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  1. Still for sale?
  2. Still for sale?
  3. rims still for sale?
  4. Great photos and a great time!!
  5. Still available?
  6. still available?
  7. your best bet is partsource...... best rental system ever...... pay the deposit for the tool..... and when you return the tool..... unbroken..... you get your deposit back..... free use of their tools!!
  8. i know that but i'm just saying the principle of following the rules.
  9. i have a question for everybody here..... has anyone here or know anyone that received a letter from mpic to bring their vehicles in for reinspection? cause a coworker of mine got a letter in the mail telling him to come in and which is weird cause he's been the original owner since 96 and the car is mint and slightly modded but really is it that easy now..... just go rat someone out cause the owner modded his car?
  10. so i was just wondering...... if piston ring and other company's like parts distributors and dealerships which are sometimes just covered and so many other companies could get away with running the company name which is way bigger than what was on the lotus and piston ring and the others are legit business and so is FTP...... so wouldn't that be simply breaking the law?
  11. Love that vid everthing is so true ........ NOT! This city is so lame with all its bs and its bs laws!
  12. ^^^^^^^ that is sounding very good right now!! so is VIU making money to pay off our new helicopter or is it for its fuel bill everytime it goes up or to fix the roads which i don't see happening in the next who knows how long by the looks of it or even those stupid round abouts i see in some areas.... i think its all a big cash grab for something that needs to payed off!! like hard dog said ..... planning to leave is a good possiblity!!
  13. hey phil.... awsome write up.... seen you in the line up sunday night and when it was your turn to get inspected.... the looks on their faces were like.... "what kinda car is this?".... "whats legal and whats not?".... they were totally clueless on what they were looking for on your ride and the some of the others!! it was a total joke what they were doing cause really what "rule book" are they really going by cause i didn't see anything to back them up on sunday night, so in reality they could be b.s-ing out of their ass's to everyone just to look "professional" and know what they're doing.... hahahahaha MPI and WPS really think we're all stupid? just from what i seen on sunday night.... VIU and WPS is lookin unprofessional!!