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  1. Just a PSA for all the racers out there that tow their cars on/in trailers: CHECK THE INSURED VALUE OF YOUR TRAILER! Don't be like us and find out too late the insurance broker put it down way too low...
  2. What car do you drive? Do you plan on using these pads on the street as well?
  3. I would like to know what the issues people are having with classing their car? Is the website hard to use? Do they just not know how to answer the questions? Do people just not care/can't be bothered?
  4. If we are going to stay with pax, maybe we should work on making it work better. Making sure every car is classed properly would be a start. How about: -Making every competitor provide their classing sheet and make it publicly available (like road race does) -If a car seems to not be classed correctly or there are issues, get Ontario Time Attack to approve it -Encourage dyno sheets/car weighing for improved classing -Have a committee/group available for assisting people with classing their cars
  5. Just because you haven't done it yet doesn't mean it is impossible. There are many cars that are capable of sub minute laps that come to GMP, just no one has been able to achieve that yet (on timing). The point of PAX is that you can't buy lap times. The faster the car gets the higher the bar you have to clear gets.
  6. I know I have been coming across as very negative towards this but I just want to make sure that there is a place for everyone to compete and have fun whether they just want to bring their daily driver or drop tens of thousands on a dedicated track car. It seems like the people with heavily modded cars felt penalized with the PAX system. I think the new system overly rewards heavy modding and spending money. There has to be a middle ground to allow everyone a place to play.
  7. That's the intent I think but it sucks for a newbie that shows up with a Camaro or Mustang and finds himself in Unlimited by virtue of the stock tire size of the car
  8. The pax system was meant to give the ability to have a wide variety of types of cars of various levels of preparation to be compared. It makes it a drivers race and tries to take the car out of the equation. Looser classing without any handicapping just turns it into a money race, spend (mod) more than your competitor and you win.
  9. Hmmm. Interesting. Putting those extra wide tires on wasn't such a great idea after all...
  10. So just to make sure I am reading this right, a stock Civic or Miata would be in the same class as a stock Camaro or Corvette?
  11. So to clarify, will all Time Attack cars need to have decals on them to race, or just the ones using the Fortune deal? Sarah
  12. Here is a points update to reflect a classing change
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