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  1. when is the first autocross event?

    Interesting you guys are waring soo fast on those items. I was not holding back either as I was passing most guys in my run group in the school. I had a blast and want to do it again. My instructor had me learning to be smooth. The way you drive fast around the road course is not the same as a fast autocross run. If I drove like it was autocross I would have killed the tires and brakes in a few laps. on the straight I was hitting over a 100kmh and my impreza is not a turbo model but a 2.5ts wagon. There was another person who took the school and she corded her tires badly by the end of the event but she over drove her car all day. When I pushed the car beyond its limits and started sliding a lot more the tires started to get used up more. You can be smooth and fast out on the road course.
  2. when is the first autocross event?

    When I did the HPDE last spring My Impreza had hardly any tire ware and I did about 100km (not holding back either) of laps on the second day alone (at least that is what my odometer was saying). My brake pads and rotors showed minimal ware too. So if you respect your car and don't overdrive it you will have a blast.
  3. budget rear suspension for 300hp?

    The rx7 rear end is probably similar width to our 1st gen celica? We will probably go wider in the front as I just got a miata front clip for its suspension.
  4. budget rear suspension for 300hp?

    cool Cool what is your price on either of those? and the 4:30s would be awesome. What kind of hp can both of those rear ends handle? The car is going to see pretty much only race duty.
  5. Hey guys, for the ecoboost swap celica we are looking at either using my friends mustang solid rear axle and transferring the celica brackets onto the mustang rear end. Or Transferring a independent rear suspension into the car. Any one have any thoughts on which IRS will take 320 or so hp on a budget? We potentially will buy something to part out from the mpi auctions and steal the rear end out of. How much hp can a mid 2000's model year Wrx and STI rear end safely hold up? My rear axle in the celica is good for about half of what the eco boost makes.
  6. Ecoboost swap parts car Celica

    Thanks. Our goal is to race it next season and build it over next winter time.
  7. when is the first autocross event?

    this is awesome! two race events in one day!
  8. 2018 Permanent Number List

    Devin James - 6280 renewing number 63
  9. when is the first autocross event?

    Oh you know the only car that can survive a jump is an orange Dodge Charger with a 01 on the side
  10. Ecoboost swap parts car Celica

    Here is part 3 of the build: On Friday we got together to finish fabricating and installing the Riverside subframe connector. It came out really well and is super strong. Was a bit of a challenge welding the heavy gauge steel upside down on my back.
  11. when is the first autocross event?

    awesome looking forward to the test and tune! I was hoping this would be the first event. want to get lots of seat time behind the wheel of the new to me miata! maybe for rebranding something like spring "kick off"? I love the extra seat time these "test and tune" events have. So then I can set up a trailer rental for the car for the first event as it does not have insurance on it yet.
  12. Hey guys just curious when the first event is going to be? Are we having a test and tune for the first event again?
  13. Ecoboost swap parts car Celica

    sure would be nice!
  14. Ecoboost swap parts car Celica

    here is the part 2 video. we are starting to build the new subframes. the old ones are toast: