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  1. It was just a trial run to confirm internet access would be useful. I was also publishing the races live on Race Monitor on their website. Didn't tell anyone because that would just attract my friend Murphy for a visit. We hope to have a rural internet supplier put in an access point next year at GMP. We have plans to widen our footprint with a MESH network. We will listen to any ideas to use tech to improve everybody's experience at the track.
  2. Thanks to Andy for his help this weekend - and the brisket at lunch. I tethered my phone to the scoring laptop this weekend to see what internet access would be like - all sessions are now on mylaps and the Championship points have been calculated and posted to https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Organizations/82738/Championships As always all comments and concerns will be addressed ASAP.
  3. Thanks to Andy and Daniel for all the help. This was Daniel's first weekend helping T&S. Thanks to the Stewards for tracking down transponder issues, we kept them hopping on Saturday morning. Congrats to Johnny A. for winning the Vintage class and a race. The Formula field was an awesome sight and sound. The SoloSprint Group A cars were putting together some spectacular laps. Times are posted and Championship points can be found here - https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Organizations/82738/Championships Any comments or concerns will be addressed ASAP. - Doug
  4. Points to ponder - The Art of Racing in the Rain movie (based on the book) is coming out soon, I wonder if some F1 managers will be handing out passes to their staff? Will we see Bottas at the Mercedes ice track at Gimli next year? The Netflix 'Drive to survive' series was filming at the race - in particular the Mercedes team - should make for a great drama. Was VERSTAPPEN's performance anything like Senna in the 1986 Spanish Gran Prix? I've heard this race compared to the Canadian Gran Prix 2011. How many teams are re-writing their strategy handbooks after watching the Hamilton crew scramble.
  5. Thanks to Andy fo all his help his weekend. Thanks to everybody who posted results. Sunday went so smoothly that I had time to score and post the championship points along with all the lap times - they can be found here - https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1701883 As usual all comments and concerns will be answered ASAP.
  6. Championship points are now posted - FC looks interesting. https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Organizations/82738/Championships
  7. All times are now posted to MyLaps - https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1683406 Thanks to Hamish for filling in for Andy to the best of his ability. Andy should be back in July, as well as Daniel as a T&S trainee. Thanks to everybody else for their patience and understanding as we worked through issues and concerns. We are continuing to refine our process of recording the transponder rentals into the T&S system. Kudos to the Starter - he did very well for his first time in that position. Championship points will be posted later this week. As usual all questions will be answered ASAP.
  8. I will talk to Matt about track records due to the new classes. We'll probably wait until year end to recognize the quickest in the season.
  9. All times have been uploaded to MyLaps https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1667451 As always, the weekend wouldn't have been as fun without Andy's help. It was great to catch up with old friends and meeting new ones. Comments and concerns will be addressed ASAP. Championship points will be posted later in the week. - Doug
  10. I did have direct communication with George and John. Their concerns were addressed once they understood that the groups were combined on Sunday. I also talked to George again during Event#5 and he confirmed that both he and John were satisfied that the Vintage points were properly scored.
  11. Mike Demchenko was miss-classified in Event#4. I recalculated and posted PTE and PTF championships
  12. Championship points are now posted https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Organizations/82738/Championships Congrats to anybody and everybody on the list. PTF finishing order was decided on race 5 of this past weekend. All comments and concerns will be addressed ASAP.
  13. Laps have been uploaded. https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1597164 I believe Kiwi will be using the Calendar view. Chris will be dreaming of a sub 1 minute lap next year - so close today. Thanks to Wayne for his huge help in isolating and fixing our issues this morning. Thanks to Andy for all his help and great BBQ this year. Championship points will be calculated later this week.
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