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  1. Licensing

    With the switch to MSR for licensing registration which license do we sign up for if we are doing multiple disciplines? MSR lists every discipline separately with links to each one. For example would an Amateur license encompass both Time Attack AND Ice? Or do we now have to license for each discipline separately?
  2. Licensing

    Is there any license fee, requirement for HPDE or membership requirement for Friday lapping?
  3. Licensing

    I see by your "almighty links" list that WCMA still does not have a separate Time Attack license. So the question in this post : There is a post from Darin in the quote above that does not show up about a little debate whether an ICE license will be good for TA but no definitive answer. I just pay for an ICE license and hope for the best? Unless of course you got a ruling from WCMA about it. But wait ... it hasn't been 4 years yet has it?
  4. I think, in their own twisted way, that is exactly what they think they are trying to do. Believe me more than anyone I am NOT a fan of government run private business. When "Autopac" first opened it's doors the promise was to never try to "make" money and to never open sales locations to "sell" insurance in direct competition with private insurance sellers. Well both those went out the window now didn't they?
  5. R.I.P. Station #4 Shelter

    Where's Red Green when you really need him?
  6. R.I.P. Station #4 Shelter

    Now station 4 does too. Big ones.
  7. Our 2018 Title Sponsor announcement

    Thanks SAR! We really appreciate this.
  8. Our 2018 Title Sponsor announcement

    OK, now you're a 1960's tease!
  9. Licensing

    Before I pay for my license, who won the debate?
  10. Road Race Event #5

    Season Windup
  11. Road Race Event #4

    Classic motor Works Vintage Weekend
  12. Are studded props allowed? Any travel allowance to Churchill? Can we weld the doors shut so they don't leak? Do I put my hovercraft into an AWD class? Where can we get a really big Ice maker? Does my wetsuit pass as racing safety gear? Can I put nitrous into one of my air tanks? Just wonderin'
  13. Questions about ice racing ...

    W-W-W-W-W-ww-w, wwww, w-ww how come?
  14. Video

  15. Licensing

    Hmmmm heavily medicated old farts should not be allowed on computers late at night. Ah waitamimute ...
  16. Black Rockets Anyone?

    There is always this option ...
  17. Licensing

    I never followed any of the links. Is there a cost reduction for dedicated Ice or dedicated TA licenses?
  18. Remember, you are voting in the people that help set the ground work for ALL your races. It's probably a good thing you attend.
  19. WTB RF axle assembly (AT)

    Looking for a complete RF axle assembly off a 2003 Subaru Imprezza (AT)
  20. Here is a link to view the menu
  21. post your outrageous Tees here ...
  22. Test n' Tune

    Cresent Lake
  23. Test n' Tune

    Location TBA