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  1. WSCC schedule is listed on the main page of the website. Also most of the disciplines have their schedule posted in their sections along with a usual daily schedule.
  2. BTW Josh, 60 is still listed as Curtis J.
  3. Jim Eh.

    Forums Down

    Sorry about that folks. After an update Friday night the forums went wonky (technical term). I was not aware that you could not post as all I had time to do was to check for new posts. Apparently all is better now. If you find a glitch please report it to admin@wscc.mb.ca or shoot me a PM
  4. Jim Eh.

    Knock knock

    I thought electrical issues a no charge extra with BMW? Didn't know Audi also included that with the base package.
  5. As far as the notice went I believe it only had to do with traction motor power supply batteries. I don't think there was any mention of starting batteries. And since it is unlikely any motorhome with a 4000W inverter system with a bazzilion amp hr. battery bank will be on any race course any time soon, I think it would be safe to say it is. After all they don't exclude wet cell batteries which have hazards all their own. Going further it would also be safe to say any fusion generator system would also be excluded.
  6. Since that is not providing the motive power it is exempt.
  7. "must be on private property to do so" Back when I had both inside and outside storage all customers either had full coverage or storage insurance. Never once did anyone mention MPIC required the unit to be parked on private property. I currently have 3 vehicles with storage insurance and MPIC never mentioned anything about private property for storage. Things do change tho, could be something new. Yes I have outdoor storage available. Restricted traffic fenced compound.
  8. Nice and copies going up.
  9. You would have to register... somewhere, for that.
  10. Jim Eh.

    Permanent numbers

    Unit numbers adorn all kinds of vehicles INCLUDING cruisers.
  11. Jim Eh.

    Permanent numbers

    I would assume the"stick" would not last all that long if removed often.
  12. Anyone had a 3 season sunroom installed lately or know of a good supplier/installer?
  13. Jim Eh.


    One the guys in the shop just picked one up from Ontario for a great price. Just happened to run across it on Kijiji. He is racing dirt track. It is on the Mylaps system so should it work at Gimli or are there different ones?
  14. 1582 ???? Just how old are you?
  15. Jim Eh.

    when is the first autocross event?

    It takes the help of a lot of people to make this work for the full season. The ground work was laid many years ago for a program that today, is very well designed and executed.