6. Been busy making parts in the engine bay: I also noticed the bumper mounting/tow hook plate was bulging so I cut it out and found what I expected so I repaired the frame rail and built a new plate:
  7. depends on the price? Can you pm me some details. I am not looking to buy something too expensive as I have a restoration project on the go. Is yours the black one from Shanzenfeld that was on Kijij this winter?
  8. Ok so on wed I will be meeting up with the future owner of my mach 1 to do the bill of sale for the car and hand over the keys. This leaves me having to decide what my future autocross/hpde car will be. My thoughts are torn between: Just use my stock impreza wagon in stock class with nice tires, buy a cheap Miata, buy an 2004-2005 wrx wagon (I like the wagon for practicality of hauling stuff over the sedan), or my latest thought buy a write off wrx or sti sedan of the same year as my car and do a complete swap over of all the wrx/sti bits (including the sedan rear 1/4 panels) onto my base model wagon effectively making my car a wrx sti spec. This should technically make my car an wrx/sti with the price of a base model registration/ insurance. If I completely swap everything over and change the car to a wrx spec would the car now be classified as a wrx in street class? My car is very clean in terms of rust so it could be a good starting point. Not sure what I will do yet just want to know the details before I would take on a big project like that. So my question is does a car completely converted to a wrx right down the badges become a wrx for classing purposes? Also can someone tell me what stock size wheel specs and tire size is for a 2004 wrx or sti sedan? I am thinking Enkie rpf 1
  9. I there a deadline to get a time attack license and classify pax? Or can I wait till I take the HPDE to decide if I would like to do the time attack events?
  10. Looks like the car will be sold this coming week and getting a new home in Winnipeg.
  11. What tires and brake pads are recommended for the school? I will be driving my 2004 impreza wagon (not a WRX) unless I get a Miata (depends if I sell my other car in time) I also autocross but I understand that brake pads are not the same between the two type of events.
  12. When you guys change pads between autocross and track events do you have to machine the rotors too?
  13. Just needs some sticky tires, motor, floors and a couple other things (miata chassis swap) and it is ready to go : [URL=http://s1356.photobucket.com/user/1973celica/media/IMG_4996_zpswj9pupvp.jpg.html][/URL] Just kidding it is more like a drift car right now: [URL=http://s1356.photobucket.com/user/1973celica/media/IMG_6955_zps18bftcc9.jpg.html][/URL] I will probably be running my really slow wagon again or maybe getting my self a cheap Miata. What I do need is new autocross tires. What are decent autocross street class tires for this season?
  14. Ok nice, my friend and I are planning to sign up just wanted to make sure we did not miss out on registration.
  15. What is the maximum number of people allowed to take the school?