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  1. Glad all is well. Welcome to the infant club. To get work done on projects you work while normal people/parents sleep....
  2. Are the tools considered mechanically fastened by sitting in the foam? Another letter to the seb perhaps The foam is fastened via the push anchor so that's understood.
  3. Member 1620, renewed Keeping #50 for another year. Thanks
  4. That's only the tool holder. You could take the tools out of the foam holder....
  5. Look up "" on YouTube. They are Putting a beams 3sge in your celica and are in Ontario.
  6. That's what Chris uses on the lotus. The Miata 1.8 loves it. The turbos are small and spool quick.Asa budget solution it'll work fine.
  7. The Corolla was a little quicker in the straights but slower overall on the 205's on 15x7's. That setup was sold to Ben for his civic years back. If I could do it I would put 245's on all 4 corners or at least 245's on the front as the 9's will take them easily. Also it will help with the front end pushing under full throttle at higher speeds. You could widen the rear arches by cutting the inner well, rolling/pulling the arch, and welding a filler panel (not sure if that's smf legal) Buy 6ul wheels then to lighten rotating mass (9" again or 10" may fit in the front easily) and dial in more camber. If you have power issues, resolve them with more power. Easy solution That car fits a 3sgte or beams 3sge... just saying......
  8. Steve Macdonald at Head Turnerz specializes in custom airbrushing on cars (his low rider is awesome) and they do restoration and custom paint in Selkirk. if you look Steve up on Facebook he has tons of airbrush work and custom classic trucks he's been working on.
  9. At least Sam took one away. Think of it as you just keeping the numbers level, as no one likes change right Shall be an interesting year! Tire changes will be the big key player as evolving compounds and new sizes may drastically change the playing field in classes. I predict the 245/15 to have the potential to upset the top in Street Mod.
  10. Lol. On a maxima of all things. I'll assume the hood latch or cable failed and this was the ricer.... err I mean racer solution on the fourth attempt. Speed holes....
  11. As long as you feel like a winner afterwards, that's all that matters.
  12. Re71r are too soft for lapping. Guys usually bought rs3 (v1) for that back in the day.
  13. Just comes down to three things.... -Insurance/liability -Theft/loss (broken) tools (large deposits would deter potential clientele) -final rental costs and Winnipeg being cheap What would be a reasonable hourly or daily rate? Would the setup costs be able to be recovered in a timely fashion, as if not your maintenance costs would catch up with your setup costs and it'd be a money pit... Great idea in theory, for an old shop that's being dumped to be converted into, but not feasible from scratch in a new facility (which is what people want/expect)
  14. Compound imo is too costly and pointless. Then spend the money on a variable vane turbo. If you size the turbo a touch smaller you will get the earlier spool which will translate to the torque curve you see on BMW's and vw's as of late. My corolla hit full boost at 22-2500 rpm, is that not quick enough? Lag can be beneficial as it can let the power come on gradually instead of slight switch overwhelming the tires/traction. I've driven both and especially for the street and autox the gradual boost is nicer as it's easier to drive. The v8 corolla will be this way when/if I turbo it. Talk to an experienced turbo guy when sizing/choosing your turbo and you can beat most stereo types and save several thousand in doing so vs twin charging. Jackson auto sport twin charged a Ae92 corolla GTS and spent nearly $10k doing that build and swap. It is not worth while for the outcome.
  15. I was hoping to work on this... I decided I needed a daily, to carry my daughter if need be and bought this low mileage 323i 5 speed from mpi... I'll get my ass handed to me but have fun. But alas, I got distracted and bought this, DS as well but with 130hp more... it'll be fun to try out. Edit: turns out it's an F-Street car!