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  1. InnerCityRacer

    Ice racing in summer

    You should totally run an even like this in summer for the ice racers. See Link Gord
  2. InnerCityRacer

    02/03 Honda Sir EP3 bumper

    I'm looking for a rear bumper, Rebar, rebar absorber pad and left rear signal cluster for a 2002-2005 Honda civic hatch back Sir (EP3). Any guess who might have used parts for one of these?
  3. InnerCityRacer

    Did someone forget their hood pins?

    How to go from 1st to did-not-finish in 1/10 of a second.Thanks for posting the video.OK in my defense. I DID have my hood pins in......they were just on the wrong side of the hood. :eek:The previous race I was having a lot of trouble with the car sputtering. Turned out that with all the wet snow on the track the coil was covered with wet snow/water. I cleared it off and let the car idle with the hood closed during the studded race to dry things off. I intended to have a look before the next race, but that didn't happen. I was so pumped with the great hole shot I managed at the green flag and then Wham. All I could see was hood. How to go from 1st to last in about a tenth of a second. After the black flag I got sent to the back, but got called for no head lights on the first lap. When my hood came up it slammed the light against my windshield so hard that it took out the filaments in both headlights. Almost made it back on to the track before the last lap, but ended up with a 0 for that race. :(Good driving from all the guys behind me though. I was expecting to get smacked from behind, but everyone made it around me without too much contact.
  4. InnerCityRacer

    top speeds

    You might be on to something. Running on the flat tire. I think that was one of your best runs of the day! I know I couldn't get around you....but maybe I was just scared to get too close with all the chunks of rubber bouncing off my windshild.
  5. InnerCityRacer

    top speeds

    Hey. What kind of top speed were the RTI cars hitting on waterski park today? I don't have a working speedo but it felt like it was a faster track then it had been in previous years.