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  1. Does anyone have a link to where this insurance might be available? I have some interested parties.
  2. Hello all. Any suggestions on the best product for protecting the paint on the fromt of the car?
  3. Are there any options for viewing BTCC live or after the fact on a media player ? Any suggestions on the best way to watch the 2015 season? Thumbs down F1 for not keeping me awake long enough to see the finsh. Wow was that boring!
  4. I have a few people ready to sign up for race school. Have we confirmed dates including classroom sessions? These folks would like to book rooms in Gimli and sign up for the event.
  5. Thank you everyone! We looked at a new jeep Cherokee and they are pretty cool IMO but the LTD edition was outside of the budget at $41k. Then there was transport fees and taxes,etc. we also tested a CX-5 and didn't like the ride. So we started looking at used and found a great 2012 MDX tech pkg for $34k. Bingo. Done. The stereo friggin rocks and the drive is great. Not quite as fun as the A4 from a handling standpoint but I have had only a few minutes behind the wheel. Thanks again. FYI I did not get notices of the responses here...
  6. Looking at getting a replacement for our 2002 A4 Avant. Thinking Subaru Forrester, Jeep Cherokee, CRV, etc. $35-40K. My wife would like longevity, performance, fuel economy, heated seats, blue tooth audio/decent stereo, nav. The JEEP ltd Ed Cherokee looks pretty awesome but I don't have any reliability info on it. Also resale is another consideration... Argh. Help!?
  7. The plan is to run with Mike as a co driver in the "rubber" class
  8. Actually nothing that Gord runs really flies unless you include "flies apart".
  9. Converting my old VW race car into an ice racer and am wondering what spring rates to use on the car? Any suggestions for a 1.8L 1986 golf? Car weighs in at 2200lbs
  10. I couldn't agree more. Excellent weekend all. Loved being back at Gimli.
  11. Hi All,How do the results get posted on mylaps?Jason
  12. Does anyone know where I might find race gas in Winnipeg and area?
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