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  1. Dason, thank you for being who you are. You've already made a positive change in the volunteer world. I am so happy you said "Yes!" when I asked you to consider this new position. And to start your list for the Gimli weekend coming up March 7 & 8, I'll be there both days. Others can sign on here to make Dason's night-before-the-event sleep more peaceful. Scott
  2. Thanks for bringing this back Shawn. I believe I was a spectator at this weekend. Scott
  3. Very nicely done Ken. I know how much work this is. Thank you.
  4. Attention all our volunteers. For every 5 full days you've worked in Road Race or Ice Race this year you are entitled to a free banquet ticket. Pete will have an eligibility list at the door. Just make sure you book your tickets on Motorsportsreg.com so we know how many meals to order. It won't let you pay. Everybody pays at the door or gets ticked off the list and we pay for you. I'd like to see you all there. Scott
  5. This sounds reasonable as long as the volume doesn't overwhelm us.
  6. Pete, I'll need two tickets. Have we got any video this year? Scott
  7. Hi Pete, I'm posting this for Keith Berglind who needs 5 tickets. Also better save one or two for the mayor. Scott
  8. Pete I need one extra for Brittany from the RM. Total of 2. Scott
  9. Pete count me in for one plus I'll have a count for you of any guests from the RM who respond to my invitation and RR will pay for. What's my deadline? Scott
  10. 2014 Amendment Notice.docThere will be a motion put forward for debate and vote at the upcoming AGM to amend our constitution. The attachment is the required official notice of that motion and its intent. Scott McDonald
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