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  1. nishanna

    Xpel Film - worth the cost?

    If this is true, then Xpel is absolutely worth it. Make sure you get it done by a reputable place like Rebirth. A poor application job will peel over time. I used to be religious about putting paint protection film until I realized I only kept my cars for 2-3 years. If I didn't have that bad car-buying habit, I would continue to get it. P.S. I have the same motor as you, even the same color, but in TTRS guise. You will love it.
  2. nishanna

    How to get 100+ Octane Fuel?

    Looks like it's part-ethanol. They don't state exactly how much. Does Ultra 94 contain ethanol? Does Petro-Canada still offer an ethanol-free gasoline? Ultra 94 contains ethanol. Due to the fact that various fuel grades are blended at the point of sale, most grades of Petro-Canada fuel may now contain up to 10% ethanol. This represents a change from the previous state, where premium fuel was ethanol-free at Petro-Canada.
  3. nishanna

    How to get 100+ Octane Fuel?

    Interesting that you have knock issues on an S4. Maybe I missed it mentioned somewhere, but are you running an APR tune or similar? I used to have slight knock at WOT on my '09 GT-R with a Cobb stage 1 tune so I switched from Shell 91 to Husky 94 and it went away completely. I use Petro Ultra94 on the TTRS now, likely unnecessary, but I like to be safe.
  4. nishanna

    2018 Spring/Summer Drive

    I'll be there in spirit.
  5. nishanna

    MCO autoslalom event 1

    True story.
  6. nishanna

    MCO autoslalom event 1

    Had to down-size to one vehicle when I moved so it's gone. But you can buy it here: Audi R8 The TTRS is deceivingly fast, probably faster to 100km/h than the R8. A quick steering rack and relatively light weight makes it feel agile with quick turn-in and the torque makes it fun on an auto-x course. On a road circuit the R8 would kill it though, it doesn't have the rotation and balance that the R8 has. Also, the lack of a manual kills a lot of the fun factor of the TTRS. It would be a much more fun daily driver if a manual was available. I have to say the inline 5-cylinder is a cool powerplant, it really makes the car and is worth the RS premium alone. Much more enjoyable than I thought it would be, possibly more so than many of the 6-cylinder engines out there.
  7. Went to my first Ottawa autocross a couple weeks ago. MCO holds most of their events at the Canadian Tire Center in Kanata. It was interesting to note the differences between the WSCC events and theirs. 1. The light standards worried me a bit at first, but the course layout was very well done and I didn't even notice them during my runs. 2. The course was very short by WSCC standards, about 40 seconds. Average speed felt lower, but it didn't impact the fun factor since the course flowed well. 3. No overlap on the course which meant 3 cars on course at a time which meant a lot of running by marshals 4. No run groups. You do a run, then you marshal (a marshaling person tells you which station to go to), then you have a short break. Run, Marshal, Rest. Repeat. It makes marshaling much more tolerable this way since you're not out there for any longer than 10-15 mins at a time. 5. Cars are on course 10am - 4pm, 45 min lunch break, and they fit as many runs as they can into that time. 74 drivers had 9 runs each that day! 6. They have their own local classes, A, B, C, D, etc which are determined based on your "base" SCCA class and points awarded to modifications. A spreadsheet where you enter in your SCCA class and mods does the calculation and spits out your MCO class. 7. Pavement was redone less than 5 years ago so it's relatively smooth with some interesting & challenging elevation changes. 8. Lots of spectators since the event can be seen from the highway. It reminded me of the WSCC events in Steinbach back in the day, those were always a lot of fun. 9. They don't have a timing display to show your time when you finish which I didn't like. You had to check the live website on your phone for your time after you returned to your parking spot. I found myself losing interest in autoslalom aside from the Gimli road course events, but the MCO event seems to have rekindled my interest. They run a solid event here. Here's a video of one of my runs, excuse the stupid navi, I accidentally hit the button on my steering wheel during the run:
  8. nishanna

    when is the first autocross event?

    Thank you. I think this is the point that myself and Brian were trying to get across. No point not disclosing that and hoping it won't discourage newbies.
  9. nishanna

    when is the first autocross event?

    Might as well be honest up front. Even at the HPDE school with an instructor, I noticed significant tire/brake wear on my E46 M3. My almost new front right tire was almost corded by the end of the weekend. A friend with a brand new C43 AMG who took the school last summer (after I encouraged him to) had to replace 2 front tires after the 1 weekend of the school. He told me he enjoyed the experience, but wished he knew ahead of time how bad the wear was going to be so he could budget for it. Sure, you can let people try the track out and find out for themselves or posts like Brian's can warn them ahead of time so they know what to expect. Light-weight race cars are one thing, but given the heavy weight of modern cars these days, you don't need to "over-drive the hell" out of your car to experience significant tire/brake wear at Gimli.
  10. nishanna

    Canadian Nationals 2018

    hmmm.... 2h40m drive for me. If some of you guys came down, I think I might join you.
  11. Sad I couldn't stick around for the entire afternoon. Already looking forward to the spring drive!
  12. Basically brand new Firestone FT140 all-season tires. 205/50/17 $250 for all 4 Kijiji ad SOLD. Please delete.
  13. I have to go to a wedding at 4pm that day so I'll have to turn back early, but I'll be there. Fingers crossed for good weather!
  14. nishanna

    Promoting autocross

    I think his point is that we might be wasting time discussing all these other ideas when the primary focus should be trying to obtain a better venue. Without a better venue, all these other great ideas might be a waste of effort. "If you build it, they will come" I do like your idea of teaming up with UE and TTi - I follow both on instagram and not once have they posted anything about autocross. Asking them to post videos/pics of autocross will help generate exposure as they both have thousands of followers. Even just the gopro videos that we already have tons of would be sufficient, although a good edit/mash-up with music would be even better. *edit* I just noticed that Anthony T is the marketing director for TTi. Anthony, start posting some autocross videos on TTi's instagram!!!! Shawn, can we use the $25k for lot improvements at St. Andrews/Gimli for RRX instead? (Assuming we get a multi-year contract to use the lot so we're not wasting our money)