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  1. Big thanks to Pete and crew. Great banquet, great people.
  2. Stuff. Electronics Cordless 3/8" rachet.
  3. Now he can make some "click - click- wRRRR" sounds to go along with the "brummm - brummm" sounds
  4. Jim Eh.

    2018 Championship Points

    Along with all the others that help and contribute I would like to give a big applause to Ian and Brooke for their work and dedication to Time Attack and to the running of the day in general. Definitely bring it up a notch (or 6)! We all know that race day is frantic enough. Add that to all the other things you guys do on race day = a HUGE effort on your part and I wish to give a special thank you for your time.
  5. Jim Eh.

    Constitution Update Time - Input Needed

    There are none as of yet. That is the purpose of this post ... to gather suggestions. ANY changes would have to go before a vote at a club meeting. Maybe by the AGM?
  6. Click on the link to download a copy of the constitution The executive needs to review and update our constitution and are seeking your input as to suggested changes. Please post here, send a PM to Jay F. or send a PM to any of the executive members listed on the contact page. Your input is needed and welcome.
  7. He just had a little trouble at the drivers meeting remembering the date
  8. Bump, just a reminder for you Pete, it's October 27th ...
  9. Who was the one that signed up to organize for the 2019 WOW?
  10. Jim Eh.

    HUGE Thanks

    What a fantastic weekend to end the season. Great turnout, not so great weather but eh ... we're hardy CANADIANS!!! Sooo many people to thank so I will not embarrass myself by forgetting to mention a name ('cause I have such a good memory). To all the club executive, all the volunteers, all the racers and all the spectators that made the 2018 race season THEE best I wish to pass along my heartfelt gratitude and respect for the effort and commitment it takes to run events like these for an entire season. From planning that starts from the end of the previous season up to and including the windup banquet I am simply amazed at level of professionalism and dedication everyone puts forth. Thank you.
  11. Jim Eh.

    Pot luck 2018!

    Meatballs in a mushroom sauce.
  12. Good, there's lots of rain in May