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  1. Looks like I have some others as well. From what I see, the points system stopped in 2006. I have some of the other points rules years (04/05) as well.
  2. I have the rules from 2002. It has a points scheme, might be the same/similar. Also have the classing apendix, and others. Attached if that works. cnac2002rules.pdf cnac2002appendixA.pdf CNAC2002AppendixB+.pdf
  3. When do the run groups get set, morning of or night before?
  4. For those of us that have missed the last event or two, is there a spot for general info on these Gimli events? Racing on the track or strip, food vendor, entrance/exit for spectators and other important info?
  5. Ya, been a while. Schedules don't line up till at least July, but hope to make it out a few times this year.
  6. I used the AXXIS ULT ceramic brakes in both my Eagle Talon and the RX8. Maybe it was just familiarity, but I liked them on both cars. Fairly good for daily use as well, quiet, but did dust quite a bit. Mostly AutoX use, I only had the RX8 up at Gimli but they were fine on that car when I had it up for lapping days.
  7. Ya, no options to adjust the 'racing line' they give. Very odd in some spots. The track is 1.17x longer, but the turn radii are also 1.17x larger, so corner speeds should be up. Not sure on what the math would say for lap times. There are also no options for surface grip level, and I left the default corner banking, which I'm not sure what level that is (I assumed 0ish). I was hoping to make something close to the same feel. I only have 50ish laps under my belt, so I'll have to leave it to those more experienced on the track as to if it 'feels about right'.
  8. For anyone else not able to get out and do real racing, Gran Turismo 6 is available for the PS3 for $15 (Playstation store, 15GB, plus another 15GB-ish of updates, so it will take a while). The cool part is that they made a pretty decent app for creating tracks. I've made the Gimli track, so anyone who has the game can download the track here: https://www.gran-turismo.com/us/gt6/user/#!/friend/Ceezio/course/ Unfortunately, I can't seem to make it exactly right. First off, the pits are on the right of the main straight (can't seem to change that), I can't change the country of origin (no
  9. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-travel-trailer-camper/winnipeg/17-ft-skylark-camper/1103495476?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true ??
  10. Claudio Zubin member # 1597 would like to keep #52 please.
  11. How long is a HPDE session good for to get a time attack licence?
  12. It's unfortunate you can't tune the car much with our surface, but you can definitely test the suspension for durability. The bouncing in that video looked pretty violent.
  13. Locally since our numbers are usually around 40-50 drivers' date=' we group a number of classes together. We run the following trophy classes: [i']SCCA competitionthese are the regular R compound classes, and the ST* classes that the SCCA has. Car times are modified by PAX and you compete against all cars in this group.Stock Street TireThese are the SCCA stock classes, running on street tires (minimum treadwear rating of 140). Car times are also modified by PAX for this group.Modified Street TireThese are the remaining SCCA classes (SP, SM, P, an M) but running on street tires (minimum trea
  14. Here is our AutoSlalom permanent number list from 2011 (from the thread of the same topic). All numbers are being held until the end of April (30th) for the current holders. To secure the number beyond that date you must 1) have a 2012 WSCC Annual Membership and 2) advise our Membership Director, Art (poSSum), either in this thread or via PM or e-mail (membership@wscc.mb.ca) that you wish to retain the number. We will Bold numbers as they are confirmed. All holds will be released May 1st and numbers will be available on a first come first served basis to anyone holding a 2012 WSCC Annual Membe
  15. I think I've seen that video before. The comparison is nice, but possibly a little skewed. The amount of 'red dust' coming from the 59 makes me think it isn't quite all there structurally. It probably wouldn't have done much better, but it would be nice to know what condition the older car was in.
  16. Not sure how the groups will be divided yet. The pre-registration numbers are pretty low so far, so I'll have to see a little closer to the event if any particular grouping makes sense.
  17. Not going for paint already, is it???Wouldn't be surprised thou, awesome project and seems to be moving quite quickly.
  18. I think it's pretty neat.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56XL0TysIn0
  19. That was an awesome video. Here is the link for the HD version. I loved this season of F1, but I was also a Vettel backer.
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