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  1. You would have to register... somewhere, for that.
  2. Permanent numbers

    Unit numbers adorn all kinds of vehicles INCLUDING cruisers.
  3. Permanent numbers

    I would assume the"stick" would not last all that long if removed often.
  4. Anyone had a 3 season sunroom installed lately or know of a good supplier/installer?
  5. Transponders

    One the guys in the shop just picked one up from Ontario for a great price. Just happened to run across it on Kijiji. He is racing dirt track. It is on the Mylaps system so should it work at Gimli or are there different ones?
  6. 1582 ???? Just how old are you?
  7. when is the first autocross event?

    It takes the help of a lot of people to make this work for the full season. The ground work was laid many years ago for a program that today, is very well designed and executed.
  8. Jim Eh. - 6201 This year I would like to switch to #66
  9. when is the first autocross event?

    It'll buff out ... always does!
  10. Transponders

    Any for sale?
  11. when is the first autocross event?

    I gotta see this ...
  12. Not too sure if 3D printed tires would work too well but you are the chosen one to try..
  13. Do you need to have tickets to the WoW to attend this presentation?
  14. Gimli

    This arrived in my mailbox ...