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  1. Seems we have a few Clark Kents around here. Nice job to all.
  2. He's right. I've driven past there! Didn't know there had any auto wreckers in E. St. Paul ...
  3. Congratulations Brooke and Ian. Simply an amazing couple.
  4. Care to try that in a Honda?
  5. What about small (10x10 or 20x20)additions to the width at St. Andrews in a few select spots? They could be spaced apart so that new courses could be designed to utilize the extra width which would change the course dynamics big time. This could be done over the course of 3 years with adding a section per year.
  6. Yes, burn or choke. I think there is some justification that people have some fears. As with soooo many other "wonders" or the modern world, there are penalties for "progress". BTW, I did find a system. Now just the week long (at my lightning speed) to install
  7. RSL? The over valued SEER rating is not that much of a concern to me as it is relatively little used appliance that a 10% - 20% cost savings will amount to greater value than energy efficiency for me. I didn't think you could ever buy a central unit OTC? LOL. Recover and recycle ... ? Do you sit on the MOPIA board? J/K I deal with all kinds of hazerdous materials and their proper handling thru work. I never was a believer in venting to atmosphere. Although a single run of the afterburner of an F18 dumped more CFC into the atmosphere than I care to imagine, it does not need to be added to.
  8. I installed my 1.5T unit 25+ years ago and has worked great. It is just too tired to keep up now, I bypassed the thermal limit switch on the condenser unit a while back. It's just time for a replacement. I have a supply of 22 still available to me but it is the rest of the unit that is past it's prime. The evaporator coil is so old the fins have a light coating of corrosion and ice up on really hot days. Even the galvanized headers on the A coil have a coating of rust. Nowadays, with 410, I know a 2T unit is recommended. At my age, even a Chinese off brand would last me .... BTW, I am just looking for the unit. Install is covered.
  9. House unit just pulled a pitstop. Looking for a 1.5T replacement. Why don't these things ever happen in winter?
  10. Now that makes sense. Or an unseen Chevy pick up!
  11. Not really sure how they expect "temp" insurance vehicles to be known to be "safety-able´╗┐" when you can have one issued to pick up a vehicle from another province or even another country without previous personal inspection. I don't recall any stipulations listed on the permit but then again, ignorance is bliss ... Strange how they have kind of left that one open.
  12. On the flipside. if the trailer is salvagfeable and goes for a substantial amount over your settlement, you are untitled to some $$$ back so watch the auction and note the actual auction amount.
  13. Personally I have never had luck with a gravity bleed effort. This may be just the vehicles I have tried it on. I have used a vacuum bleeder system and a pressure bleed system. The pressure bleed system is great for a power flush if your system is extremely old and has a huge amount of junk in the really old fluid. The vacuum bleed system is somewhat tricky getting the hose to seal on the bleeder screw but is about the cleanest method I have ever used. About the most widely used method if you have a second person handy is the "pump n' hold" method. Most of the time for our purposes we do not have to "flush" our systems. Basic maintenance is about all we need to do. If your car is a daily driver that you occasionally track then you may wish to replace the fluid in spring but that is personal choice. LOOK at the fluid. does it look like it is discoloured? If so then it probably needs replacing. If you are having a difficult time getting the air out of your system (whatever pressure method you choose) try cracking the bleeder in short bursts. Sometimes that helps to surge the air to the end of the line.
  14. Should the timing trailer and start stand be combined?
  15. I hated the throttle response in my old WRX. It seemed to be 100% in the first 60% with NO parameter adjustment built in.
  16. Dave, Hello and welcome. Please message Mat Leveille directly @ matleveille@gmail.com Matt is one of our Road Race directors. He will be able to give you all the info needed Nice car BTW
  17. WOW, did we just take a step back in time? How is it going stranger?
  18. Sent in by a faithful listener ... Not sure if this will be useful to the racing side or not, however .... please pass along if it might be Princess Auto stores, until May 31st , have Nomex flight gloves , various sizes / colours , on sale for $ 19.99 . Item # 8851883 in their Surplus flyer . I think that's where i got mine yrs back .... Wore a hole in the palm of the right one , shifting " Piglet " , by the end of the Club Brewing Enduro in 1974 at Grimli . Ed Perry Thanks for the heads up Ed
  19. Pulled off 3 ticks after walking in the grass near the timing trailer today.
  20. I have never received an approval for any submission.
  21. I think I am going to be a lot late. Sorry not going to be able to make it.
  22. Hope to make it, although I may be a little late.
  23. Just going by what Brian said ... that #77 was confirmed. Reading this a little more carefully, Shawn is using (5540) for his membership number AND for Michelle (same 5540)????
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