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  1. Don - check your PM. Mia needs a race car. Thanks Wayne
  2. Kris and I will be there. Kris has an onion allergy and I have a tree nut allergy. Thanks, Wayne
  3. I didn't get fast in road racing until I started running Autoslalom (autocross). Autoslalom requires an understanding balance and weight transfer, a technique that is very important in road racing. If it operates on a closed course, then it IS racing. Autoslalom, Time attack, Rally, Drift, Ice, Drag, Road Race, etc. - do it all. Be safe and buy the best safety equipment that you can afford. Wayne #42 FC
  4. I may have to upgrade to an EFI based class...
  5. Hi, This is a little off topic, but may be of interest to some of the club members. Holley Performance Products is looking for another Sr. Engineer in their Winnipeg EFI division. The posting can be found at http://www.holley.com/Corporate/Employment.asp?jobID=135 Thanks, Wayne
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