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  1. MRS Joe

    FS: 2009 BMW 335i LCI

    This is a fantastic car for anyone that loves seemless power. A unsuspecting rocket.
  2. MRS Joe

    Knock knock

    I have a bag of walnut media I’d let go for not much. I did the bmw while the head was off and didn’t use much.
  3. MRS Joe

    Knock knock

    Walnut blasting has become normal routine procedure for many di motors for a reason. I could see deposits causing pinging. Hotspots on the pistons or valves can lead to predetonation. The deposits can be worse bank to bank dependant on runner length and flow characteristics in the intake manifold and runners. I’ve heard shell fuels are the best as the detergents help prevent it, and shell has the most detergents/additives. Is this common to the Audi v8? Have you looked at others reports on blasting?
  4. MRS Joe

    Running order

    Hard to predict as late registrants change affect the groupings split.. If your there at the beginning of checkin, they should know groups-by that point.
  5. MRS Joe

    Broken bleeder screw

    Standard has fixed several parts for me for cash on the side with good result as well.
  6. Joe Premecz - 1620 keeping # 50
  7. MRS Joe

    Spring tire rebates

    https://www.bridgestonerewards.com/FindRewards Making me seriously consider a set...
  8. I feel it’d be more effective if it had some metal to bite into ice (like a pattern of studs) Corey - the bang you heard was not it hitting the fender or mud flap right? I’d be concerned with the strap hitting the caliper on vehicles with large brakes and minimal clearance to rim Beau - best decision I made was to put studded winters on the bmw. Even with the open diff I never had an issue, and your IS has a lsd which would only make it better.
  9. MRS Joe

    Write off ratio

    I’ve been told it’s 60 - 75%. It’s adjuster and vehicle dependant. If it’s something the adjuster has had flagged to “rid the system of” like cars with rust or high risk cars they may flush them. My 99 corolla was at 65% and they wouldn’t write it off unless I took a lower payout, to bring mpi’s loss value down, which I opted to at the time.
  10. MRS Joe

    (SOLD!): 4 Nokian WRG3

    Sale pending....
  11. MRS Joe

    (SOLD!): 4 Nokian WRG3

    Sold to a fellow autox'r
  12. MRS Joe

    (SOLD!): 4 Nokian WRG3

  13. MRS Joe

    Spring Nat's 2018

    I’m no alien. I just find on the tour, you are in a pinch to get used to the surface in short time. By having 3 heats in the pro, with four runs each, that’s a lot of bonus seat time to make the trip that much more worthwhile. Otherwise I’d just go to fall nats myself personally as that’s the real big show, more to see and bigger competition over two days. :end thread jack...
  14. MRS Joe

    Spring Nat's 2018

    Your in prime shape, and I found the pro got my head straight to the grip level and got me focused for the tour. Also helps I won the pro... That trip is out of the cards for me no matter how much I want to go though for ‘18
  15. MRS Joe

    Spring Nat's 2018

    If your going to spring nats, your not doing the pro and the tour?
  16. MRS Joe

    Brake Fluid

    Aka: BMW, VW, Mazda (some) etc. Ive found my bmw slow to engage lately and this is probably why. I still have a new container of ate blue sitting here. Will the viu tag me if I use it?
  17. Ive also heard it on the flipside, many cars pre 95 didn't have airbags standard, and personal injury payouts are higher on those cars. Also 95 is the implementation point of OBD so emissions improved (theoretically) from that point forth. If MPI really wanted to be asses, they could just change it to a rolling 15/20 year rule, anything older production would be deemed irreparable. I'm not against all of this, but against the disregard for classics and sports cars that are not the main issue. That mustang would net them a ton more cash if left salvageable, as im sure it would sell for 3-5 times as much (if not more) as it will as a "parts only" car.
  18. MRS Joe

    Steel collection for sale

    Is that unistrut in the top right that looks galvanized with slots? Kind of sitting in the grass That I may have a use for...
  19. 247000 miles and salvageable... some dumbass behind the desk. figures that’s salvagable but the mustang was not.
  20. MRS Joe

    Mustang 5 spoke mags for sale

    Sorry beau, I bought them.
  21. MRS Joe

    Event #18, Oct 1

    Can’t you hide it in a chassis tube? All these devices are getting smaller and smaller. Run the wiring in the chassis tubes. Corey is bang on for trouble shooting the ground issue with a meter. As for tracing the electrical, another great place to look is for the ecu sensor ground on the engine block. If that’s loose you can have sensors see no value intermittently. I’ve had that issue personally on two cars causing codes and weird running/stalling issues. Not sure if you have pulled or did any service on it lately, if you did just recall if wires were bolted on along side a bracket or similar.
  22. MRS Joe

    Event #18, Oct 1

    Congrats btw. That was a great run, especially with conditions starting to get a bit greasy. You actually got second in pax, I was third. Was a great course, challenging and good to shake some rust off. Thanks for the codrive beau! On a side note, I saw 1.38-1.4g on beaus data logger peak. Is that possible? I know the 1.18-1.2 I see in a few corners is high let alone a stock s pulling that on St. Andrews surface?
  23. MRS Joe

    Event #16 Sept 17

    Ideally you want to downshift during braking into the pivot (straight line), have the car in gear set for the corner and both hands steering and shift accelerating out of the corner. it’s not ideal to have one hand on the shifter through the corner. If your having to shift part way through the corner, your usually better off not down shifting imo, and if you end up hot into the corner or with oversteer your scrambling for the wheel to counter it. The audi is a luxobarge, and the captain (Shaun) is sailing it. He can get away with the one hand steering like that as at low speeds the Audi doesn’t oversteer, but tends to understeer which is easy to control/modulate with the throttle, which he obviously is used to.
  24. Is that not the second picture with the wooden box with the pump? if only I had a decent height garage....
  25. MRS Joe

    Really Joe?

    It's too heavy and has two too many doors