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  1. I’ve been looking at many regions and they do heats where first 3 runs count and the second 3 later are fun. I think from the perspective of growing the sport an additional run may help grow the sport locally with additional seat time, and it can be upto the schools and instructors to emphasize the importance of getting it done in less if intending to go elsewhere.
  2. Look on air bnb? camp Morton has a 4 bed cabin. Matlock has listings. It all comes down to availability.
  3. Based on Canadian solo standards 4 runs are what qualify for the championship. I’d expect any runs above that to be bonus fun runs built into the event. In the Scca format you only get three runs. It’s to put that much more weight on getting your run in your head during the course walks and learning to navigate the course. Once you do it more then a few times it just becomes a simple race course and the whole mental aspect goes by the wayside. Thats my two cents. I don’t care either way as I’m more likely to get a clean run with more attempts
  4. Hagarty just said the same. I’m totally thinking it’s a game changer why would I pay 70k for a Supra when for the same money I can be in super car territory. Also I believe the gm lt2 to probably more reliable then a bmw turbo drivetrain https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/07/19/2020-mid-engine-corvette-c8-supercar-debut?utm_source=SFMC&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Daily_News_Friday_July_19#
  5. He listed all the dates of all services and work done. The car has probably only had 3-5k since as he never really drove it.
  6. Thanks to everyone for the hard work this weekend! I think that this double header was a success. Suggestions/changes I thought about: 1- start event 1 at 10am. 2- skip lunch break between heats. Have a 10 minute change over. 3- have the lunch between events during changeover. 4- start 2nd event at 2:45. 5- same as with first event have a ten min change over between heats. With our events having about 40 cars with the crossover release at about 45 seconds is roughly 2.5 hrs with the break. 2nd event should end at 5:15 allowing for a better departure time. This also may allow fun runs post second event should they be wanted before cleanup.
  7. Very generous gesture! Saw the wedding signs and thought about how dedicated a couple would have to be to the racing community to have the ceremony at the track. Hope there was a victory lap after the ‘I do’s” were said. Congrats!
  8. Double header. How can we go wrong! May the weather gods be kind with a cool breeze!
  9. When we used to go to grand forks for events at the Alerus center Lot (pre canad inns) we enjoyed the events but the risk was high. The event coordinator ended up taking out a curb in his starion. lots of events are held on stadium sites, but here we don’t have venues like the merican’s do. Mall lots could be an option but they are open 7 days a week. The struggle would be getting mall owners to sign on. Then you also introduce the issue of crowd/spectator control for which we’d need to hire security most likely. Most wpg mall lots have curbs/boulevards and light standards. The wrong spin could put you in the same scenario as I noted before.
  10. Benefit is if you call them it’s recorded, and you can get an employee name to stick it to. There was a guy at work that took his new Jeep to seddons and thought it was a hummer. Needless to say he was waste deep standing on the roof of it as it floated into the deep and sunk. The broker who wrote up the new car protection amount put down his amalgamated loans into the value on the protection policy as it was the final number on the paperwork. He ended up getting paid out everything based on the value noted at the time of registration and walking away like a bandit after sinking is own vehicle in a bout of ignorance off-roading. Footage was even on YouTube. After that I don’t see how mpi can deny paying out an insurance value that you are paying insurance rates for.
  11. Never good news. The broker is supposed to ask you the value or reference the bill of sale at the very least.
  12. I bought a new Conquer open face racing helmet in size XL. I used it for one autox event. It’s a touch too big for my noggin so I’ll pass on the deal if it someone wants it. It has a SA2015 rating which means it’s legal for Roll cage equipped cars and street cars at the track. I want to get out of it what I paid which is a great deal. $135.
  13. Is350. 250 is di and has carbon issues. But of the list it’s reliable, fun to drive, and ticks the boxes. At this point the prices should have become more reasonable. I would pay the extra for the F-Sport.
  14. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tsiycgjd3d1li6l/WSCC_Autoslalom_2019_Schedule_.ics?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U7XBDUVNgwuooHAAyoHbiqDmZbRTvSzv/view?usp=drivesdk ics schedule for the 2019 season. Times for events may not be perfect but dates and locations should be.
  15. Cleaning the garage. Deals to be had. Open to offers all of it. Prices OBO. -10-13 ford transit connect stereo install kit (dash kit and harness) $15 -alpine single din Bluetooth headunit/mic/faceplate case $60 -alpine 6x9’s in 2 carpeted speaker boxes $60 -nib brake hoses for 90’s gm full size suv/truck $3 each - new 88 to 91 gm Pu idler arm $5 -new 95 to 02 gm Pu interior drivers handle assembly $2 -New spectra 90’s dodge Cummins diesel in-line fuel pump. $20 -NIB GMB 125-3270 Coyote V8 water pump. 11+ mustangs and f150’s. $20 obo -Napa Proselect oil filters for 3.6L Chrysler 2014+ ram caravan wrangler (I have 3) $5 for the 3 -93-97 oe Corolla alloys (5 with the oe full-size spare) 14x5.5, 4x100, 54.1mm bore $50 -Free Toyota full size spare 15” 5x114.3 from my Cressida (fits supra Camry etc) -various new gas struts (hood/trunk/hatch) msg for sizes -new power steering lines for ford and gm full size 3/4 ton trucks $2 each
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