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  1. jasvir ghattora membership #6415 renewed, would like to keep #80 please and thanks
  2. looking for set of 255-40-17 200 thread wear tires, something in pretty good condition. Please ibm
  3. hey jeremy can we pay at the event?
  4. After reading the rules, i came up with STU for my class. Can anyone confirm this please.
  5. Hey chris its jasvir. I need help classing my 00 civic sir it has the following mods,race seat, coilovers, upper adjustable a arms, rear upgraded arms, rear bigger swaybar and reinforcement plate, and rear toe adjusters, and lastly advan neo gen tires on 15x7 wheels. Any help would be appreciated TIA.
  6. jasvir ghattora member #6415 , renewed keeping #80 please thanks
  7. looking for some decent tires for hotlaps this summer, 225-50-15, 205-50-15, 225-45-15, let me know what you may have. May consider a rim and tire package.
  8. beemaz

    LF 96-00 civic coupe harness bar

    looking for a used harness bar for my 96-00 civic coupe, please message me with what you may have.
  9. beemaz

    LF: 99-00 civic sir coilovers

    found some, please close thanks
  10. beemaz

    LF: 99-00 civic sir coilovers

    just curious to see what's out there for a full adjustable coil over for my 99-00 Honda civic sir, looking for something on the higher end, please ibm with what you may have
  11. looking for a set of 4 225-50-16 extreme performance tire for auto x, Just seeing what's out there before I order new thanks
  12. Jasvir ghattora Member # 6415 would like to keep #80 please
  13. This will be my first year using my s2000 for auto x, so my question is for the s2000 guys. Is the OEM seat good enough for auto x, or do you recommend replacing it, and if so any suggestions thanks in advance. (bride,recaro,sparco)
  14. beemaz

    honda s2000 seat

    I was going to use both , switch back and forth. I want to try out hot laps at GMP so I will use one of them for that.
  15. beemaz

    honda s2000 seat

    My names Jasvir I drive the older m3 from auto x. I'm not on s2ki yet, with my mods ATM I believe I will be in STR.
  16. was curious on what class ill be running this up coming summer, 2000 Honda s2000, lowered on coil overs, just bought 225-50-16 re 71 r square on ap1 rear wheel square setup, front sway bar, car has aftermarket exhaust atm but will most likely be going back to stock. Any help will be appreciated
  17. beemaz

    Hot Laps Discussion Forum

    to participate in hot laps, would my s2000 require a hardtop?
  18. beemaz

    LF 225-50-16 extreme performance tire

    thanks a lot guys, I was going to buy them from across the border. Never would of thought Costco would carry them.
  19. beemaz

    2015 Permanent Number List

    Jasvir Ghattora member #6415 would like too keep #80 please
  20. The car was imported from japan by previous owner, but is different then the north American model. Thanks for your help again
  21. Classing help please I am lost 94 Bmw m3 Momo steering wheel(airbag removed) front and rear coil overs front sway bar camber plates shift knob hawk pads 4 point harness Dunlop direzza z2's any help would be appreciated as I have been running NYC for the last 4 years
  22. Imported from japan has the s50b30 6 throttle bodies
  23. My car is a real euro spec, so I can safely say SM-S?