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  1. Very well done, thanks for putting this all together.
  2. All the best to his family in these trying times.
  3. Mark and Bridget driving separate cars? Not registered as the same year or model.
  4. Get well soon, see you back at the track when you are able. HSC rehab staff did really good by me.
  5. Congrats you two, may you have many laps together.
  6. You can reach me at stuter1963@gmail.comĀ 

  7. The damage reached 75% of replacement cost for the write off, they did give us full purchase price.
  8. They just wrote mine off for about 75% of replacement cost. It was on the new car coverage.
  9. Just needs a little duct tape and all is good.
  10. Thanks for the great news, see you on the ice.
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