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  1. Tuesday (Feb. 17) at 7 PM In 1. Mohamed 2. Beau 3. Sam 4. Corey 5. Chris 6. Taylor 7. Out 1. Marion 2. Art Unfortunately it looks like we may be done for the season. Please move us to the spare list and going forward we'll let you know when we CAN make it.
  2. This Tuesday (Feb. 3) at 7 PM In 1. Mohamed 2. Beau 3. Sam 4. Chris 5. Corey Out 1. Art 2. Marion
  3. This Tuesday (Jan. 20) In 1. Mohamed Out 1. Corey 2. Jim 3. Marion4. Art
  4. In 1. Mohamed 2. Marion (peanut butter cookies) 3. Art Out Spares
  5. In: Mohamed Jim Corey Chris Taylor Out: Art (cold) Marion Spare: Bob
  6. In: Corey Mohamed Beau Jim Marion Art Out: Chris Spare: Bob Jeff J
  7. In 1. Beau 2. Chris 3. Bob 4. Mohamed 5. Taylor 6. Marion 7. Art Out Corey Ian Jim
  8. Continental was not able to do it but they directed me to Sturgeon Tire on Notre Dame and they could, and did, balance the wheels for me.
  9. Like this Art? Continental Car has one. That should work. I'll give them a call. Thanks!
  10. That concept may work. My wheels have a 5 x 110 bolt pattern.
  11. I'm looking for a shop that can balance wheels by clamping the face rather that using the cone in the bore from the front. I have wheels that have a threaded tab protruding for fastening the center cap that prevents using the normal method. The alternative is to grid the tab off, drill and tap the wheel and use a longer screw for the centre cap but I'd like to leave that as "last resort". I'm not worried about marking the wheels as this is a cheap summer set on the beater. TIA.
  12. So we don't forget to advise .... Marion and I won't be here for the next event.
  13. In: 1. Corey 2. Ian 3. Marion 4. Art 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Spare: 1. Bob Out: 1. Carlos
  14. Glitch in the spreadsheet. I've got an extra 19 points. My guess is that the formula gets confused when there are two of the same number at the end of the "largest" string.
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