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  1. Classic Motor Works Vintage Race Weekend August 2017 Volunteer Registration —Register Here -all volunteers must pre register to be eligible for prize draws via MSR or Email Breakfast — We will be having fried cinnamon buns available on a first come first serve basis, $3.00 Each limited quantity Saturday 6:45am-7:30am Sunday 8:00am-8:45am Dinner — Dannys Pig Roast -Tickets are $25.00 ea. —> pre order online or email — Tickets will be available for purchase and pickup at the concession Friday and Saturday — Volunteers receive 1 free ticket if they volunteer for the weekend. (still must pre register)
  2. When purchasing tickets on MSR you will still need to pick up physical tickets at the concession before dinner. Makes it easier on everybody organizing the dinner. Thanks Bryce Stewart
  3. Call C.A.P.S. 204-582-9672 just let them know you are from the winnipeg sports car club.
  4. we should be good with plates and utensils. but pop may be a good option. thank you guys.
  5. Looks like we have enough snow now. Let's go racing...
  6. There is a very easy way to prevent this problem in the future. We need to find 2 people who can commit to the rest of the season for timing and scoring. They work together sitting in line with finish and help keep all information correct. If you can think of anyone who might be interested (low mobility can't do the cold) please message me or killer wolf girl and we will hook them up so we can save this confusion next time. Thank you all for a good weekend. Bryce
  7. they are held at an area on the west side of the facility, different entrance. all is good
  8. yes, we will have pizza around 330 and will sell some, if you know you are wanting text me how many you may want so i know i have enough
  9. As the 2015 Road Race season at Gimli Motorsport Park fast approaches us we are as usual looking volunteers to help the race days run safe and smooth. Who Can Volunteer? -Any body over the age of 16 on the date of the event is welcome to volunteer at the track, we have many positions available for people who are young and old, including but not limited to; corner marshall, grid runner, gate, timing and scoring, rescue... What if i want to bring a Friend? -Bring them on out, i am yet to have a day where i have "to many" volunteers Where Can I Stay? -Camping is free on site, with limited power you also have some hotels and motels in Gimli that will often have vacancy on race dates if you book ahead What are the Benefits of Volunteering at the track? -There are many good reason including free track time, paid lunch and those who are still in school looking for a volunteer credit, you could receive 16 hours a weekend or even more if you come out friday too. -After racing Saturdays the track is opened up for approximately 1-1.5 hours for those who volunteered at the track That Day -If you volunteer on a Sunday, We will give you a credit to use on a Half Day of lapping on a following Friday. This credit will be held on file for 1 calendar year. Where Do I Sign Up? -The best way to be put on the volunteer list is to contact myself via phone or e-mail --When you are on the list you are also building hours for benefits of a FREE Banquet Ticket then a FREE Club Membership Thank You And see you at the Track Bryce Stewart Volunteer Coordinator (204)997-7774 bryce.wscc@gmail.com
  10. http://spectatortribune.com/article/racing-on-the-rocks/
  11. if thats what it comes down to, can we write them off as a 'club expense'
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