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  1. Saw this on Gov Surplus site. I think the bidding starts at $600. Not sure if there is any interest, just making aware. CORVETTE HOOD.pdf
  2. There seems to be a line forming ....
  3. Always one or two copies on the parts counter. Great job Ken.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/events/468993817027785/ Should be a very good fall drive with all the leaves just changing.
  5. Come out to vote and socialize.
  6. I have two Goldeyes tickets for tonights game @ 7:00. Pick up at my shop today.
  7. Because my reservoir is a shared between the brakes and clutch, I (usually) tend to flush my brake fluid at the end of the season. Considering brake fluid being hygroscopic and may be loaded with moisture from the summers fun. Sitting all winter inside a bunch of steel parts, it may have negative effects on both systems. My biggest concern would be a brake system solid line failure due to internal corrosion.
  8. Brian, I think I read somewhere that if a Ford Focus RS gets hit hard enough in the rear, it causes air in the brake system. You should look into that .... As far as "snubbing" the brakes, heavy truck drivers would use that technique perhaps on a long downgrade but not in a situation that requires shorter stopping distances. They also have the advantage of engine braking systems to use as more of a "system" along with short brake applications.
  9. Apparently listed on quite a few waiting lists hoping for a cancellation already.
  10. Anyone know of a cabin rental within 1/2 hour of Gimli for next weekend. Looking for a place suitable for 3 couples. Yeah, I know, "but that is only a week away ... good luck!" I said I would give it a shot ....
  11. Seems we have a few Clark Kents around here. Nice job to all.
  12. He's right. I've driven past there! Didn't know there had any auto wreckers in E. St. Paul ...
  13. Yes, burn or choke. I think there is some justification that people have some fears. As with soooo many other "wonders" or the modern world, there are penalties for "progress". BTW, I did find a system. Now just the week long (at my lightning speed) to install
  14. RSL? The over valued SEER rating is not that much of a concern to me as it is relatively little used appliance that a 10% - 20% cost savings will amount to greater value than energy efficiency for me. I didn't think you could ever buy a central unit OTC? LOL. Recover and recycle ... ? Do you sit on the MOPIA board? J/K I deal with all kinds of hazerdous materials and their proper handling thru work. I never was a believer in venting to atmosphere. Although a single run of the afterburner of an F18 dumped more CFC into the atmosphere than I care to imagine, it does not need to be added to.
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