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  1. Need more lead in your right shoe?
  2. Tires must be installed by Kal Tire.
  3. Petsmart has 18" long dog leash screws that might work for about $6.00
  4. Wow, what a history. Enjoy your retirement.
  5. Thank you drivers for your generosity again and a good season of fantastic racing. Keep em off the snow banks. Stu J Tow 1
  6. I'm in as required. Let me know.
  7. See you bright and early.....9:00
  8. Any of the smell we got last year? Smelled like you know.
  9. The Jacksons wish you a very speedy recovery.
  10. Thanks for that video, very well done.
  11. I'm in for $175.00
  12. Maz

    That looks better!