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  1. I have an on going "discussion" with a friend of mine who has a business that backs up onto the river. He has lost the batteries from some of his trucks a few times. He stands on the NO LIGHTS theory ... "why give them light to work with". LOL, I guess he kind of has a point, depends on your traffic flow within eyesight I guess. I use have no choice but the "more light the better route" as the plant next door has super high intensity yard lighting mounted on top of some storage tanks. I just add to where they don't shine. One more tip is to keep expensive things "out of sight, out of mind". Lots of sight seers walking or riding bikes across our property but you can't assume they are all thieves but best nobody sees anything laying around. Just the times we live in. Nothing new. just more brazen I guess. I hate talking about theft, bad moxy ... now where is something wooden ..
  2. Frank, the Ingolf turn off is 312 just after Caddy Lake.
  3. If these load for you, this is a 4.5 hour Whiteshell cruise that runs thru Birds Hill Park and the entire Whiteshell Park. Note, the section of 301 to Falcon Lake is by far the best part, short, but still the best. https://goo.gl/maps/UmhXbaZD7bf6uhdj7 If the stars align, I would like to join in.
  4. That suks. I hope you find them. I have started engraving everything I own just so I will hopefully get it back one day. At work 16 cameras and an alarm system, and we have had fences cut, scrap go missing and probably other things I have missed. Numerous customers bringing in their commercial vehicles with the catalytic converters cut off. Three in a week. Sadly because it is exhaust, the customer gets nailed "betterment" by MPIC usually in the range of 50% so they are on the hook for hundreds of dollars. So even if things are welded on, they still go missing. It is getting desperate out there.
  5. They have their own .... a single cylinder boxer?
  6. Timbo ... Current State of Emergency and Public Health Orders The Manitoba government declared a province-wide state of emergency under The Emergency Measures Act on March 20, 2020, to protect the health and safety of all Manitobans and reduce the spread of COVID-19. This order was extended on April 20th and May 17th, 2020. The chief provincial public health officer issued new public health orders on April 30, 2020. The new orders will extend the mandate that anyone entering Manitoba, regardless of whether it was from another country or another province must self-isolate for 14 days until such time as the orders are terminated by the chief provincial public health officer. Not trying to tell you what to do but if you run across some eager beaver of an RCMP, they will probably cite you and especially if there is a group travelling together. Racing is expensive enough without a 480.00$ ticket to pay. There is no 50 K limit as far as I know but rather if you have a cabin in NW Ontairio, you are allowed passage but strongly urged to "stay in your cabin". BTW, it says nothing of all the Ontairo plates I see at Winnipeg health facilities but that is another matter altogether.
  7. KMiller Particularly this section ... The chief provincial public health officer issued new public health orders on April 30, 2020. The new orders will extend the mandate that anyone entering Manitoba, regardless of whether it was from another country or another province must self-isolate for 14 days until such time as the orders are terminated by the chief provincial public health officer.
  8. Actually the rule is "anyone coming into the province from any location outside the province must self isolate for 14 days". Exemptions are commercial traffic and cottagers who own or lease property outside the province.
  9. Must have had a Subaru engine ...
  10. We would not ban anyone because of their home location. It has nothing to do with who is from where. We welcome all comers, the more definitely the merrier. It is ... #1.) The Federal and Provincial government rules/guidelines that we are bound to abide by #2.) The local municipality that actually owns the land controls our entry to the facility. We are not even allow on site to do any maintenance yet. All of our scheduled race meets are being planned tentatively for now, according to legislation and state of emergency powers the government has enacted.
  11. Keep an eye out on social media sale sites and if you have time, take a drive out to places frequented by offroaders. Of course you would have to have a special marking done to you trailer that nobody else has as a positive identifier. (hint)
  12. Would be a nice picture for social media ...
  13. Yeah, and to add insult to injury, I was questioned by special investigations after the loss was reported. I did call the investigator back after the day with the police and gave him a little piece sunshine for him to think about for the rest of his day. Sometimes dealing with a monopoly outfit can be very frustrating so Matt, have patience.
  14. Had one stolen, got paid out by MPIC (with a fight), it actually drove onto my lot about a year later with nothing changed other than all my id tags cut off, cops were called, MPIC contacted by the cops & elected to do NOTHING, cops let her drive it away. Go figure! Long term storage idea, remove all the wheels and store separately.
  15. Just something to keep the whistle wet ... https://youtu.be/dgrOJ476_BM
  16. And some change to boot ....
  17. Don't think too many more laps left in these.
  18. One does wonder why Manitoba rates are so low in the first place. Perhaps it is because social distancing and other preventative measures were implemented before the virus got a strong foothold? It is easy to have this narrow frame of mind when you are in your 20s or 30s but there are family members of most of the competitors that are not in that age group or have some kind of immune system deficiencies. The death rate for Canada from the flu is somewhere between 500 and 1500 for an average reporting year. Canada has 4400 + deaths for the first 5 months of this outbreak. I'm guessing people here are orphans with no immune deficiencies or relatives 40 +? Don't get me wrong, this is putting a damper on all our social activities not to mention our financial positions. But just think if we maintained this kind of an attitude from the start, would we be like QC or Ontario? Currently we are not .. at the moment. I am pretty sure we all would like to keep it that way. Also would you like to be the one that is financially responsible for any health issues or fatalities caused by gathering too soon just for a past time activity?
  19. First off, you can't use the terms "disco" and "men were men" in the same sentence .... I do like this vid tho. Lookit all them spectators!
  20. If you are a re-tired programmer that is well versed in COBOL, then you may want to look on some of the head hunter job sites. You could make a few bucks on systems in the USA (probably lots in Canada too like ATM card swipe routines) still running main frames under COBOL. A lot of their computer systems that have to do with employment insurance and government assistance packages are severely overloaded. Might be some opportunity to top up that retirement fund that has taken such a hit in the markets lately.
  21. Always nice for the "peek behind the door" in the past. Great to read well written posts. Thank you for your insights and stories. Be safe, be healthy and may this venture be interesting, informative and prosperous for you.
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SOryJvTAGs
  23. PM sent. LOL, a little house cleaning was required. This is what happens when you don't clean out you inbox for awhile.
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