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  1. Just a small suggestion: check real width vs. size for your comparisons. The Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R 255/35R19 is listed by TireRack as having a tread width of 9.3". TireRack has three different Michelin Pilot Super Sports in 265/35R19 listed with tread widths of 9.0", 9.3", and 10.1". If a person wasn't careful they could end up with a narrower 265 tire compared to a 255. I had the opposite problem a few years ago. I ordered a set of tires that were 195s compared to the 175s I currently had. I took some measurements and knew I had room for the extra 3/4". Turns out the new tires were 1.5
  2. Just curious, what was the issue? Just not a big enough opening to get the volume of air required?
  3. That is a bonnet. If you are going to drive a British car, get it right :DI'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!
  4. I knew I was in at least SP. Just wanted to confirm that I didn't need to be bumped even higher. FSP/FP is where all the action is anyway. Between the three of us in those classes, ignoring cones, we were separated by only 0.048 seconds at the last event! That's some close racing. Now back to your regularly scheduled classing questions...
  5. To the best of my knowledge all they changed in the later years was the addition of emissions control equipment, all of which was "lost" during the rebuild.If someone can give me a specific example of what else would be different I'll thank them for the information and change classes then. Until then FSP-S it is. Thanks.
  6. My 1980 Spitfire has 1976 spec pistons (due to a previous owner rebuild). In North America the '76 model year had pistons that gave a 9.0:1 compression ratio while the '75,'77-'80 years all had a 7.5:1 CR. Non-North American cars were 9.0:1 for all years '75-'80. When looking through the SCCA classing rules it looks like internal engine modifications are prohibited everywhere except Prepared and Modified. If that is the case I'm screwed because the Prepared rules also state that convertables must have a rollbar, which I don't have. Does this mean that under SCCA rules my car isn't legal for AN
  7. Shouldn't the car be red and have S2000 on the side? And then maybe a lemming instead of a cat driving it.
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