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  1. Canadian Nationals 2018

    hmmm.... 2h40m drive for me. If some of you guys came down, I think I might join you.
  2. Sad I couldn't stick around for the entire afternoon. Already looking forward to the spring drive!
  3. Basically brand new Firestone FT140 all-season tires. 205/50/17 $250 for all 4 Kijiji ad SOLD. Please delete.
  4. I have to go to a wedding at 4pm that day so I'll have to turn back early, but I'll be there. Fingers crossed for good weather!
  5. Promoting autocross

    I think his point is that we might be wasting time discussing all these other ideas when the primary focus should be trying to obtain a better venue. Without a better venue, all these other great ideas might be a waste of effort. "If you build it, they will come" I do like your idea of teaming up with UE and TTi - I follow both on instagram and not once have they posted anything about autocross. Asking them to post videos/pics of autocross will help generate exposure as they both have thousands of followers. Even just the gopro videos that we already have tons of would be sufficient, although a good edit/mash-up with music would be even better. *edit* I just noticed that Anthony T is the marketing director for TTi. Anthony, start posting some autocross videos on TTi's instagram!!!! Shawn, can we use the $25k for lot improvements at St. Andrews/Gimli for RRX instead? (Assuming we get a multi-year contract to use the lot so we're not wasting our money)
  6. Promoting autocross

    The best promoter of an event would be to have one inside the city so people can see it first hand. I was a spectator first before I was a driver, all it took was to watch a couple events and go for a ride-along at RRX and I knew I wanted to try it. Business cards won't hurt, but I think they would have minimal impact. TopTier Imports have an autocross thread on their forums every year and they get a ton of traffic so lots of car enthusiasts already know about it, but still don't come out. I remember all the interest that the RRX and Steinbach events generated... that's definitely the way to get the sport rebooted. It's just become an almost impossible task to find a venue. Throwback to the first event I spectated
  7. Gimli 2017 (Event #12)

    Warning to Corey: whining post coming up Sunday's event made me realize how much I miss autox! It's so fun and I want to be a regular again so bad... but it also reminded me why I don't come out much anymore. Yes, the surface at Gimli is better than St. Andrews, but still not good enough. The R8's magnetic shocks automatically stiffen when driving aggressively and this caused the bumps to be especially noticeable. Note the bump here causing the oversteer: I hope one day we'll get a good venue again, but until then I am going to have to say that our available surfaces just aren't good enough, at least for me. Having said that, kudos to Shawn for doing the best with what he has - the event ran smoothly and he was out there cutting weeds while everyone else was doing course walks. That is dedication.
  8. Autocross age?

    That's too bad. The most entertaining passengers I've had have been young people. They are also usually the most appreciative of the experience!
  9. Event #11 2017

    Looking at the video again, I realized I thought it was fast because Corey's car made it look fast. In a street car, it would probably look a lot different. Either way, I'm looking forward to the Gimli event.
  10. Event #11 2017

    Ooooh that looked like a fun, fast course! Please do something like that next weekend in Gimli!
  11. Autocross age?

    Interesting. Is that an actual rule or a guideline? I have had numerous passengers under the age of 14 and they weren't my kids lol. Their parent would ask me if they could come along and I always just said sure.
  12. Autocross age?

    I think as long as they have a valid driver's license and a parent signed the waiver, they can race. Somewhat related to this topic, is there a minimum age for passengers?
  13. Event #8

    What speed were you at when you were hitting the rev limiter in 2nd gear?
  14. Event #4 at Gimli

    Me too. To be clear, I didn't use that word and I think you're also taking it too literally. I also talk to Kosta on a regular basis and know that he likes to use the word "destroy" a lot Thanks for the detailed response Shawn. I don't think anyone is suggesting going back to RRX, including myself. Like you said, as fun and convenient as RRX is, that surface has significantly degraded over time. I'm disappointed AX on the road circuit is no longer an option, but I understand your reasons and they make total sense. I'll come out to the second Gimli event as I'm now very curious to try it out.