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  1. actually this setup is for my 94 bmw m3 with fender flares so there more then enough room
  2. The newer Falken Azenis 615k comes in both 265 and 275 in a 200 thread wear tire. Also upgraded to a 17x10 wheel and 265 would be perfect imo.
  3. also looking for 265-40-17 and 275-40-17, thanks
  4. looking for set of 255-40-17 200 thread wear tires, something in pretty good condition. Please ibm
  5. looking for some decent tires for hotlaps this summer, 225-50-15, 205-50-15, 225-45-15, let me know what you may have. May consider a rim and tire package.
  6. looking for a used harness bar for my 96-00 civic coupe, please message me with what you may have.
  7. found some, please close thanks
  8. just curious to see what's out there for a full adjustable coil over for my 99-00 Honda civic sir, looking for something on the higher end, please ibm with what you may have
  9. thanks a lot guys, I was going to buy them from across the border. Never would of thought Costco would carry them.
  10. looking for a set of 4 225-50-16 extreme performance tire for auto x, Just seeing what's out there before I order new thanks
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