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  1. Please let me know on this thread what silent auction prize you will be donating and what name/company you would like it under. Cheers and Thanks! Chris
  2. Hello all. Please see below the MSR link for the 2019 WSCC Banquet Attendance. As last year, this is for reservations only. Payment will be cash at the door. Price is still $40 ($20 For Kids meal up to 12). If you have any special dietary needs, let me know. Cheers Chris http://msreg.com/wsccbanquet2019
  3. I think there should be some interest in the engine bits after GMP lapping this past weekend
  4. Ha funny, and ironic. Here is Jeremy’s shell after I stripped it of all the good bits and made the suspension/drivetrain jigs , before it was ‘recycled’.
  5. Oooooh. Much want! GLWS! Would be wonderful to see this car back at GMP.
  6. Hello all, The annual WSCC Awards Banquet will be held, Saturday October 26th, at the fabulous Clarion Hotel! Thank You Chris
  7. Have alook at their other adds. Looks like they are retiring. Wanna go shopping?
  8. Great work as always Steve! Wonderful to have you there . Chris
  9. And yes ordered mine from Dave Whitworth at Solo Performance in the US.
  10. Ive been running with said semi permanent vinyl numbers for the past coulple years since my ’restickable’ numbers gave it up, and I’ve not had any problems. But them my car is about as shouty as a chevy malibou.
  11. Ya it sure is. And thats bare metal!
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