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      Dino Calvert - Inductee to Hall of Fame   03/15/2018

      Dino Calvert is being Inducted into the Manitoba Motorsports Association Hall of Fame this Saturday. The presentation will take place at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg, 375 York Avenue, during the World of Wheels on Saturday, March 17 at 4:30 pm in the 2nd floor theatre.

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  1. Not too sure if 3D printed tires would work too well but you are the chosen one to try..
  2. Do you need to have tickets to the WoW to attend this presentation?
  3. Gimli

    This arrived in my mailbox ...
  4. Nope. No "enhancements" to suspension other than aftermarket shocks and any adjustments that are built into the car or performed under factory authorization.
  5. If you have any questions, concerns, commendations or comments, could you forward them to Jordan?
  6. Ecoboost swap parts car Celica

    With the amount you guys cut sheet metal and the cost of cutting disks these days, a good used plazma torch would pay for itself.
  7. I would like to be there if time allows me. I believe that was the Howard Johson Hotel we used to go to. Howard Johnson Express Inn - Winnipeg West 3740 Portage Ave Winnipeg, Manitoba R3K 0Z9 +1-204-272-4169
  8. Congrats Mat. Maybe you can use the wrap to cover some of the rust on the Plowmobile? Not sure if 1.5K would do it tho.
  9. Gimli Ice Fest

    Bump for a great bunch of people! Schwag is but a small token for all the time these people put in so we can race. Thank you all once again.
  10. Here is Darin's list from last event. This includes but not limited to: Stanchions/Rope - Some have suggested exhaust pipe and brake rotors/drums, weighted base cones etc. either way they need to be waist height. Table big enough and strong enough to support a TV and have a couple members occupy the table to help with the display items and answer questions. TV big enough to have a group watch cyclic videos of each discipline. (flat screen would be nice as its easy to transport) A device to play the video's into the TV depending on the media supported by the TV. Power Cables Some Type of floor covering? (options?) Volunteers to run the table and answer questions regarding the club and its disciplines (free exhibitors passes). Printing services for our brochures and small signs We are also looking for suggestions for ways to promote the club at the WOW. Last time, we had a chance to win a spot at our May HPDE. We also had brochures and cards for us to hand out to those who were interested. 2-19-18 Ice brochures and Damon's awesome video suite delivered to Chris B.
  11. What a great weekend. Thanks to the fantastic volunteers, Jordan, all the racers who made it out. Everyone loaded up under their own power and we put on a great show for the spectators. The weather was even bearable, especially Sunday. Fantastic racing, lots of fun.
  12. Just a reminder that in Postage school zones are 30 KPH 24/7/365.
  13. Write off ratio

    I should have said approximate ratio. 50% = common/70% = someplaces ?