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  1. http://www.vcmc.ca/forum/showthread.php?14746-2015-VCMC-Clash-of-the-Karts-Results i drove ghetto racing kart 9, 2nd-quickest enduro lap, at tbc Richmond indoor kart track. #representwscc
  2. another new season coming up this weekend. set your pvr's, and your fantasy team: www.f1manager.info as before, see post 2 for league and password info. good luck!
  3. hmmm... i guess i'll be pretty tired of the family by tuesday... In 1. Beau 2. Sam 3. Mohamed 4. Bob Out
  4. this topic wasn't properly put to bed. up until last week, i thought the whole toyota unintended acceleration hoopla was much ado about floor mats, but alas, it appears that i'd taken the toyota blue pill. unfortunately, most high-exposure lawsuits are settled out of court to maintain ambiguous culpability, but were it allowed to go through, we may have a very different perception of toyota today. this is a long, but good read: http://www.safetyresearch.net/blog/articles/toyota-unintended-acceleration-and-big-bowl-%E2%80%9Cspaghetti%E2%80%9D-code especially with the also long, but good powerpoint: http://www.safetyresearch.net/Library/BarrSlides_FINAL_SCRUBBED.pdf i'd taken the stance that there are ways to make these things safe and reliable, and that we shouldn't base our opinions of vehicle systems on our experience with consumer electronics, but i take that back. although there are good standards and protocols to designing safety-critical systems, it doesn't seem like those were in place at toyota at the time. credit to an fsae alum for enlightening me on that topic.
  5. no sense in bragging, since it was a stale and predictable end to the season: let's hope for more competitive racing next year.
  6. who's in for this Tuesday? i'm out as a regular, and downgrading myself to spare status. i'm moving to BC before the end of this league. In: Out: Spare: Bob
  7. very interesting. despite the times being similar (mine were consistently slightly behind on this event...), you have a very different driving approach from my own. it looks like you're a lot more inertial with your driving, whereas i'm more of a dragster-style launching out of corners. i'll have to experiment next event... thanks!
  8. Who's in and who's out for this coming Tuesday? In 1. Beau 2. Chris 3. Bob Out Corey
  9. this is coming up this wednesday. re-post from the facebook event: Tickets for the event are available from me damon@nomad-production.ca, from Amber Skrabek at the UofM, Carolyn Blonski and at Speed World. https://www.facebook.com/events/635284006543183/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
  10. gawd... yeah, the theme change fixed my auto-login. change theme link is on bottom-left for those wondering. still no copy/paste/quote with ie11 though, even with the theme change. i hate ie11, but it comes part and parcel with windows 8.1, so those users will have to download an alternate browser to use the functions of this forum.
  11. In: 1. Jeff 2. Beau 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Spare: 1. Bob Out: 1. Kyle 2. Ian 3. Art 4. Marion art and marion already mentioned they'd be out.
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