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  1. Me too. To be clear, I didn't use that word and I think you're also taking it too literally. I also talk to Kosta on a regular basis and know that he likes to use the word "destroy" a lot Thanks for the detailed response Shawn. I don't think anyone is suggesting going back to RRX, including myself. Like you said, as fun and convenient as RRX is, that surface has significantly degraded over time. I'm disappointed AX on the road circuit is no longer an option, but I understand your reasons and they make total sense. I'll come out to the second Gimli event as I'm now very curious to try it out.
  2. Just because a car is mass-produced, doesn't mean the parts are easy to come by and cheap. A set of struts for certain street vehicles could cost more than many dedicated race cars. I agree some public roads are much worse than the Gimli surface. However, when you're driving to work are you at WOT or using maximum brake force and also turning? Hitting a bump on your way to work driving in a straight line at 50km/h is different than slamming on your brakes and aggressively turning over that same bump...repeatedly. Which I think is also what Kosta explained. Gimli is a great surface when compared to St. Andrews. Take the comparison outside the borders of Manitoba and you won't be able to say that. I'll just leave it as I completely agree that Gimli looks like the best option we have right now, but that doesn't make it a satisfactory venue for everybody. Depending on the race dates, I plan on making the trip out and seeing for myself.
  3. What I meant was that extra wear & tear from a poor track surface on a dedicated race car is likely less concerning than to someone who is racing their street car. Like I said, I get it, between the 2 available options, Gimli is the better surface and it's all we have. My argument is that it still isn't good enough to attract more of the general public, including myself, and to label us as whiners for that isn't really fair. My "rolodex" is the reason we had a shot at the poo lot. I did what I could to help back then and I would now if I came across an opportunity. Unfortunately, those chances rarely come along and it's too bad we lost that chance.
  4. Saying something is smoother than St. Andrews is like saying someone is hotter than Miley Cyrus. It doesn't take very much to accomplish that. (My apologies to anyone who thinks Miley Cyrus is attractive ) Also, it's easy for someone with a dedicated race car to dismiss the condition of a surface and call everyone else whiners. If I had a dedicated race car, I wouldn't care as much about the surface either. I get it, we have 2 options to race on and Gimli appears to be the better of the 2. But let's be honest, we are still behind what other cities are racing on and people who genuinely care about their vehicles will still hesitate when considering racing on the Gimli surface. I feel bad for the current string of auto-cross directors, ever since the RRX days, it's been a significantly more difficult job trying to find good venues and boosting attendance. Slightly off-topic, are we able to use the GMP road circuit for auto-cross on weekends where there is no road racing happening? Or is GMP being used on those weekends for other events (ie: drag racing)? Or is that just not an option at all due to timing issues/constraints?
  5. I'm interested. Not sure if I would do a whole day, but half day for sure.
  6. Sweet pics Steve!!! Wow, I don't recognize the majority of the cars anymore.
  7. I would consider doing the auto-x as well. ~6 hrs is a lot less than the drive to Calgary.
  8. Or maybe she could have won if she just drove a bit better? A 2lb weight reduction at Jeff J's skill level might yield a better result. Anyone else, the odds are pretty slim.
  9. Thanks Shawn. I agree the timing issues sucked, but I enjoyed the higher speeds of using the road course. Is this the same area that was used back in the early 2000s? Here is a video of what I'm referring to (yes, I was as terrible back then as I am now ): If so, it will be interesting to see what the condition is like. It wasn't very good 14 years ago when that video was taken.
  10. I apologize if this has been mentioned already somewhere on the forums, but are the Gimli events still going to be held on the road course? Or are they being moved to the drift pad?
  11. 1734 - Nishanna Gunasekera Renewed and keeping # 88
  12. People actually care about a jack and tire iron!?? That's like 0.3% of a vehicle's weight. You could take a dump and have almost as much weight reduction. It's almost as ridiculous as using pizza warmers on your tires in between runs
  13. Oh yeah, the GT-R is gone cuz Mr. Janzen hooked me up with an R8
  14. Same here, although I don't think I'll do RRX because of the infamous dip. The GT-R bottomed out on it, so the R8 will be even worse. But the Gimli event is always a good time.
  15. The amount of effort it takes just to recycle one car is astonishing. No wonder German cars are so expensive! I wonder how badly @tatawaki wishes he could sneak in there and grab a spare motor...