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  1. We need a new title sponsor

    I'll check with Randy
  2. Good job. Thanks Pete!
  3. POT LUCK!

    Mennonite Lobster
  4. If Scthe eve's in I'm in ! Signed up!
  5. Road Race Registrar

    Thanks Sandi!
  6. Buzz Cut

    Thanks Matt job WELLdone!
  7. I'm selling and running the westlake rs. Which we tried last year and thought were comparable to the azenis. Under $100 bucks utql of 240. Only downer is only 1-size we run in 14 or 15". That's the 1955015 which worked ok last year. I've just ordered 20 and most are spoken for but believe I can get more from the east. Also checked with my azeni supplier and they'll be having the rt615k+. But more. $
  8. Worker's Schwag/Donation for Gimli

    Agreed. Thanks Volunteers!
  9. Gimli Rooms at Lakeview

    Mike I believe Matt. L.is giving up his room in portage. Check with him
  10. Portage Ice

    No pontoons needed ?
  11. Video

    Here you go Tigor. click the link below to my site, go to videos & playlist on left top corner. a few new ones added from last weekend https://www.jakesserviceautocare.com/
  12. Gimli Rooms at Lakeview

    Done thanks
  13. IMG-00000414.jpg

  14. Update: Jordan

    Best wishes Jordan. Get well!