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  1. Mmnnn, interesting. Thanks Darin/Sarah! Game on!!
  2. Thank you Doug.
  3. That's a beautiful Locost you have there! 


    1. cboettch


      Thanks very much. A little about yourself?


  4. Pfft where were you guys two years ago
  5. https://youtu.be/deyMNPbaRpA Not a car but it's cool
  6. 6517- Chris Boettcher Renewing 57 Please.
  7. Ooook, I'll bite, R8???
  8. I recall a shop that offered this 20ish years ago. Rented space, power, and possibly air, at and hourly/daily rate. Imagine they are long gone....
  9. Gotta disagree with you here Beau. I think it's quite the treat to have these absolutly fantastic photos of the clubs glorious ( as I'm finding out) history pop up. The people, the cars. The cars!!! I had no idea such amazing cars raced in Manitoba. They are easy to scroll past if your in a hurry to get to verbage. Or just visit more often It would be fun to be able to comment on these but not sure if we can or want to go there. Keep'm coming.
  10. Yes thanks Jim. That was fun. thats some great stuff Ken! Is that a Cheetah?