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    Drag racing numerous cars and sleds in various classes for 40 years. 1 yr.road racing experience. Dabbling in ice racing
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  1. Ice racer coming up?
  2. Jake's AutoCare. -Amsoil products. Southeast Synthetic Lubricants-Amsoil products. SAR-Amsoil products
  3. I have indoor cold storage in Steinbach. 45 minutes from perimeter. $50.a month. A few spots left. If interested call me 204 392 0024
  4. Jordan I'm not a big players like Sharples Motorsports. My trailer would collapse and I'd have to show up with just used parts and leave the car at home. Lol
  5. KEEP ! We all know the Sharples camp is the one stop shop at the track when you're broken. They even had a front radius rod for me when I broke at the track allowing me to continue racing that weekend.If they don't have it. It ain't made!
  6. What kind a parts we talking? 

    1. chkdsk


      Just email me Wayne, you're doing this PM part wrong. Plus your car is not a 92 to 95. 

      I have to go make supper for Pat. 

  7. Can I get 20 decals ? Should be 600 ish h.p
  8. Wow ya. These are awesome wscc should invest in these. No lugging extinguishers around. If each corner worker had one.
  9. I have indoor storage. $50. @ month in Steinbach.
  10. Would a quick phone call or email to wcma the governing body not clarify this in a hurry?
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