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  1. Really Joe?

    Don't knock the trabi! 660cc 2 stroke full of fury with a 3 on the tree. 90+ with a tail wind and 100 downhill. My grandfathers both had one. As for where I was, I'm still trying to get there. No I didn't buy one of these.... yet.
  2. 1993 Honda Prelude SR-V

    Sadly no. I've come across this plated either way.
  3. Autocross age?

    Other note is a letter of permission to use the car (if it's not under his or his spouses name)
  4. http://www.roadraceautox.com/showthread.php?60718-FS-Hawk-Black-Brake-Pads-88-00-Civic-CRX-Del-Sol-25-set $20us a set plus shipping
  5. If you haven't sorted this yet, a friend runs Peak Ventilation. His names Levi. http://peakventilation.ca/ Great honest guy.
  6. GM Vortec 4200

    They take to mild boosting well on stock internals. Ours in our fleet trucks have been some the most reliable besides a few oil leaks.
  7. Event #8

    You weren't turning the wheel once and holding it to keep smooth arcs between elements. You would turn the steering twice, instead of setting the steering and then using the throttle to position the car in the corner/element. Additional steering input loads the rear more laterally, and will make the rear looser then it actually is at peak lateral g when sustained, as your currently not riding the peak grip but working it back and forth from it and chris is going beyond that peak grip limit The only correction I try to do is for slides. Set and hold, where you seem to have some extra inputs. Maybe as you turned in early or the back wiggles making it unnerving. but I'm watching through an outside cam. In car catches more detail there. I'm not that much of a fan of that view as you only see how far your off cones in your view. If it doesn't make sense we can discuss it. I'm not in L2 but there's a very small chance I may pop out Sunday. Helix, simpler courses will have less cones and as such have less cones hit. If you place the cones further offset from each other, less cones can still control speed well. I'd just have had a cone on the far side of the course to go around instead of a drag start, and adjust a few elements for higher offsets through the mid section.
  8. Event #8

    If the limiter is 113, that was too fast by the rule book. It's fun once in a blue moon but that is riskier when/if an off happens. Not many cars can do over 100 in second. Nice job of wrestling the car around. Chris, over drove/over worked though as I do at times. Tim was smoother at times but both could use a bit of throttle modulation. I think I see double inputs several times on Tim ( outside of correcting oversteer) and you just were hanging the back end out lots chris. Could be setup on the new tires that the rear is looser but a tighter line with less walk from the rear would be a bit faster. Did either of you try third through the course? I found that easier in a vette on a quick course once. Then again, who am I to critique, I just wish I was there Nice job guys.
  9. Street class shocks for miata?

    If you order thru the us then consider emailing stranoparts too. Sam Strano is an autoxr and matches the best prices.
  10. Mazda 3 Making Metal

    Welcome to Street Mod Fwd. I honestly think that stock class may be pushing it. STF at the very least There's a difference of 15-25hp between the motors. Id source a fusion intake personally and if there is any risk of it running lean in closed loop assuming your running 2.3 injectors, you could find a slightly larger (10-20cc over stock) matching impedance injector and swap it in.
  11. Street class shocks for miata?

    With the 1.6, you will want to look into the crank pulley issues and do the fix if it hasn't been done. You may want to scour Miata.net and other racing forums (even for spec Miata) The difficult part will be sourcing 14" race tires or finding 15x5.5" wheels. Tires will probably be the 195/50/15 re71r's.
  12. Summer 2017 - Calgary Trip

    If I didn't have a cabin booked for that period, this would be a great trip.
  13. 2017 SCCA Nationals

    There hasn't been a add on fee for no tours in the 2 I've been at. 175 for the event and 70 for a scca membership. If I had the spyder still, I'd be going. This is a amazing way to spend a few days in a great atmosphere, in a great town, doing what we all love.
  14. 2017 Season-Changes

    Rally cross can do those sorts of things.
  15. 2017 Season-Changes

    Superior brake usually did mine for $40. That's what the mr2 one cost last fall. Most I've ever paid was $60 Is it a dual mass flywheel? the rear suspension looks great!