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  1. Two for me, please (Tim W). Sorry so late.
  2. Many thanks to the organizer(s)!
  3. Neunlfr

    Event #3 Photographer

    Excellent! Thanks very much.
  4. Anyone know what became of the photographer that was mentioned in the driver's meeting (I think it was on Sunday)? I can't recall seeing her around the track but was wondering if she was shooting for someone specific or if there were photos to see/purchase/etc somewhere. Thanks!
  5. Hey!

    Have you heard from SVRA yet regarding Austin?

    Tim W. 

  6. Neunlfr

    Thanks to all

    Thanks to all. The weekend was fantastic and everyone who put so much effort into it has reason be be proud. Tim W.
  7. Very nice, Wayne! I enjoy seeing faces as well as cars. Was a great event. Thanks!
  8. Hey, is there any contact information for the person in charge of arranging/reserving pit spots?
  9. Neunlfr

    winter tyres

    I have a set of X-ice on my GTI (in 225/40R18) and they are a great winter tire.
  10. 2 more for me (4 total). Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the update, Roger. It certainly is a huge improvement from before. It's on the calendar for next year for sure!And may I mention, you're assuming Gord goes over 185kph at the best of times...?
  12. I'm in with the Elden.Thanks!
  13. Neunlfr

    Racing 1980

    Very cool - such a great history.
  14. Neunlfr

    2013 Vintage pics

    Watch for Carmen as well!