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  1. 1. Chris M 2. Jeff J 3. Emily J 4. Corey D 5. Jim eh 6. Craig T 7. Igor C 8. Shaun J 9. Murray Peterson 10. Jo Peterson 11. Nick H. 12. Mohamed Alnouri 13. Jeff & Kathy Couch 14. Derrick P. 15. Tim R 16. Jeremy S 17. Chris D
  2. Thanks everyone, I had tried a bunch of those tactics already to no avail. BIG THANKS to Jim for using his acetylene torch on the bolt to finally get the sucker moving. More heat then my stupid little propane one.
  3. Hey, Would like to get my car rollin' but I can't get some caliper bolts *bleepin* free. I don't have air tools, so nothing I have can get in the wheel well. Can anyone help me out? I can drive the car the wherever, just need to get these things started. =P Chris
  4. What would the starting date be (yes this is the deciding factor)?
  5. The only Honda I want sooo bad.
  6. My day just got that much better, thanks Kosta! King who?
  7. http://www.hardocp.com/image.html?image=MTI2NjU5MjE1MjdFWEpraDhncjdfMV8xX2wuanBn
  8. Especially since the safety guys were just standing there, no barriers. Yeah, like that would be allowed.
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