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  1. We are prepared to handle a few newcomers. If you haven't participated in hot laps at Giimli before, you will need to undergo an orientation. That meeting starts at 11:00 am and you will need to attend that or you won't get on the track until later in the afternoon. Registration is on Motorsportsreg.com. Look around this forum and find the easy signon for that website. No walk-up entries this weekend, no cash.
  2. Its Friday only Spencer. Starts at noon but come and be prepared to take part in a newcomers orientation at 11.
  3. I can confirm that there will be lunch for the volunteers. SCott
  4. Registration is now open on Motorsport Reg: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2020-wscc-race-event-1-season-opener-rr-ta-gimli-motorsports-park-370765 Earlybird discount ends on Wednesday, July 15.
  5. We are still scrambling to get ready but the July weekend is on for sure. Would those of you who are coming please drop in here and let us know who you are. Scott McDonald
  6. Check the poll forum guys. We are racing. Find some other racers. Scott
  7. We are running on July 17-19. Check my post on the Road Race string about the poll for more detail. Scott McDonald, Road Race Director
  8. The poll results indicate we have enough racers and Time Attackers to at least break even financially. We will need a lot of help with this small an amount of lead time. At this time I am still looking for a Registrar which is a quite huge job the week before the race. We will need some physical help on the Friday of the weekend to repair the 2 marshal station barriers that got damaged. Let me know if you can do some end of day hands on at that on the Friday after the hot lapping is over.. The event will be a few days appearing on MSR and the late registration date will be moved up a week closer to the race weekend. Please get your name in as soon as it opens up so I can stop worrying about the money issues. If all the yeses from the poll and a few of the maybes come we'll be ok. But if everybody comes that's even better. We'll attract more racers and that would be a nice surprise and much more fun for everybody. Thanks for your patience and I'm looking forward to seeing you there. Scott McDonald, Road Race Director. PS to Dason: Will you get out a shout to our wonderful crop of volunteers.
  9. At first viewing I recognize a couple of friends. The #35 Mini is of course Dyrk Bolger who still races a #35 Mini. I expect my now deceased friend Ron Schryer was driving either a Datsun 510 or something weird. One of the VW beetles is likely the one with the Ford small block in the back seat. Who else can name some of these or admit to being in them?
  10. Reply to DonRolando: I suggest staying in 3rd for corner 3 and 4 and dropping to 2nd for 5. You can't gain as much on the two short straights as you can by being able to accelerate more furiously once you get out of 5. Also staying in 3rd give you a little more gas pedal control over spinning tires. I was running a 512 and dropped to a 465 with outstanding results. I think all Mazda's diffs fit any Rx7. I picked mine up used on Ebay and it worked fine. I'll see if I can find the formula for calculating rpm to speed with different tire and diff combos. You need to know the gear ratios of each of your tranny gears. Scott
  11. I appreciate what you guys are doing and it looks like we'll have lots of time to do it. I'm a long way from being able to guess when we can get close enough to one another to actually build them but we can certainly get ready. I'm currently operating from a wild guess that we won't be free to race until later on this summer but it would be nice to have a couple of these up and ready to go when that time comes. Stations 1 and 4 currently have no shelters at all so we might think about starting with those two and hold off on the other two until we see what the budget looks like when we know how many weekends we'll have for revenue. Corner 1, if we do one there, it would need to be towable as that is drag racer turf and it would only be safe if we could haul it back to our end after the weekend was over. If you come up with cost estimates let me know so I can work it into our financial plans. Scott
  12. Fantastic idea Dason. To Matt Corrie. Back in the day I was dealing with a similar problem for a different reason and changed my diff to put my revs where I could use them in 5 and in 7/8. My car had a power band from about 5000 to 8500 but was pretty sluggish below 5. You can make a spreadsheet with all your different gear ratios and tire sizes included. In my case I knew what speed I needed to get down to to make corner 5 so I picked a final drive ratio that would put me just over 5000 in second coming out of 5. I was losing a couple of car lengths with the stock ratio and this eliminated that problem. Not enough for a pass on that back straight but since it worked the same in 7/8 I could set up passes on the front straight coming out of 8 or 9 or whatever it was. Yes, it was a rotary. Scott
  13. Dason, thank you for being who you are. You've already made a positive change in the volunteer world. I am so happy you said "Yes!" when I asked you to consider this new position. And to start your list for the Gimli weekend coming up March 7 & 8, I'll be there both days. Others can sign on here to make Dason's night-before-the-event sleep more peaceful. Scott
  14. Can somebody print directions for how to get down onto the ice. Which street gives access.
  15. Thanks for bringing this back Shawn. I believe I was a spectator at this weekend. Scott
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