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  1. Like that idea. Pit garbage and recycling everyone self. Gets rid a 2 jobs.
  2. Spring tire rebates

    Yes being a dealer for NTD I can confirm rebates are mail in by purchaser to manufacturer.
  3. I'll be there. Central peg. Would be more beneficial for us southeasterners. But I'll be where ever it be.
  4. Agreed. That was some tough racing in limited visibility.
  5. Ice Race Event #3

    Thanks volunteers!
  6. Nice Weekend

    What with the usual 90mph wind sweeping in over the barren terrain ,reducing the temp.by a few hundred degrees ?
  7. R.I.P. Station #4 Shelter

    Matt. What ya doing out there? No grass to cut. Bully racing must be out there practise lapping for the summer!
  8. Our 2018 Title Sponsor announcement

    Already thanked them long ago on the provided link provided.
  9. Questions about ice racing ...

    I'll join ya Jim
  10. Licensing

    Need a chopper to plop us on the track !
  11. We need a new title sponsor

    I'll check with Randy