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  1. Rally cross can do those sorts of things.
  2. Superior brake usually did mine for $40. That's what the mr2 one cost last fall. Most I've ever paid was $60 Is it a dual mass flywheel? the rear suspension looks great!
  3. Nothing that cannot be refinished.... excuse for a lightened flywheel?
  4. Props to Corey for the PAX win. Great job everyone repping the club!
  5. It gives an unfair advantage to those that have access vs those who don't. This does happen at nationals when two heats run simultaneously, one group runs one course, and does the other swapping day two. Those videos do regularly get posted. Id discuss with the exec first.
  6. I wonder if someone local could have used them... for same price of course. Super good of them though. Impressive
  7. Didnt know it was posted online. Linked here now.
  8. A small garden sprayer is your friend. Since it's hard on the front tires id be spraying between every run. On hot days I'd consider spraying before the first run too as the sun and engine heat will get those tires really hot before leaving grid.
  9. Who ever is serious about learning course design, I have my "guide" from legend Roger Johnson I can lend out. If it disappears I'll give a beat down though
  10. Why not just discuss if some of experienced guys are willing to become a mentor for events? Assign one to a rookie. Clubs in the US do this all the time. We are at a critical point with autox. With 20 competitors all the support systems collapse as there are not enough workers to support drivers. Once over 35 drivers we have enough workers to support our rookie systems. Your idea is great in theory but until attendance numbers grow a bit on a regular basis, you will be short guys to do this. I'm of the opinion that the rookie course walk needs to be taken better advantage of and the rookie mentor during events needs to be utilized better. It's hard mentoring 4+ rookies in a heat, and also note that last year we started spreading out rookies between both run groups to ease/assist them learning and learning course work.
  11. AKAIK I know, this is what the rookie course walk always has been for. We have the rookie mentor, who's job is to ride along with said rookies to guide and provide tips at each event. If these aren't working or we are short people for the positions then we should address it. When do you intend to do this during the day of the event?
  12. You may consider flipping them on the rims to get another weekend or two out of them. The re71 will wear the Center rib the same way and is a soft tire. I've driven the rs on runs and it's incredible what it's capable of but when driven near or over the limit its brutal on the tires as it's so nose biased. If you really like autox and are hooked, I'd consider finding a second set of rims for race tires (or put those Michelins on to finish them)
  13. Calibrate it to my settings and you will be hooning around the course scrubbing speed needlessly
  14. The risks of eBay purchases. Did you get your money back?
  15. Honestly the easiest way to do it is to meet the truck in pembina. Drive it across yourself and ship it from state side. With the original title it was very easy to take it back across. Otherwise you pay big money for a broker to clear the car They didn't even look at the car when taking the spyder back south.