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  1. Me too, Chris. I used to watch a few of those Spike TV car shows for years, and definitely remember her as being a good host. Sad.
  2. I will be going up to Gimli that afternoon if anyone wants to join me. Probably won't be doing any hot laps, just some ride alongs for me. There should be some family fun as well if you want to bring your spouse and kids.
  3. Yes! This thing looks amazing. Can't wait for them to become commonplace and I'm sure we'll see a few at the track. Tim this will make a very nice birthday present for the upcoming big one. (Hint hint to Ang) Echo the thoughts of 5-y/o depreciated cars becoming affordable. Here's another thought - what does this do to C7 used market? I don't really know what a brand new C7 cost ... similar ~70k CAD? From what I've heard that is a very nice sports car as well, one that could plummet in value soon.
  4. A friend of mine is involved with this event and asked me to share to any/all car enthusiasts. It's a fundraiser so they are accepting donations. First half of the day is open to hot laps. Second half of the day is ride alongs with some pretty wicked cars including some super fast street cars and a few dedicated race cars. Click the link for more info. I don't know much else (e.g. what regulations they follow) so if you have questions please contact the person on the bottom of the webpage. Only downside is it's on a weekday, but if you can take a day off work this might be well worth it. I'm hoping to go with my wife and baby for part of the day. Post here if you might be interested, but also register on their website. https://www.jewishfoundation.org/raceforarielle
  5. I talked to a former WSCC member & racer (Mike), who owns a Golf R and loves it. He says it is more of a FWD handling car, but able to hold a drift quite predictably (lift-off oversteer then power down). Sounds like it might be fun. I assume the S3 is exact same drivetrain and dymanically similar. Might have to test a few of these. RE: transverse powerplant - yes in general, but there are some exceptions (evo, and Focus RS come to mind). I was seriously hoping someone would chime in about something I hadn't considered or isn't well known for being sporty but can be ... like one of the Acura sedans. But alas it doesn't seem to be the case. Anyway thanks for all the input so far. Anyone else with experience please add to this thread!
  6. Thanks for the input everyone! I'll add my own experiences here so as to make this thread more about AWD fun cars in general, not just specific to my personal wants and budget. In general, it seems that AWD variants of many cars are usually paired with auto trans only, which makes them more boring in general. MT + AWD is somewhat hard to find, and it's only getting worse. The Germans appear to be holdouts (for now), as is Subaru. Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura, Nissan/Infiniti, and Mazda have all abandoned MT+AWD from what I can tell. It really sucks when a model is offered with either MT or AWD, just not together. Nhil and Canadian_CD9A I agree with both of you about the G37x. It is a pretty great car all around, with excellent grip in winter, but not exactly a sporty handling car. Very powerful though, so at least that part is fun, and the value for $ on the used market is pretty high IMO. It's the front runner for me right now, just looking for other (more fun) options Subaru - My 05 STi was an amazingly fun winter car. My experience was a bit different from Corey's ... possibly due to different sensors and stability control in 06 vs 05. Open the centre diff and it drove a lot like RWD, I could literally do donuts. I would say it was more like RWD with FWD "assist". Awesome. I was a bit disappointed in every WRX I drove, it just seemed very front biased and wouldn't allow the rear end to step out easily. If you chuck it sideways it could hold a drift, but would tend to understeer under throttle. Maybe it was just my bias, as I usually ended up driving WRXs right before/after driving my STi. I only ever drove a Legacy GT in summer so I cannot comment on how the AWD system behaved under slip. Audi is interesting - I don't have any personal experience but from research it appears not all Quattro systems are created equal. Similar to Subaru, different models get different torque split/bias and some get extra diffs, fancy diffs, etc. It appears the S3 is largely the same as Golf R which looks great on paper, but it's a FWD "on demand" based platform. :( What really intrigues me is the DCT combined with a good AWD system, as that should be a great fit for what I'm looking for. BMW - there are so many stories about high maintenance & repair costs. I guess this doesn't get any better when adding a complex AWD system eh? Yeah that makes sense. What a shame. :( Still, I'd like to know how they handle and how their AWD system compares to the competition.
  7. Some of the cars on my list. Any comments on specific models is appreciated. Lexus IS (2nd or 3rd gen) ... I’m specifically looking for an IS350 AWD, as I’ve heard the 250 is pretty anemic. Is the AWD system any different? What about the F-sport pkg, does that change anything? G37x vs xS – does the sport package change anything about the sedan? I believe it changes a bunch of stuff on the RWD coupe only. Only difference I can tell on the sedan is paddle shifters and appearance stuff. Audi A3/A4/S3/S4 - I hear the A3&A4 are mostly boring and tend to understeer a lot - can this be easily fixed e.g. with rear bar or alignment settings? It appears the A3 is “on demand” AWD whereas the A4 is a proper AWD system? S3/S4 comments are welcomed. Do they use a different AWD system? Golf R – So many reviews claim this to be a fun car, I was really looking forward to driving one, then I recently found some owners talking about how it's a FWD based system that only sends power to the rear after slip occurs ... that may have ruined it for me. Confirm/deny? Are there any other sporty & AWD VW models? BWM 3 series w/xdrive - I have no clue about these. Most reviews focus on the RWD models. I’m sure there is some AWD review out there, but there are so many models … any experience with these from you guys? The few 3-series owners I know have RWD cars. Acura TL/TLX – I’m assuming the TLX is FWD based … but the old TL was a torque vectoring rear based system I think?
  8. I'm researching cars with AWD for my next purchase. I'm looking for one that is actually fun in the winter, and hoping you guys can chime in with some personal experience. The biggest issue I find with car reviews is that they’re mostly done in the summer on dry pavement, and they don’t really test the AWD system well. Typical comments about AWD is usually just “it works” or "there is no tire spin under hard acceleration" (duh), or they focus on the weight and mileage penalty vs the same car in RWD form and basically imply it's inferior, but safer for soccer moms. Not very helpful. To me, an AWD car can be super fun for 4-6 months, as we all know hooning around in the snow is a blast, and even small slip 'n sliding during an otherwise boring commute to be entertaining. I strongly prefer a rear bias so that the car can be oversteered with throttle, not need to chuck it sideways into a corner. AFAIK anything that’s FWD biased and only transfers power to rear only after slip occurs is pretty terrible, as it won't be fun, it will just get you unstuck ... not what I'm looking for. Maybe it’s not so black and white? That's where personal experience will help.
  9. Got it, thanks. Not sure why I couldn't find it before. Clicked the link and it was the first thing like you said.
  10. I'll reserve #26 if it's still available. I plan to renew my membership ASAP, just as soon as I can figure out how! Edit: registered today. Please reserve #26 for me if it's still available.
  11. Trying to purchase my annual membership on MSR. It doesn't seem to be there anymore. I searched through events and on my dashboard. Cannot find it. I found my member # under club memberships, but there is no way to renew or purchase another year. Please help.
  12. I cannot commit to a league right now, but I would love to come out and do some races at Speed World again. We used to have a league for WSCC racers every winter about 4-5 years in a row. It was always lots of fun, lots of good competition and (mostly) clean racing. Anyway I'll try to monitor this thread or other threads and would try to join a couple times here and there when I'm able.
  13. Hey Joe, thanks for the tip. No I put them into storage for winter. But I would love to get rid of them by next summer as I have no use for them and need to free up one tire rack. Do you have a link or contact info for this guy?
  14. RE: Constitution Amendments Where can I find a summary of the proposed amendments? I got an email from the club with the full constitution attached, however I didn't see anything saying e.g. we are updating section x to clarify this or that. Or e.g. we snuck in a clause that makes it illegal to race FWD cars. Is there a summary of changes somewhere, or a draft document showing all new edits in a different colour? Or just a quick explanation on the forums somewhere?
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