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  1. Even had some room in the budget for some "little" things. Actually quite little.
  2. At least some stuff was still intact. I find it really strange how some people put their life at risk and drive vehicles with soooo many broken parts. It's getting better tho. New lines and hoses so i can at least trust the ability to stop when I need to. And no, the rough edges on the cross member holes are not rust. Just the undercoating starting to separate. Surprisingly very little rust. Too bad it can't all separate completely and fall off before I bolt everything back on. It will just have to stay there for now. Next winter there will be time for stuff like that.
  3. It is not just the cost of things. Even when I pay good $$$ to reputable suppliers I get this ... It may be hard to tell in the pic but if you look closely you can see the bushing on the left, the hole is offset. Nope not an alignment helper, more like a hangover Monday by the machinist.
  4. No. More like a slo molass(es). Just my unfortunate choice of machine shops.
  5. The costs are mounting like one ...
  6. Here's a good hint ...
  7. One of two broken springs I found ...
  8. Yes I did have it resurfaced. Thought it would have been cheaper. I think it was almost half way to the cost of a lightened flywheel. But this being a budget build ....
  9. This probably won't do.
  10. So this is where I am starting from ...
  11. The fault does not lie with Costco as far as availability. That is totally in control of the manufacturer. They only manufacture a set number based on the previous years sales and distribute from that number. However, that being said, I wish Costco sales people would not miss-lead people into thinking "they MAY come in".
  12. Don't know if this would be more advantageous in a parking lot or to ensure timing always finds you. Even more "neon" in person, believe me. I need sunglasses when I sit in my office.
  13. Helix has a very valid point. All the course walks and all the rookie mentors in the world will NOT persuade a person to come back. That person has to want to come back. If they are attending all on their own it can be an even more frustrating experience. We are in a sense trying to "sell" a product and in turn enhance our sport to make it even better so we all benefit. It's not too good of a sales tactic to display your product and after 5 minutes say ... O.K. "now you do it". We should try to find a better sales routine. It would only benefit us all. Who knows, the next newbie just may be the person who has the contacts needed to move to a better facility. Perhaps we should ask/offer newbies to do one day of course working before racing. At least that would take the "facility" worries out.
  14. Some of the file limits are in the process of being adjusted on the server our forums have been moved to. The tech in charge of our server is away on holidays this week so it has to wait until next week. We are aware of the problem and are trying to get them to correct it. If anyone is getting a different error than what Tim listed please PM me. Also include the file format please.
  15. Items 2 and 4 kick you out of street to start with. Is the front sway bar stock?