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  1. It would be beneficial to get a statement from WCMA regarding 2016 for acceptable helmets. In spring of 2015 they stated Snell 2005 MAY not be accepted for 2016. So far, the draft copy of 2016 WCMA Tech Regs states that 2005 Snell is acceptable. It should also be noted that ASN/FIA Canada state that 2005 Snell is valid(?) until Dec 31/2018. Confusing and needs a clarity statement. Thanks Greg
  2. Generally the track is off limits to race cars until official start of the test/tune or practice schedule. This allows track personnel to get to their positions, setup track, test radios, test timing, and in the case of ice race, final plow cleanup. At certain events, insurance sometimes will dictate when cars can be on the track and we always want safety crew to be setup and available. Long answer. Short one is wait for track clearance from race officials.
  3. Have 8 tires and wheels to do. Jeremy, do you have a time and place yet for this service guy? Thanks Greg
  4. Cathy Meheden has taken over Elite Belts from Gunter. If you send her your old belts, they redo them and certify for 2 years, $75.00 for the service. All registered with SFI, etc . Elite Belts 509-35 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 2K9 elitebelts@gmail.com Greg
  5. Any plan yet for new tire buy for 2014? I would organize but still away. Thanks , Greg .
  6. Hello all ice racers, if you were not told anything specifically, then you should be good to go this weekend. We will however review some of the cars on Saturday and work with you. If your cars meet tech, great, if not, you may have to put in some time on your car Saturday night to make sure you can race Sunday.Greg
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