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  1. Here's my fastest clean run, I've bleeped out my swears stupid bumps...
  2. Some observations: - Obvious: Courses were fun to drive. Great job team! Patience and line selection were key in both courses. - Ideally which I know you guys already know this but it should be simple enough to follow without a course walk (more for rookies) There was a HUGE safety concern for me and spectators at Event 6 AND 7: 1) Rookies/people new to the sport need to be aware/REMINDED (sometimes repeatedly) of where timing starts and STOPS in the drivers meeting/rookie course walk/etc. Perhaps understand that there is a 'stop box' area before entering the pits where you should be at PIT speed. 2) Understand that pit is walking/jogging speed ONLY. REMIND Them of spectators, children! and poor three legged puppies with a doggy wheelchair with square wheels. If I took two steps backwards to read the time I would have been hit at over 80km/h at the STOP BOX. I don't blame the drivers as they didn't know. I educated them swiftly.
  3. forgot to record event 7 (thank god! lol) here's my clean run from Event 6
  4. It's been a while since my last alignment... Is Speedfactor still the place to go?
  5. haven't decided. if the numbers are low, maybe splitting the course in two might be beneficial. I'll talk with Shawn.
  6. Opening up the test and tune to the WSCC folks. This event is a go either way. We only have 5 registrants so we will have tons of track time! Limited spots. We will have Chris D. and Myself as instructors. registration here: http://bmwclubmanitoba.com/events/?ee=28 NO LUNCH provided.
  7. Jeremy Choy 1702 - #33 FYI: Jeremy Linton swapped numbers last year so I could have #33 back. current list has Linton owning both #33 and #38
  8. FYI: Costco's batch of RE-71R's are in production and are 4-6 weeks away. outside the window for $70/off a set. PCM Tire looks like the best bet.
  9. Finish fixing my car and putting it back together. Hopefully I don't have another headgasket leak (car might be eating a bit of coolant somewhere). 'mechanic' drove it around for 2+ hours not realizing he was overheating the motor and didn't bleed the cooling system properly. - newer LSD - New tires -Alignment? - Show up!
  10. looking for a car to drive tomorrow. I finally have a car to at least get there. I'll register and hope for the best. Thanks! Jeremy
  11. I thought my car would be ready by May 1st, however unfortunately it's not. Looking for something with 4 wheels and a steering wheel. Order of preference: RWD AWD / FWD RHD
  12. Jeremy Choy 1702 - Reclaiming #33 (Jeremy Linton said I can take his number)
  13. Hawk definitely needed a quick warm up. ULX/ULT/Ultimate/Ceramic are great and I've been using them for a long time and like them in warm and cold weather.
  14. Thanks. Big help! already much cheaper than what I was finding.
  15. Need to ship an engine on a pallet. looking for a reasonable shipping company from St. Catherines Ontario to Winnipeg. recommendations?
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