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  1. Just a PSA for all the racers out there that tow their cars on/in trailers: CHECK THE INSURED VALUE OF YOUR TRAILER! Don't be like us and find out too late the insurance broker put it down way too low...
  2. What car do you drive? Do you plan on using these pads on the street as well?
  3. http://sopwithmotorsports.com/blog/short-track-racing/item/342-trapped-in-a-burning-race-car-part-i.html Makes you want to practice your race car exit procedure...
  4. The room itself was good but the food was only plentiful if you got there first. By the time we got there a lot of it was cold and there wasn't any gravy, they didn't fill it up either. It gets a solid 'meh' from me.
  5. That must be like working at the animal shelter, you want to take all of them home but you can't!
  6. The executive decided that we cannot rent/lend the WSCC scales out to members anymore. We are required to have scales at road race events so if anything happened to them while being lent out we would be screwed for holding an event.
  7. In town, Classic Motorworks sells them. On the internet any race site (Summit, SafeRacer etc.)
  8. WSCC has our own event insurance for lapping days schools etc, any event we hold on the track. Insurance for an individual participants cars is their own issue. This probably will effect what we tell drivers in the HPDE since there has been insurance coverage for cars participating in driving schools in the past. I have always driven on the track with the expectation of not having MPI coverage.
  9. "Hold (where applicable) a competition licence issued by ASN Canada FIA or an ASN Territory that grants eligibility for Drifting events" This means to me that we need to consult with the WCMA to see if they want to issue drift licenses, since they are our regulatory body. Maybe there won't be a license and we can do drift training informally, these are issues that we need to figure out. WSCC has never ran a formal drift event before so we have a lot of issues and details to iron out.
  10. Road race, Time Attack and Drifting all have a WCMA requirement for licensing where Autosalom doesn't. Those events just happen to take place at Gimli. If we had drifting elsewhere we would still need licensing. We still will need to determine what form a drifting school/license would have.
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