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  1. Are there any options for viewing BTCC live or after the fact on a media player ? Any suggestions on the best way to watch the 2015 season? Thumbs down F1 for not keeping me awake long enough to see the finsh. Wow was that boring!
  2. The plan is to run with Mike as a co driver in the "rubber" class
  3. Converting my old VW race car into an ice racer and am wondering what spring rates to use on the car? Any suggestions for a 1.8L 1986 golf? Car weighs in at 2200lbs
  4. 0-300kph time trial...http://www.worldrallysport.com/node/8722
  5. LOL!!Perhaps make the decision based on the rules and your intended use... If you plan to road race' date=' you'll likely need to put fenders over the wheels for sedan class / closed wheel. For autocross I don't know what the rules are. But if you don't need them and they impair function in any way, lose 'em.Personally I like the finished look of the flares. If you are leaving the skirts aluminum, leaves the flares. If you are painting the skirt, paint the flares. Just my opinion.I think these are pretty cool as well: [url']http://image.superstreetonline.com/f/25923677/sstp_1001_02_o+classic_car_show+fender_flares.jpg bolt on or off...
  6. Very cool Mark. This is huge. Playing with open psychos while modifying a sedan adds and extra bit of flair to the project as well. Good luck and keep us posted on the progress!
  7. I have some stuff that needs to be picked up as well. Anyone?
  8. Hi all,Is anyone heading down to Menkes in Niche over the next few weeks? If not, I may end up going myself in March. If anyone needs anything, nows the time to order and have it sent to Menkes.Jason
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