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  1. Hi, Championship points are now posted to Race/practice laps are posted to I haven't separated PTE into the 2 groups - please tell me if you are scored as PTE or CCC. Many thanks to Andy. Only one thank-you for Hamish for lending us his laptop. If you want to follow the timing live at the track - we know RaceMon from the 'App Store' can read our scoreboard feed. See us in the timing trailer for details. As usual I will address all comments and concerns ASAP. - Doug
  2. Race/practice laps now posted to Still have to do championship points
  3. Scott is correct - last evening was family time. RaceMon app works at the track if you have a smart device - see us at the timing trailer for details. Now starting to work on the race results. - Doug
  4. Myself and my son may be interested.
  5. Thanks to Andy and Hamish for the great help and wonderful fellowship. Kudos to the potluck supper organizers. Event times are now posted on MyLaps. Championships have also been updated and posted Congrats to all the winners and competitors. I believe Don Schmidt #90 won 2nd place in PTE on the last race of the year! As always all comments and concerns will be addressed ASAP.
  6. did your email change from Ken & Sandra MacBain <>?

    1. Mustang-sandy



    2. wscc_1254


      And you got my message that I have the timing equipment?

  7. I have the timing equipment, will bring it Saturday morning - all charged up.
  8. I will bring a pie, not sure if I can stay.
  9. Thanks to Andy for for all his help. He came back from doing T&S at Brainerd filled with new ideas and techniques. All the weekend laps and championship points are now posted As always all coments and concerns will be dealt with ASAP.
  10. Championship points are now posted.
  11. Buckle up, Manitoba. Mercedes-Benz is coming to Gimli. On Monday, the luxury vehicle manufacturer announced it will bring its winter sport driving program to Lake Winnipeg this winter. Until now, the program was only offered in Sweden. Basically, they're going to use milled ice to mould the frozen lake into a racetrack, and teach students how to drive on it really, really fast, in Mercedes-AMG performance vehicles. "Canada is world-renowned for its natural beauty, its many lakes and, in some parts of the country, its piercing cold and highly challenging driving conditions," said JoAnne Caza, director of communications and public relations for Mercedes-Benz Canada in a press release. "We were not entirely surprised when AMG in Germany knocked on our door requesting assistance with this great winter driving opportunity." Two programs will be offered over five weeks, starting this Jan. 30 and ending Feb. 27. Participants can join the three-day AMG Winter Sporting Advanced program or the four-day advanced plus program, both of which culminate in a final race at the end of the session. While regular AMG driving academy courses have been offered in Canada and elsewhere, this is the first time the winter edition will hit North America. "It will be an exciting five weeks around town, I'm sure," Peter Peiluck, deputy mayor of Gimli, said in the release. "The local residents will have new excitement to embrace this winter, and we are sure our frigid-season tourists will get in the Go lane and come out to watch. Manitobans thrive on events like this — whether it's +35˚C or -35˚C outside." The Canadian winter program was jointly designed by the AMG Driving Academy group in Affalterbach, Germany, and Driving Unlimited. Hmmm--- wonder if they need help?
  12. Valter used a 'nom-de-net' of noitall on DLB registration so we went with it when setting up the event during the week. Since Time Attack keeps their own championship points the adjustment can be made at that spot.
  13. I just uploaded all the race lap data from the weekend to MyLaps.. I will adjusting the classes back to WCMA and updating the championship points ASAP. Many thanks the Andrew Fensted and Hamish for their assistance and to John for the company on Saturday. Sandra needs to be thanked as well for a long week of registration and trying to keep us fully informed. Thanks to all the racers for their patience as we worked through transponder assignment issues. Congrats to #0 Jean-Sebastion for setting a new FV track records. As always comments and concerns will be addressed.
  14. Hi, Laps, races and championship points have been posted from the weekend. Thanks to Andy, who is a fast learner, for joining the T&S crew. Hamish was his usual stellar self. We did a lot of learning on Saturday morning. Hopefully enough to make the August 7th weekend go smoothly. As always I will answer all comments and concerns ASAP.
  15. As I mentioned before, Event#1 results are FUBAR. We will attempt to recreate the results at GMP this coming weekend. Thanks for your patience and understanding.