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  1. Jim Eh.

    Seeking Tire Advice

    Mounting damage that started failure and track abuse just accele┼Ľated it? Or defective tires. Coincidence about two in row in the same position? I have looked at many tires and performed more alignments than I can count and I have never seen any alignment cause damage like that ... ever. If the tire was so under inflated as to cause damage then there would be tell tale signs well before the failure. Also if there were a defective component, again there would be telltale sign long before your failure.
  2. Jim Eh.

    TA results on mylaps

    I made a new section for Doug to post T&S results in. Simply go to Timing and Scoring in the Road Race section and select "follow" (top right) and you will receive an email in the mail account listed in your profile when the results are up at Speedhive,
  3. Jim Eh.

    TA results on mylaps

    They have not been posted yet. He will put up a post on the forums when the have been uploaded to Mylaps.
  4. Jim Eh.

    Fishing rod and breaker bar found at gmp

    Must be optimistic. I usually just use a small net.
  5. Jim Eh.

    Gimli: Fire Ban Still in Effect

    It has not been posted but has the ban been lifted?
  6. What ... no pictures?
  7. Open to all discussions on hot lapping.
  8. Jim Eh.

    Favorite Hangout?

    Which do you visit more often? The Website or the Forums?
  9. Jim Eh.

    Favorite Hangout?

    You are supposed to vote before the first dozen ... Mat the purpose is more to gauge storage requirements not popularity of media.
  10. For the 2.4 runs I had ... fun but a little slalom rich. Not much in change up. The change in pacing on the "expensive" slalom series early in the north section was challenging. Initially I thought the termination on the far side of the track was going to be an issue and although it may have added the need to space competitors more no safety issues came up that I am aware of. From what I remember, section 5 brought about the highest cone count and DNFs but I could not tell exactly what part of section 5 brought that about. I do know visually going into the south pivot looked a little strange to me but the trick was to look ahead (as always) to look for the directional layover cones in the very back or simply know in your mind which direction it was suppose to follow. Nice little challenge in the change up just south of the start line caught more than one or a dozen drivers off guard. The only real cross track change and I guess that's why. Not intentional to just give criticisms, (more like just observations). I am not able to provide any real solutions. The only change in the rating system I could suggest is to track the ratio of DNFs between the classes. A lot of work I know just interesting to compare between layouts.
  11. Not too sure what BMW calls this part, I just know what I call it .... broke. Kinda hard to shift this way. It's a shot (looking up) from underneath the shift pivot.
  12. Jim Eh.

    Strange looking part

    Well, it ain't no rock crusher!
  13. Jim Eh.

    Strange looking part

    Not that lucky to be sooo advanced. Pretty basic engine.
  14. Jim Eh.

    Strange looking part

    Guibo, VANOS, half a dozen other weird names/parts/systems. This has been an interesting journey.
  15. Jim Eh.

    How to get 100+ Octane Fuel?

    It used to be that the grades were blended at the point of sale. Now it is blended at time of loading at the fuel depot(what used to be the refineries). In the case of Winnipeg it is either Shell or Esso. Husky/Mowhawk have a blending station behind their location on Marion St.to add their ethenol but not too sure it they still use it.
  16. Jim Eh.

    Custom alignment shop thread?

    Wow, with almost a full degree of front toe in that thing must have been a little squirrely in the corners? Or had you just changed some components?
  17. For anyone who wishes to upload a batch of pictures simply go to the gallery area, select the section you wish to post in and then highlight all the pictures you wish to upload from your computer. Select "open" (yeah I know, it doesn't say "upload") and the batch will upload without having to split up into several posts. There will be a notice in the "new posts" just the same as a post in any other section so people will know to have a look.
  18. Jim Eh.

    Uploading multiple pictures

    For those of the group that do not want to look at race (u no wot) simply select "Mark Site Read" at the top right. although I can't think of a reason why you would not want to look, no strenuous reading, no searching for those reading glasses that you could swear you put down on the table right next to you just a minute ago, no need to struggle through all the drivel some posts contain ... like this one.
  19. Jim Eh.

    Club Hoodies

    I just saw this. Available on MSR 40$ and 45$ in grey or black with zipper or pull over..
  20. Oh c'mon Nish, it's only a short 17 hour drive.
  21. Interested but probably not enough hours of energy left after home projects.
  22. Jim Eh.

    How to get 100+ Octane Fuel?

    I remember power tobbogan grass drag sled guys mixing concoctions that would set off alarms around the world. But then motors were cheap back then. On the bright side if it doesn't work in your engine the next paint removal job you have will be easy peasy!
  23. Jim Eh.

    How to get 100+ Octane Fuel?

    BTW, is a fuel additive considered a power adder? I had a look through the rules and could not find any allowance for octane boosters or fuel additives of any kind. I may have missed it and probably did but if not, does the adage "if it's not allowed in the rules, it's not allowed" pertain?
  24. Jim Eh.

    How to get 100+ Octane Fuel?

    Don't forget to add the xylene and benzene.
  25. Jim Eh.

    How to get 100+ Octane Fuel?

    Maybe if you idled your car for hours at a time and used it as your daily fuel supply, possibly. But for simple knock reduction testing, I don't think Shawn's world would end.