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  1. Disregard. Wallet found. Awesome track say today even tho it was a bit chilly. Thank you to all the organizers and corner workers!
  2. Your best bet is to email Charyl. I think this issue pops up when you try to register for both saturday and sunday together.
  3. Feel free to read it yourself. https://www.gov.mb.ca/covid19/soe.html
  4. Prior to spending money on additional car modifications (aside from tires) I would suggest getting in more seat time. You can have the fastest car out there but if your driving skills aren't up to the task you will always post slow time. Attend more events and have the rookie instructor ride with you (great for feed back), attend the two schools that are offered throughout the year (tons of feedback and seat time) and you'll start noticing your time get faster and faster.
  5. I currently have #18 for lapping and tried to get #18 for time attack as I have #18 for autocross as well. Would be nice to have one number for all 3. Want to use #118 instead?
  6. Is there a paved lot there? I thought it was just gravel.
  7. 2019 SCCA Solo rules show that it is eligible to autocross. Classing as follows: HS (Street), STS (Street Touring), SMFS (Modified) depending on vehicle modifications.
  8. Thanks. I was able to check my slow, slow times on the bulletin board while on site and everything seemed to be working. I didn't realize there was an online place to check lap times. Neat.
  9. X2. Was at event 3 but don't seem to be on the spreadsheet. Would like to see my time. Thanks!
  10. Both courses were pretty fun and very challenging. I agree with Chris on making improvements to the course layout to make the course easier to read. During event #7 I've watched a number of people keep missing the same gate every run. Big thanks to Rob for some great pointers!
  11. I think pad life is dependent on the compound, weight of the vehicle (your RX-8 sits at around 2800-3000lbs), and how hard you are on the brakes. If your pads are not designed for high temps you I would expect them to wear a lot quicker than a dedicated track pad. Hawk offers a variety of pads from daily, street and light duty track, and dedicated track pads which range in heat temperatures. Below is a chart that shows their line up and respective heat ranges. I've attended the same events as you and have not noticed excessive amount of brake pad wear. My car is roughly 500lb
  12. Thanks. Cheryl cleared things up through email.
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