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  1. Ended up with a bunch of extra parts from a lot I won. Deals to be had. Open to offers all of it. -NIB GMB 125-3270 Coyote V8 water pump. 11+ mustangs and f150’s. -NIB Monroe 33183 rear shocks for cobalt, g5, ion. -RTX rear shoes and park brake shoes for late 90’s - mid 2000’s GM trucks (only could confirm park shoes) thinking $10 -Napa Proselect oil filters for 3.6L Chrysler 2014+ ram caravan wrangler (I have 3) -gates/Napa serpentine belt/tensioner kit 07-09 CRV/Element -99-07 GM truck upper control arms with ball joint (2)
  2. If I may make a suggestion, several places in town have dark grey vinyl. I bought some at economy textile. I’d spray glue the vinyl to the aluminum cards and then install it. They would look more astehically close to stock and less of a question of weight imo. Locally I can’t see anyone being a jerk if they are heavier, but anywhere else in stiffer competition it probably will get called out as Chris said. Its in the grey area of comfort and convenience.
  3. Also to throw a curveball, $125 rebate through other retailers. Kal “may” match costcos online price, they match the 15$ mount and balance and then you could get this 125$ rebate https://www.quattrotires.com/uploads/medias/22410/Bridgestone Spring 2019_ENG.PDF the Continental Extreme Contact Sport gets good reviews as well and is $100 back https://www.quattrotires.com/uploads/medias/22423/Continental Spring 2019 EN V2.pdf
  4. Price drop. $200 for the four wheels.
  5. Bumping this up. Spring is around the corner if someone needs a set of budget bmw alloys.
  6. I heard of changes coming as I mentioned. Priorities... I understand how shops were losing money on safeties as they took more time then the $55 rate allowed for. I’m not sure about all the added items though. It’s becoming like European standards now, much tighter and less tolearance for repairs (all to remove older vehicles) as I see it like the pre 95 mandate
  7. Could it be done in partnership when they have a drag Saturday or Sunday? Perhaps do the autox / hot lap on a Friday or Monday.
  8. Did these ever sell? Guy in Calgary looking for a set of 16”s for one autox event.
  9. Sorry to hear this. One reason to scribe tools with identifying markers... a 130db siren would work wired to a battery triggered when it opens without selecting/hitting the disable. or glitter bomb them with some glue sprayed first. Then follow the trail of glitter. Last option, put a tracker into one of the tools as bait and track it with the wps notified.
  10. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!
  11. Out of curiousity anyone off hand know what Targa Newfoundland would require? Asking just incase someday happened.
  12. +41 it turns out.Nothing crazy, enough to make it sit right as you can see.
  13. Bought and used as summer wheels on my bmw. They are about 17-18 lbs each. 17x7.5 +41 5x120 They fit Honda suv’s and Bmw’s and others. Great fitment for e46/e90 Great for track days or autox. $200 takes the wheels.
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