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  1. It would be beneficial to get a statement from WCMA regarding 2016 for acceptable helmets. In spring of 2015 they stated Snell 2005 MAY not be accepted for 2016. So far, the draft copy of 2016 WCMA Tech Regs states that 2005 Snell is acceptable. It should also be noted that ASN/FIA Canada state that 2005 Snell is valid(?) until Dec 31/2018. Confusing and needs a clarity statement. Thanks Greg
  2. Have 8 tires and wheels to do. Jeremy, do you have a time and place yet for this service guy? Thanks Greg
  3. More ticketsWill need 2 more for a total of 8.ThanksGreg
  4. TicketsWill need 6 tickets.ThanksGreg Eastwood
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