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  1. cboettch

    10lb Fire Extinguishers

    That’s the best type!
  2. cboettch

    Favorite Hangout?

    Yes what Corey said. The websight does Look better than ever however. Nice work. Its a great snapshot of the club and bundles up alot of useful unformation for people exploring the club.
  3. cboettch

    HPDE Pictures

    Great work as always Steve! Wonderful to have you there . Chris
  4. cboettch

    Permanent numbers

    Were these restickies?
  5. cboettch

    Permanent numbers

    And yes ordered mine from Dave Whitworth at Solo Performance in the US.
  6. cboettch

    Permanent numbers

    Ive been running with said semi permanent vinyl numbers for the past coulple years since my ’restickable’ numbers gave it up, and I’ve not had any problems. But them my car is about as shouty as a chevy malibou.
  7. cboettch

    2018 Permanent Number List

    Chris Boettcher 6417 57 Thank You
  8. cboettch

    Cheap to free eg civic parts

    Ya it sure is. And thats bare metal!
  9. cboettch

    Cheap to free eg civic parts

  10. cboettch

    Cheap to free eg civic parts

    Hey, Devin. Hood pins are staying with the hood ( that i still have). Yes have mighty fart can. Take it away. No wheels / tires.
  11. cboettch

    Drift Days 2018

    Calling Doctor Corey Frankendyck! You’ve created a MONSTER!
  12. cboettch

    Cheap to free eg civic parts

    Hi Steve yes have them. They are all off the car when ever you’d like to grab them.
  13. cboettch

    Cheap to free eg civic parts

    Sure thing Curtis I will remove it gently and hang on to it.
  14. cboettch

    Cheap to free eg civic parts

    Haha that is true. They are next to come off with the tank, along with a fart that is sure to make the ladies blush! uh ooops, that should have read, fart can
  15. cboettch

    Cheap to free eg civic parts

    My bad for not adding prices. Asking $150 for the hood, pack of girl guide cookies for the spoiler. Hugs or handshakes for any thing else before it gets binned. Thanks! Chris