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  1. Just curious about car count and who's running rubber and who's doing studs. I'm on rubber unless there's lots of studded cars coming out?
  2. Pretty awesome work who ever got us all these events!!
  3. What's the price on them this year bud?
  4. Unfortunately I won' be able to attend I'll be in Minnesota!
  5. Where abouts is the link for the rules for the cars and type of studded tires that can be run?
  6. Whats the deal on the a pillar i can't find a diagram anywhere or is it not mandatory?
  7. lee mcrae will take 2 13inch black rockets bud!
  8. Heads up automotive ask for Al he can find anything! Tell him McRaes sent you. Best parts guy in wpg!
  9. Are we going clockwise or counter clockwise?
  10. Maybe I wrong but shouldn't the rti total be 22 for the 9 and 24 for the 11 counting the make up race for event 2?
  11. I'm glad he didn't get hurt I don't know which way would be better but I seen how loose his belts got when the seat flexed so Ill stick with a kirky that don't flex. Hope the car is saveable!
  12. I seen the car and the hit, it was big it just looks like the seat flexs an awful lot.
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