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    S2000 Wheels and Tires - 225/50R16 Rivals

    Did these ever sell? Guy in Calgary looking for a set of 16”s for one autox event.
  2. MRS Joe

    Trailer broken into twice in a week

    Sorry to hear this. One reason to scribe tools with identifying markers... a 130db siren would work wired to a battery triggered when it opens without selecting/hitting the disable. or glitter bomb them with some glue sprayed first. Then follow the trail of glitter. Last option, put a tracker into one of the tools as bait and track it with the wps notified.
  3. MRS Joe

    Best Holiday Wishes

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!
  4. Selling my 2016 MX5 and am therefore selling all my CS autocross stuff. Bought the car in June of this year and ran approximately 15 events in the car, therefore all of the parts below are in excellent condition. Double Adjustable Koni Sport Shocks (Custom valved by ProParts USA) incl. GWR Shorter Bumpstops Paid $2479+taxes/fees/shipping for the shocks and $76 for the bump stops. Looking to get $1750obo -> $1650obo GWR RoadsterSport RACE Muffler (11 pounds) Paid $329+taxes/fees/shipping Looking to get $225obo -> $200obo aFe Pro Dry S Air Filter Paid $68.78+taxes/fees/shipping Looking to get $45obo -> $40obo 17x7 Advanti Racing Storm S1 (13.9lbs each) incl. hub-centric rings. Like new condition, no curb rash, no bends, no damage. Paid $799+taxes/fees/shipping Looking to get $475obo - > $450obo *ignore the RE71R’s in the picture, those will be removed before shipping 17x7 Kaesi Wheels & 225 BFG Rivals incl. hub-centric rings Tires have approximately 75-80 runs on them. No damage to any of the wheels. I purchased these used. Looking to get $500obo -> $475obo 949 Racing Forged alloy lugs Paid $68.78+taxes/fees/shipping Looking to get $30obo All items are located in CANADA, prices above are in USD. Buyer is responsible for shipping and duty costs. To estimate shipping costs please check the USPS, Canadapost and/or UPS webpages. Items will be shipped from: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Postal Code: T2V 2J2 someone May be interested
  5. MRS Joe

    Race car tubing?

    Out of curiousity anyone off hand know what Targa Newfoundland would require? Asking just incase someday happened.
  6. MRS Joe

    In the WTF MPIC file

    https://apps.mpi.mb.ca/salvage/SlvgItmImg.asp?salenm=4427&itemnm=139 Takes the cake, err I mean chili..... Fuel has been common lately but this is a new one.
  7. Bought and used as summer wheels on my bmw. They are about 17-18 lbs each. 17x7.5 +41 5x120 They fit Honda suv’s and Bmw’s and others. Great offset for e46/e90 Currently have 245/40/17 BF Goodrich Rivals on them with about 4/32. Used for weekday daycare runs and about 16 autox runs. Great for track days or autox. $250 for the wheels, $450 for wheels and tires (obo) I have a set of bmw Center caps I’ll throw in if wanted
  8. MRS Joe

    FS: 17 x 7.5” Alloy wheels 5x120 et 41

    +41 it turns out.Nothing crazy, enough to make it sit right as you can see.
  9. TThanks. There price on hawk convinced me to buy a set. Not much really convincing me to spend otherwise on auto stuff. BMW owners.... if these fit there a hell of a deal (Thinking if you Noel) https://www.apexraceparts.com/wheels/bmw-wheels/19x10-et25-apex-ps-7-wheel.html
  10. MRS Joe

    Nd miata parts and 4x100 wheels in Calgary.

    News to me. If someone is interested I’ll get his contact info then
  11. MRS Joe

    Sports car recommendations

    Big hail auction was last Saturday. Matrix xrs - 1k. Lots of potentially good buys, some stupid over priced ones too.
  12. MRS Joe

    Sports car recommendations

    To do this reliably as been said before “the answer is always miata”. The bmw may have more power and options, but will be much more to maintain and less reliable in the long run. Also the consumables on the miata will be much cheaper (tires and pads) 15k won’t get you the s2000 unless it’s been poorly modded or has a history.
  13. I have to try making this day. Here’s to hoping stars align....
  14. I was updating chris as I kept hitting refresh on the live results! Great tight battle, looking forward to monitoring your progress tomorrow. Great job Mark and Bridget, best result yet. Glad everyone had fun, hope everyone bought or had rain gear.
  15. As long as they post up some videos of top drivers..... It never will be identical but still a definite advantage. Did you attend?
  16. With an annual membership you could have still held it I can’t believe it’s been that long, I’m feeling old.
  17. MRS Joe

    Event 10 at Gimil

    Is that just a Subaru thing? Every modded Subaru north of 400 hp I know has blown up. Hope the bill can be kept reasonable. Otherwise just swap a LS in.
  18. MRS Joe

    Custom alignment shop thread?

    Curtis works kitty corner from this location. May just be closing the Selkirk shop perhaps.
  19. With the corvette it may be tougher to strap over the wheels. But if you do consider going that way I have a set of straps you can borrow for nationals. There are rail clips I’ve seen that work nice for adjusting the tie distance on trailers equipped with the track. @Jim Eh. May know where to get the tie downs you speak of, but I’d assume any trailer store, maybe even princess auto.
  20. Well the gaskets on the oil filter housing are notorious on the BMW’s. But that would show as milky oil and/or discolored coolant only. I think your looking at a head gasket. A compression and leakdown test can tell for sure.
  21. There’s vacuum/negative pressure in the cylinder when lifting out to shift. It’s probably pulling the coolant in then. You will probably be getting bubbles in the coolant under load.
  22. Oil from the head gasket leak wouldn’t present with a compression tester unless the leak was from oil passage to the combustion chamber. Since it’s visible it’s external which is a pain. Usually it’s the high pressure oil passage that runs up the side of the block (many motors) into the head that leaks between the passage and external world. It’s a leak that is dreadful but not that common. I’d check seals and other sources as testing this is impossible. I’d thoroughly clean the area and use dye and a UV light to trace it. Did you put in a high volume oil pump or shim/regear the stock one? I have a compression tester your welcome to borrow
  23. MRS Joe

    Seeking Tire Advice

    Having several gauges to cross check and a pyrometer would help greatly. I agree with Corey about the tire folding over on itself due to under inflation. When the tire is loaded the outside comes in, the inside may roll far enough for the sidewall to roll up/ pinch and ripple/rub causing the irregular wear? I’ve only see that sort of symptom on under inflated implement tires (lawn tractor tires at 10psi while horsing around) a gopro in slowmo under there could perhaps catch this... I was not there tim, no body damage I hope.
  24. Odd that carts get counted seperate. My bad, I figured a few cancellations already went through. If you want to bring your "a game" you stay away from the parties, just go downtown and get a nice dinner and turn in. Nothing nicer then a 6:30am course walk in a cool summer breeze.