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  1. IIRC you can use any gas that's legal for highway use in autocross, legally. That includes E85 in the USA. I don't know anywhere you can buy E85 around here, but in some states it's more common and I'm pretty sure SCCA allows it. In stock class it doesn't really help you, ST maybe you'll see some gains with increased ignition timing, but in Street Prepared and above it really helps anyone with forced induction as there is usually a lot of gains to be had by turning up the boost, with the major limiting factor being knock. So more octane = higher boost and more power in SP+. Below that, it's not going to be much help, but it can't hurt either. I guess if you were to see any timing pull due to knock even on a stock car, a higher octane would help a tiny bit. But it's not like you're going to see +10 hp. Only stickers can give you that much!
  2. I looked specifically for something like that, couldn't find anything that would work. Only thing they had that could be screwed down was a full battery terminal or a fuse block as part of a wiring kit (which I already have). Nothing for splices or butt connectors. Surprisingly, not even ring terminals in 4 AWG. So I bought all the connectors I need online and now I'm looking for a way to crimp them, properly. As a last resort I will use BFH or pliers to make temporary crimps and then add solder. Not wanting to go that route if I can avoid it.
  3. Does anyone here have a crimper for crimping large gauge battery wires? Specifically I need to crimp terminals onto 4 AWG wire. My car came with a big 4 AWG wire from the battery to the trunk and, long story short, I need to do some repairs including a butt splice in one location and some new ring terminals. I know I could solder them, but I prefer to crimp them if I can find the right tool. From what I can tell there are 3 main types (shown below in the order of this list). I would probably be able to use any of these: hydraulic long, manual lever type an anvil (usually requires hammering but could be adapted with some kind of clamp).
  4. Yeah, my understanding is that the new rule is for traction batteries only, or as Jim (Krank) put it, batteries that provide "motive" power. Nothing is preventing anyone from using a lithium battery as a substitute for your regular 12V car starter battery. AFAIK they are also not planning to outlaw lithium batteries in your phone, laptop, camera, key fob, remote control, hearing aid, etc. etc. At least that is my understanding. Hopefully the ASN clarification will use clear wording.
  5. Mike - location doesn't matter to me. I'd prefer somewhere in the city, but if it's a good price I'd drive out of town. Thanks Jim. I'll have a chat with you later. I wasn't sure if you still had room in your compound after the changes. Regarding private property - commercial property is still private. What MPI means by "private property" is that you can't just park your car on the street. It's on their FAQ here: https://www.mpi.mb.ca/en/Reg-and-Ins/Insurance/Optional-Autopac/pages/lay_up.aspx Thanks for the offer as well, Sledontar.
  6. Hi all, Anyone out there with a recommenation for summer car storage? I have a summer car and a winter beater, like a lot of guys here. Obviously I pay to have the nice car parked in storage all winter. What does everyone do with their winter car when they bring their summer car out? I've never really heard anyone talk about parking/storing their winter car... I'm guessing most people keep driving it all year as a daily or as a backup. That's what I did last year. Now I'm wanting to park the winter beater for 6 months and reduce my insurance to layup coverage (must be on private property to do so) in order to save money and free up some space on my driveway. Looking for something near the city (a short drive is fine), preferrably not just in an empty field where rodents will make homes, and for a reasonable cost. Hopefully less than I'm paying in winter.
  7. Beau

    Permanent numbers

    I see no reason why a door number would be any different than a bumper sticker (as far as the law goes). It's not like they are obstructing your view. Similar to a work truck with a decal, IMO. On the other hand it might attract some unwanted attention. I imagine if you were pulled over for even a minor infraction, those numbers are not going to help you plead your innocence. Suggestion - if you're going to leave them on all year including street driving, maybe add your class (req'd for nats anyway) and maybe our club logo and/or website? That way it looks more like a promo than just a door number. And you never know, you might inspire some kid who loves corvettes to look up wscc.mb.ca and come try the sport. Double check the rulebook regarding what's allowed right above/below/near the numbers and class.
  8. Beau Maryniuk - 5970 Renewing number 26
  9. Beau

    Join SCCA

    I chose a different region - Badlands I believe. This was a couple years ago so it may have changed.
  10. Neat. Is the bad sound and vibration from heavy impact because you're spinning the wheel quickly and then slowing down quickly and violently when the rubber block impacts the ground? Would being really gentle on the throttle help, or it doesn't matter because the rest of the wheel is slipping so easily? I guess in the big picture you aren't really supposed to drive on these things, just get yourself unstuck and then take them off as soon as possible. I could have used these this morning. Almost got stuck on my street and had to take the wife's car to work. I miss my Subaru.
  11. Beau

    Brake Fluid

    Great link. News to me = low viscosity brake fluid exists. The author minimizes its importance, however it could be more useful to guys up here in Winnipeg. Not sure it's necessary, but good to know about.
  12. Beau

    Drift Day

    Hi Kristina, Yes, WSCC used to have drift events, but the program struggled to get off the ground. From the last meeting I believe we might be looking for some new ideas and possibly a new director (but I'm not sure). The WSCC is a collection of programs - ice race, road race, autoslalom, drift, etc. The good thing is that we can all get together and help each other out with things we have common like regulations, insurance, organization, funding, etc. The problem is that we are a bit compartmentalized because there aren't a lot of crossovers in terms of actual racers, cars, or equipment. What this means is it's unlikely that someone from one of the other programs would be able to organize a successful drift program. We'd probably be better off finding an avid drifter (or a fan who is passionate about it) to help get things up and running. If you know of anyone who could help, please put them in touch with us. We could help by backing the program and lending a hand where needed, but ultimately the new person could run the program however she/he feels. With that said, I think the last guy had some success in getting a few cars to participate and held some cool events, so it wouldn't be starting from total scratch. I think there are more than a couple guys & gals just waiting for the next event (as you mentioned in your first post).
  13. Beau

    Mustang 5 spoke mags for sale

    Size, bolt pattern, offset?