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  1. JDM STi / Recaro Racing Seat

    Still for sale?
  2. Honda OBD1 Chipless Realtime Tuning Solution

    Still for sale?
  3. FS: Kosei K1 wheels 15x8 & 15x7, Toyo R1R tires

    rims still for sale?
  4. Sept 15 pictures

    Great photos and a great time!!
  5. Nito NT01 tires with rims for sale

    Still available?
  6. 6 point Willans Harness

    still available?
  7. Wanted: Compression Tester

    your best bet is partsource...... best rental system ever...... pay the deposit for the tool..... and when you return the tool..... unbroken..... you get your deposit back..... free use of their tools!!