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  1. Points to ponder - The Art of Racing in the Rain movie (based on the book) is coming out soon, I wonder if some F1 managers will be handing out passes to their staff? Will we see Bottas at the Mercedes ice track at Gimli next year? The Netflix 'Drive to survive' series was filming at the race - in particular the Mercedes team - should make for a great drama. Was VERSTAPPEN's performance anything like Senna in the 1986 Spanish Gran Prix? I've heard this race compared to the Canadian Gran Prix 2011. How many teams are re-writing their strategy handbooks after watching the Hamilton crew scramble.
  2. Sorry, I read it as you only received 75% of replacement not that the 75% threshold triggered a full price award. That ~$30- 40 extra premium was a good investment for you. Hope you found a suitable replacement.
  3. That doesn't sound right according to their explanation of new car coverage https://www.mpi.mb.ca/en/Reg-and-Ins/Insurance/Optional-Autopac/Pages/newcarprotection.aspx
  4. did your email change from Ken & Sandra MacBain <smacbain@shaw.ca>?

    1. Mustang-sandy


      Yes. ksmacbain@gmail.com

    2. wscc_1254


      And you got my message that I have the timing equipment?

  5. Since Winter League is now over we plan to try this Doug Waldron Steven Waldron
  6. Steven (my son) and I have been participating in the SpeedWorld Open League which I believe is done on March 7th. Is it OK for us to join your league after that? Thanks, Doug
  7. PaintFX - McPhillips and Notre Dame
  8. I plan to be there to explain more about the timing equipment upgrade.
  9. As you know I really like you rust repair service. Another service I would like is the ability to rent a bay with lift for $40- $50/hour. A scale and dyno would be something I would probably use.
  10. Daniel is looking for volunteers to assist with the event. https://www.facebook.com/DanielBurkettRacing
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