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  1. It would be an excellent thing for you to attend and you would be very welcome. I won't get there until part way through as I have to work but will look for you when I get there. Scott McDonald, Chief Marshal
  2. Count the marshal stations we'd need. We have very few marshals this year, so far. The above looks like needing at least 5. Getting 3 would be possible but a stretch.
  3. Very nicely done Ken. I know how much work this is. Thank you.
  4. Attention all our volunteers. For every 5 full days you've worked in Road Race or Ice Race this year you are entitled to a free banquet ticket. Pete will have an eligibility list at the door. Just make sure you book your tickets on Motorsportsreg.com so we know how many meals to order. It won't let you pay. Everybody pays at the door or gets ticked off the list and we pay for you. I'd like to see you all there. Scott
  5. Getting a schedule agreed on and printable and postable is harder in a large event like this coming one for a couple of reasons. if we have more than 33 cars in the largest grid (open wheel in this case) we have to split it because the track is only licensed for 33. At the moment we are right around that magic number with the cars that have registered through MSR. We also always have a few walk-ups on Friday night and Saturday morning. At this point we are preparing 2 schedules and it looks like we'll have to start with the one that runs 3 grids, Open Wheel, Closed Wheel and Vintage Closed Wheel in addition to Time Attack which doesn't change. If attrition takes us permanently below the 33 magic number we may shift to an alternate schedule before the weekend is over as that would give us more interesting racing than watching two dwindling grids of cars parade around. Both of these schedules will be available Saturday morning at the driver's and workers meetings and will be posted at the Concession. No matter which schedule we use the Workers Meeting is at 8:15 and the Drivers Meeting is at 8:30am. The track goes hot at 9 am and racing ends about 6 pm. There is the usual hour of Courtesy Laps after racing on Saturday and the banquet is at 7:30. Our sponsor has organized racer car ride-alongs for a modest fee in the half hour before lunch both days. This should be popular so sign up before it fills up. This means the noon lunch hour will end up about a half hour longer. The usual lunch wagon will be on site. There will be a show and shine featuring vintage sports cars and other exotics near the Concession building and parade laps for these cars both days during lunch hour. A lot of people like to be consulted and critique whatever schedule we put forward. This is more complicated in an event like this where the sponsor has a number of features that need to be included in the schedule, like the Australian Pursuit at the end of the day on Sunday, always a very popular event. We will have suggested times for each event in the printed schedule and the people in the tower will do their best, as they always do, to keep us on schedule. Unpredictable events like crashes are often a challenge for them so we leave them a little wiggle room between races to take up the slack if needed. So, there will be a printed schedule and an alternate schedule by Saturday morning, maybe even Friday night. So don't bug Mat about it as he has an awful lot of other things he needs to get done. Unless of course you want to volunteer to run into Gimli Friday and get copies printed for him. We have an amazing group of people, including Dyrk Bolger, our sponsor in his 20th year, doing an awful lot of work to make this a great event. At this point they've heard enough complaints and only have time for offers of help. See you there. Scott McDonald, Chief Marshal and assistant to the Road Race Director (sometimes misnamed Co-Director)
  6. We need you there by 8 Saturday morning instead of the usual 9 o'clock meeting as we want to do a bit of training. Scott McDonald, Chief Marshal
  7. We need you there by 8 Saturday morning instead of the usual 9 o'clock meeting as we want to do a bit of training. Scott McDonald, Chief Marshal
  8. Hi Mat. I'm still not sure I should be having a vote on this but if I have one I would say option 1. Scott
  9. I don't recall any decision to discontinue paper membership apps or renewals. This will have some drawbacks for our folks at Gimli and will involve a registration disaster on Fridays in particular. It will also drop a number of our older members off the list, Life Members in particular who find the computerized process beyond them and haven't got grandchildren around to assist. Could we think about an option so tech inept members like myself could have a paper process to fall back on. Scott
  10. I'm in. I'll pick up something in Gimli, probably a salad or a yummy desert. Scott
  11. Here's the Daily schedule for the August 18 - 20, 2017 weekend. You can book for the Saturday dinner on MSR or at the track early in the weekend. Scott McDonald, Road Race Director Final August 19 & 20, 2017 Daily Race Schedule.doc
  12. Sandra, I trust you know I loved what you did for the club and especially getting the registration process under control. You've created a lot of ways of doing things that I am sure will last and all of which make my job so much easier. Thanks for putting up with my many sometimes annoying character traits. You were very patient. Scott McDonald, Road Race Director
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