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  1. Could use it for a different purpose but can use another set too. Sorry can only do $50.00
  2. Failing that, bring your Louisville Slugger!
  3. Pretty much the same place we are right now.
  4. Next time you are coming to Winnipeg and the turbo is loose, bring it and the v band clamp with you. I will make you a flange for it..
  5. It's all good, then "Jeremy" can keep 38
  6. I wuz gonna ask ...
  7. It can happen to anyone anywhere. Some places may not maintain the equipment as good as others tho. If I was walking into any place with new rims mounting difficult to mount tires I would let it be known that everybody is on the same page and know that the rims are expensive (hint, hint). Inspect them prior to mounting so both parties know there was no prior damage. Just use common sense.
  8. This would make it a joy to go to work .... almost. Age old complaint ... "I've been on my feet ALL day long" would now be true. Can you say "New Bond Film" Item? New form of racing?
  9. Nice article George. Congrats on your retirement and enjoy. http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/on-the-road-after-retirement-417391163.html
  10. None taken ... smack talk given
  11. Derrick, If you are willing to do registration every weekend I'm sure you could come early and sit waiting for the early and the late registrations. If you pre-purchase a Jets ticket and fall asleep on the couch after a steak dinner, do they wait for you? There are people there sometimes before 9AM every race so for everyone to come an hour early should not be that big of a deal. It may leave more time for fun runs or get some personal stuff done before stores close or whatever.
  12. Congrats on the new addition to the family unit. Hope all is smooth sailing from here on.
  13. "Anything NOT mechanically fastened"
  14. Jim Antosko - 6201 - Renewed Dec 2016(for 2017) ReeeeNewing 74 thanks Josh
  15. Isn't that applicable to only the holder?