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  1. Wayne C i'll claim 99 thanks
  2. Wayne C 5994 Renewed #3
  3. I love mine. I got mine about 10 years ago. It made my car feel a lot lighter. The 5L mustangs have a heavy clutch and was a bit of a pain driving in the city. It definitely improved the city driving. But I had also installed an aluminum driveshaft 15 years ago. aluminum flywheel 11 lbs. vs oem 21 lbs. Like the others have said, be careful that it's not too light and ruin the way it drives.
  4. I would love to be there. But, I don't know if my time attack license will be ready by then.
  5. Wayne Chin 5994 - keeping #3 please. Thanks
  6. Joe is right. Hp plus squeel like a pig in the city. When I had them, I just used them for time attack and nothing else. Because it was sickening swapping pads and discs all the time. Also, the paint use on them is flammable. One pair actually caught on fire breaking them in on the way to Gimli. I wish I had my camera set up to catch it igniting. I never bought them after that.
  7. you can put me down for an evening shift.
  8. That's what she said
  9. At the track I use DOT 3 or 4, what ever they sell at partsource. And my mustang had 11" rotors and single piston brakes. Major brake fade after 3 laps. After making brake ducting, no more fading or at lease very rarely. Big difference. Last year upgraded to 03 mach 1 brakes and there was a difference in brake control. And still using DOT 3 or 4, can't remember which. Brake fluid type may or may not make the difference in your situation. But brake maintenance sure will.
  10. I didn't mind the food. A little pricey for not enough food. Had to buy more later. They had no drink selection. The guys seemed like they were insulted when people were asking if they had hamburgers.
  11. Thanks. All set.
  12. Thanks Mohamed. Now registered for gimli. But, now I have to same problem for the red river ex grounds.
  13. I'm trying to pre-register for July 5 at Gimli on the motorsportreg.com. But, it won't let me because someone else is using my number. Also, how does that site take payment?
  14. That's one thing track racing will do. It will find your cars weak points. Your car looked really good going through station 5. It was really holding its own.
  15. Jim, I'll pop by your shop when I'm in the area next week.