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  1. I think pad life is dependent on the compound, weight of the vehicle (your RX-8 sits at around 2800-3000lbs), and how hard you are on the brakes. If your pads are not designed for high temps you I would expect them to wear a lot quicker than a dedicated track pad. Hawk offers a variety of pads from daily, street and light duty track, and dedicated track pads which range in heat temperatures. Below is a chart that shows their line up and respective heat ranges. I've attended the same events as you and have not noticed excessive amount of brake pad wear. My car is roughly 500lbs lighter and I would say I am pretty hard on the brakes, especially going into turn 1. I run the Hawk DTC-60s (ordered the DTC-30s but due to quality control issues at the plant was sent DTC-60s) and cheapo blank rotors I got off RockAuto. I swap front pads and rotors at every event as the DTC-60s do not have much bite until they are warmed up and the guys at Hawk recommended having dedicated rotors so I didn't have to keep bedding in the DTC-60s. My daily and autocross pads are Hawk HPS but I don't think they would last very long on track, not to mention the performance wouldn't be anywhere near that of the DTC-60s. Dedicated track pads do have a higher cost but I think it's worth it for the performance. You can order them from Speed Factor Racing, if you want something local, or online. I believe I picked mine up from Teknotik along with some ATE Type 200 brake fluid. If you are looking to upgrade your pads to something more performance oriented, you can look at the above graph and find what pad/temperatures work best for your application. If you want a pad that is a good dual purpose pad that can be used on the street and the track you can look at pads such as the HP+, Blues, or DTC-30s. They may produce more noise and dust than your average pad however.
  2. I just had my car done by Speed Factor on friday. No complaints.
  3. I think the RT615k+ have a 7.4 rating on tire rack, compared to the RE71R which are rated as a 6.2. I'll be switching from 2015 dated R1Rs that came with the car so I'm sure it will be an upgrade. I have not considered the FK510s but might be something to look into if I'm looking for a dedicated street tire. My only experience with 300 rated tires are the Michelin Pilot Super Sports that I had on my old STI hatch. They were a great tire and I think I was only half a second behind a couple of S2000s at the last Gimli autocross event I did with them. Id have picked them up for the Integra if the new PS4S came in a smaller size. Sidewall wasn't as firm as some of the other tires but I didn't think they did that bad on a heavy car, similar to your RS. I had 265/35/18s on a 18x9.5 wheel.
  4. I've just ordered a set of the Falken Azenis RT615K+ for my Integra. Based on internet reviews it doesn't seem to be as fast as the RE-71Rs but does have better tread wear. Since my car will not be competitive in its current autocross classing I've opted to go with the tire that has better life and comes in my OEM size. I guess I will find out in a few weeks how they are on track.
  5. I've attended this event a few years ago as a spectator. It was a great time. Almost like folk fest for car guys. We stayed off track and drove in daily but if you want the full experience I would recommend camping at the track.
  6. Brand new in packaging Stoptech Sport Performance front and rear brake pads. Bought them for my STI but never ended up them. Should fit similar sized Brembo pads. Front Part Number: 309.10010 Rear Part Number: 309.09610 Price: $180 for both
  7. X3 on speedfactor. They did my last two alignments and did a great job. No complaints.
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