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  1. Jim Eh.

    HUGE Thanks

    What a fantastic weekend to end the season. Great turnout, not so great weather but eh ... we're hardy CANADIANS!!! Sooo many people to thank so I will not embarrass myself by forgetting to mention a name ('cause I have such a good memory). To all the club executive, all the volunteers, all the racers and all the spectators that made the 2018 race season THEE best I wish to pass along my heartfelt gratitude and respect for the effort and commitment it takes to run events like these for an entire season. From planning that starts from the end of the previous season up to and including the windup banquet I am simply amazed at level of professionalism and dedication everyone puts forth. Thank you.
  2. Jim Eh.

    Pot luck 2018!

    Meatballs in a mushroom sauce.
  3. Good, there's lots of rain in May
  4. Jim Eh.

    Sports car recommendations

    Keep an eye open on all the hail damaged cars coming out of MPIC lately. If you don't mind the dents on a DD some deals may be had.
  5. Only if you have a brick under the gas pedal.
  6. Shawn will pipe up but if they are offering both track time AND autoslalom time then I would think the autoslalom track would be on the skid pad. Logistics of separate disciplines on the RR track would be too much in the same day.
  7. Probably ... awesome!
  8. Where do we sign up for the pot luck entry? Are there going to be 110V plugs available for slow cooker plug ins?
  9. Forestry roads may be a better candidate than PTHs. Permission would have to be arranged with Manitoba Forestry, the local municipality and the section would have to NOT have any private property adjacent to the roadway. The other concern would be ORVs. I assume signs would have to be posted and or manned at any trail crossings. I think the Sandilands have a few roads like this but they are usually pretty straight.
  10. Good luck everyone. Paint some red and white on those podiums! BTW, I heard Trump removed the tariffs on the top positions hardware so no fear ... go for it!
  11. Jim Eh.

    Aokohama advan AD08R 205/55/16 Tire

    Too early Darin?
  12. Jim Eh.

    HUGE Shoutout!

    Unbelievable how smooth things really went with such a large turn out. Mucho kudos to all the volunteers. A-may-zing! Thank you.
  13. Jim Eh.

    Course setup Friday evening

    Where's a good drifter when you need one?
  14. Isn't that like saying political polls are poorly prepared because they are assuming someone actually gives a hoot? Pretty sure anyone completing the survey is the target market "they" are looking at.
  15. I bought some go fast(er) parts from garagistic and in my order I requested some High Performance stickers that would be proudly displayed on my race car. This is what I received ...
  16. Jim Eh.

    Race Support

    The limit is three ... it's in the supp regs.
  17. Jim Eh.

    Race Support

    Nope...they promised a 37.5 HP increase if I put them all on and in the correct place. They're magic!
  18. Jim Eh.

    Custom alignment shop thread?

    Is this service outlet done? https://www.kijiji.ca/v-tool-other/winnipeg/automotive-equipment-for-sale/1370516081?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true or are they just no longer selling used cars?
  19. Jim Eh.

    LF: S2000 Tonneau Cover

    Sorry Nic, they don't fit the pink ones ....
  20. Found this little post on: http://www.clubdbsa.org/forums/showthread.php?944-100ll-Avgas-!-what-I-found-the-hard-way! An interesting read. I am not sure what "other forum" it was found on. As many different views on the internet about avgas vs race fuel as there are on pretty much any other controversial subject in racing circles.From marketing to "personal experience stories to "my brother uses it and it is damn fast". Take your pick and you decide.
  21. Some people call it "E" track. https://www.google.ca/search?q=rachet+strap+tracking&oq=rachet+strap+tracking&aqs=chrome..69i57.5835j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#kpvalbx=1 You can get pretty much whatever you want on the end of a strap nowadays. Personally I would not tie down a wheel but secure to the chassis so the suspension does not get gassed out riding down the road. Trailers tend to "launch" a vehicle riding upon it. Just my opinion though. And yes it is available at PA but some of their load rating inking is ... questionable. Others (such as Saturn Industries) can supply you with higher quality tie down equipment. Saturn may even have those multi hooks that the auto transporters use to enable you to hook to the transport spots on the chassis but I am not sure. Next time you see a truck unloading at a dealership, stop and ask the driver.