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  1. Done by Vivek, a great guy from the Texas region who has created this informative site. Good read.
  2. it could but due to the gravel composition of where the awning ties out adjacent to the taxiway I don't think it would auger in. My vote is Corey's second suggestion and leave them in, although the priciest option of the three,43319,33282&ap=1
  3. Did the w58 go with it? If not, have a price in mind?
  4. Trailer/RV place will have the roof vent mech. Id get the awning clips at the same time.
  5. I got one from toromont cat Im curious to see what the freight liner analysis looks like as well.
  6. I have one. Your welcome to it
  7. I used I'd do no less than 3 star anymore. Learnt that lesson once Found better deals through the sale emails I receive.
  8. Comfort inn & suites airport north. Paid 110$ a night after taxes. Was new and clean with good breakfast.
  9. I'll rebuild your engine if you finish my swap... I'll have yours back to you in two days. Not sure how many weeks you'll need to complete mine though.
  10. I've just heard Moose Jaw is a little less nice. Not sure where the site in Calgary is, but some of the hotels around the airport are new and have really great rates. (80-100 a night with new pool). I can look where I booked if anyone cares.
  11. We split it by getting to Regina the evening of Thursday so we didn't have to take extra vacation time. Anything beyond Regina and you get dive motels bs decent cheap places as you enter regina.
  12. As long as a "Jeremy" keeps 33, all will be well
  13. An alignment is an alignment. It sets the hub face in respect to the chassis and suspension. So unless you lower or raise the car, the geometry stays the same. If there is potential your new wheels will rub suspension components then I'd wait, otherwise I'd personally let them mark up the winter wheels with the alignment gear as I'm sure the alignment gear they use grabs onto the rim lip.
  14. Or Bridgestone can make an error and send you two prepaid visas.... not that it happened or anything....
  15. Ill be running v1 rivals. This season will be about "run what you brung"