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    born in new zealand been in canada 21yrs flag marshall on corner one and ice race control also vice president wscc
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    motorsports ,rugby, golf
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  1. Bannana breads for dessert . Kiwi
  2. Well that was a wet welcome to new volunteers at Grimli and the car wash was definitely open for the morning session,Some exciting racing and we hope for a dryer day tomorrow ...Kiwi
  3. its a nissan rogue 80% city roads.
  4. Need info on winter tyres have quotes on three brands :Yokohama ice guards ,michelin X-ice and toyo observe does any one have experience with any of these or better recomendations tyre size is 255/60r17 thanks ....kiwi
  5. motel units availableas of friday nite two rooms left at autumn wood motel due to cancellations
  6. radiohamish check with Bryce I saw him looking for you after you had left as he found one in the concession area...Kiwi
  7. looks as if i will be there to help out on friday so ham and pine plus pepsi ...thanks Kiwi
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