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  1. Mia and I will be bringing two Formula Continentals if racing is on.
  2. Hi, What a great race season it was. I am looking for photos of the following cars for use with WCMA awards. If you have a picture you can send me (on-track snaps are preferred), either attach it here or email wschell@gmail.com Dwight Ullberg SM 9 Chris Boettcher ST1 57 Allen Brown ST3 36 Ryan Gerstmar ST4 18 Bill Langner ST5 28 Damon Hill ST5 11 Al Marcoux ST6 2 Clint Sharples ST6 44 Damon Surzyshyn ST6 13 Mike Demchenko ST6 88 Jordan Sharples ST6 7 Thanks Wayne FC #42
  3. There was just a little bit of mud out there...
  4. Kris and I will be there. Kris has an onion allergy and I have a tree nut allergy. Thanks, Wayne
  5. I didn't get fast in road racing until I started running Autoslalom (autocross). Autoslalom requires an understanding balance and weight transfer, a technique that is very important in road racing. If it operates on a closed course, then it IS racing. Autoslalom, Time attack, Rally, Drift, Ice, Drag, Road Race, etc. - do it all. Be safe and buy the best safety equipment that you can afford. Wayne #42 FC
  6. Hi Scott, Can a schedule for Race #1 be posted? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks, Wayne
  7. I took a bunch of photos on Sunday. Hopefully someone took some pics of my car on the track before I blew the engine. Thanks again to all the volunteers! https://ws42.smugmug.com/2016-WSCC-Vintage-Weekend/ Enjoy ;-) Wayne FC #42
  8. Thanks to all the volunteers! We can't race without you and I hope we put on a nice show for you. Wayne, FC #42
  9. Since my car resembles a wheelbarrow more than a Vee at the moment, I took some photos at the event. They are published at http://ws42.smugmug.com/2015-WSCC-Vintage/. There will be refinements and edits later. Thanks Dyrk for sponsoring the event and all the volunteers! Wayne.
  10. Pete, please write me down for 2 tickets. Thanks, Wayne
  11. I took a whack of photos on the Vintage Weekend. Enjoy. http://ws42.smugmug.com/2014-WSCC-Vintage-Weekend/ I guess 800 pictures are a little more than a whack... Feel free to use, just leave me some credit. Wayne
  12. A big thanks to the volunteers who braved the heat and rain to help let us race. I hope we gave you a good show! It felt good to be back on the track. Wayne FV #42 (full throttle and bad brakes in a wet turn #1 - whee!)
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