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  1. Black Rockets Anyone?

    There is always this option ...
  2. Licensing

    I never followed any of the links. Is there a cost reduction for dedicated Ice or dedicated TA licensees?
  3. Licensing

    With the switch to MSR for licensing registration which license do we sign up for if we are doing multiple disciplines? MSR lists every discipline separately with links to each one. For example would an Amateur license encompass both Time Attack AND Ice? Or do we now have to license for each discipline separately?
  4. Remember, you are voting in the people that help set the ground work for ALL your races. It's probably a good thing you attend.
  5. WTB RF axle assembly (AT)

    Looking for a complete RF axle assembly off a 2003 Subaru Imprezza (AT)
  6. Here is a link to view the menu
  7. Test n' Tune

    Cresent Lake
  8. Test n' Tune

    Location TBA
  9. Test n' Tune

    Mazenod Retention Pond
  10. Black Rockets Anyone?

    Or only one is studded ...?
  11. Ice Race Event (Final Race of the Year)

    Possible double header. Presentation after racing.
  12. Ice Race Event #5

    Possible double header
  13. Ice Race Event #4

    Location TBA / Possible double header
  14. Ice Race Event #3

    Location TBA
  15. Ice Race Event #2

    Location TBA