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  1. I think I am going to be a lot late. Sorry not going to be able to make it.
  2. Hope to make it, although I may be a little late.
  3. Just going by what Brian said ... that #77 was confirmed. Reading this a little more carefully, Shawn is using (5540) for his membership number AND for Michelle (same 5540)????
  4. Helix, Michelle Price has renewed and number registration has been accepted #77 confirmed
  5. You would have to ask @dino
  6. Posting for @dino Stewarding conference will occur at 1 PM, Sunday, April 28 at Canada Inns Transcona. Open to all stewards, organizers, competitors and workers. Will be looking at incidents, attitudes, new rules for passing in dealing with competitor attitudes and interviewing techniques. Should take 3 to 4 hours.
  7. BTW, Autoslalom only had 4 extinguishers to start with. Station 2, station 4, timing trailer and the paddock.
  8. The first thread is locked with instructions and a link to this thread. Frank posted his request before it was locked. I left it "exposed" so it could be referenced.
  9. Brian, you are OK to free up 66. If I bring that car to A/X I will use a temp number. thanks
  10. Yup, marvels of technology. Wait until electric cars are the majority. Watch the repair bills climb then!
  11. So if someone misses online registration by 13 days, what method of registration is left open to them?
  12. Thread is locked. Please go to THIS thread. All requested are being handled there
  13. I always thought window cling numbers in reverse would be the cat's meow so they would not be affected by rain or high velocity wind. Only downside would be you have to keep the inside of your windows clean .... (worst job ever)
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