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  1. Really Joe?

    Bringing out the big guns?
  2. Autocross age?

    If you read Shawn's response ... "So for now, in Manitoba, if you are not 18 years or older, you can only ride with a parent or guardian as the driver." Silly but it is a CYA thing with regards to our broad insurance policy. A 17 year old can throw around a 4000 lb weapon in heavy traffic with close proximity to other family loaded vans but they are not allowed to drive in a single vehicle race under controlled circumstances. I entirely missed seeing that bubble wrap ...
  3. what about utube and providing a link?
  4. FS: 2006 Honda S2000 Laguna Blue Pearl (Mike Woo's)

    WOW, another one. That bodywork must be getting a little rough!
  5. Really Joe?

    Now those specs make me want to rush out and .... ah helll, not.
  6. What ... no seniors rate? What happened to "Senior Saturdays"?
  7. Just made a deal last night. thanks anyway. Just like to support locals or close locals.
  8. Event #10

    I dont know about anyone else but i would like to thank you for your contributions. I like all of your courses. They are different, challenging and provoke a lot of comments - sometimes good & some not so. And like Corey said the rating of any setup will always be a personal.preference by each driver.
  9. Funny T Shirt Day

    Ohhh, nasty.
  10. post your outrageous Tees here ...
  11. Miata driver side frame rail and bumper bar

    Does the car need a body integrity done to register it.
  12. Thank you for being a RockAuto customer! To show our appreciation, we have a special discount for you. Your discount code is: 6592722359091795 How to Use Your Discount Code Enter the code above in the "How Did You Hear About Us?" space on the checkout page (above your payment information). Do not enter any other text in that space or the discount will not apply.Please note: Discount only valid for orders placed online. Code must be entered before order is submitted. The discount takes 5% off our reliably low prices. There is no limit on order size or the number of orders. Use the code for your next order, and share the code with anyone you know who works on cars or trucks. This discount code expires on September 24, 2017 so do not wait! Thanks again for buying your auto parts at RockAuto!
  13. Rock Auto 5% discount code

    Something like the "$10,000.00" discounts on a new car ...available for a limited time!
  14. Thanks

    Time to say thank you to the Autoslalom Executive and all other volunteers for all your hard work. The racing this year has been great. Salutè
  15. Tires for sale - set of Hankook RS4's

    About 3 weeks too late ....
  16. WOW

    Open wheel mayhem!
  17. WOW

    Nope. Just looking at the registration list for today's A/X
  18. Happy Birthday CANADA
  19. 2017 Season-Changes

    At least it is back on the ground ...
  20. 2017 Season-Changes

    Not too much left to do before the next event .... Right on the usual schedule.
  21. 2017 Season-Changes

    Funtional - not pretty. LOL No diagnostic routines to run?
  22. Mazda DX donor

    Any body need ... body parts https://apps.mpi.mb.ca/salvage/SlvgItmImg.asp?salenm=4000&itemnm=40 Thanks to MRS(less) Joe for the heads up.
  23. 2017 Season-Changes

    LOL. More like too much Winnipeg driving. Downside - brake pads, I ordered are the wrong ones Upside - my rims and tires are ready for pickup at Mike's tomorrow. At this rate next event will be in my WRX
  24. 2017 Season-Changes

    Wow, even the spring caps (?) were cracked.