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  1. More bumping....
  2. Bump..
  3. There are at least five names on that spreadsheet (including myself) who did not compete in Time Attack last event.
  4. Hopefully all the out of town racers know they still need to register on dlb for the race.....
  5. http://sopwithmotorsports.com/blog/short-track-racing/item/342-trapped-in-a-burning-race-car-part-i.html Makes you want to practice your race car exit procedure...
  6. The room itself was good but the food was only plentiful if you got there first. By the time we got there a lot of it was cold and there wasn't any gravy, they didn't fill it up either. It gets a solid 'meh' from me.
  7. Here are the results for the final event and the season ending points. Sorry for the delay. Hope to see everyone next year! TimeAttack_Event5_2015Pax.pdf
  8. Here are the results for Events 2 and 3, sorry for the delay. TimeAttack_Event2_3_2015Pax.pdf
  9. Due to lack of racers I have decided to cancel the Time Attack event for August 22. I have had interest for the September event so that one should be a go. Please register in advance on dlb for events in the future if you are going to attend. You don't have to pay online if you don't want to. Please register for the September event here: http://www.dlbracing.com/Event/6043
  10. Saturday is the pork dinner. There is another thread you should post in to reserve your ticket. Good to hear you are coming out!
  11. If you plan on attending the next time attack event, please register on DLB or at the very least, let me know that you are planning to attend. Last event, there was only one car, mine! If this continues, I will be cancelling future events.
  12. Here are the results for event #1 TimeAttack_Event1_2015Pax.pdf
  13. I will be there to help as well
  14. Registration for Time Attack Event #1 on June 6 is now open on www.dlbracing.com. Remember to send away for your license as soon as possible if you haven't already.
  15. There is supposed to be a lapping day on May 8, so yes as far I know. I don't run the lapping days.