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  1. Ahh! Wow, that must have been a shocking discovery. Glad your car survived mechanically and can still be raced without major repairs. Just add a little race tape like they do in Nascar and you'll be good to go! Might want to check the other sheliving and hanging structures in that trailer. Hope the wood isn't rotting on you. Maybe just one bad lag bolt?
  2. Thanks for posting results, Murray. Glad to see there was some good competition. Looks like there are a couple of ringers in Calgary - Ryan and Cam really cleaned house! After that it looks like a really healthy battle for the next 10 or so spots between a few Wpg guys and a few Calgary guys. That's great to see! Must have been a fun and exciting event. Can't wait to hear from those who raced for a full recap, and hopefully some videos soon. Have a safe trip home fellas.
  3. Wow, awesome times, guys! Great driving. Hope you can do just as well today.
  4. Loved the course. It was fun and flowed well. Had a blast in the new car. Felt like an old familiar friend, but not as knife-edged as the last red one I raced. That's a combination of street-class suspension and newer tech tires, which are really quite awesome (RE-71R). I like these tires a lot more than the Star Specs. Pretty sure I ran every generation of the Star Specs and none were this good. Joe had some good tips for most of us after the race. He could see different things from outside the car that each of us could improve on. I miss the days of watching different racing lines from the field while working course. Gotta try doing that again soon!
  5. Good luck guys! Have fun out there, take videos, kick some butt, and make some friends while you're at it. Wish I could be there.
  6. A ridealong at half speed or "taxi" in addition to the course walk is not a bad idea either. Yes, there are hurdles like how to keep it fair for competitors. We can figure these things out. Remember why we want to do this, it's to help newbies. Nobody is suggesting a top competitive driver gets another 3-4 free runs at the course at full speed. That would be unfair. Duh. As suggested, we could make it a voluntary thing where a veteran who isn't racing would do it, or a racer could simply withdraw any points he/she gets for that event. Voluntary DNS. I don't care about points, I just race for fun, so I'd volunteer to do it at least once or twice this year. If nobody else wants to do that, then maybe we put a veteran in a strange car from a completely different class (e.g. put Corey or Mark or Boettcher in a large sedan) and limit them to only 50% throttle or something. Kinda like the course design test run. There is also a concern about how and when to do it. I'd say right before the driver's meeting in the morning, or at lunch break. The course should be closed for walking about 10-15 min before start of racing (we don't close the course off right now, but we really should). We could have a car lined up and ready to take the ~3-5 rookies on their guided tour at that time. This is not meant for all novices, who have a bit of experience, just for the pure rookies to avoid complete bewilderment. Shouldn't be more than a few, so it should only take 5-10 min tops.
  7. Great discussion! I think we are closing in on something here. First, let me say thanks to Helix for bringing this up. We sometimes talk about it at the event when we see a bunch of new faces and we all want to help them, but the rookie mentor can't be in every car. This is especially true when you have a group of friends all together back-to-back-to-back. That's ideal from a fun perspective, but not if it means they aren't getting the instruction and mentorship that they need. During events is the wrong time to do proper planning. Mostly we just react to problems and try to keep the show on the road, and then forget about it in between events (oops!). We should plan for these sorts of things between events, like we're doing now! ^ Very true. Maybe we aren't doing a good enough job of stressing the rookie course walk? It should be seen as a way to make sure you don't DNF. Also that's a great point about stressing to drive slowly and stay on course. Driving too fast is probably the #1 reason for DNF, along with not knowing how to look ahead, which is kinda the same thing. Course walks don't translate at speed. ^100% agree. We should think about the organization as a business. Except that we don't make any profit. But the goal is to sell the product and attract new people to the sport, constantly, otherwise it will die off. I think we're all on the same page here. ^Great idea! I'll gladly mentor during fun runs. I know Rob has done this many times, as have many of the other instructors. But just here and there. Let's assign someone (or multiple people) to mentor others during fun runs and make sure people know about it. Sometimes we wait for people to ask. ^True. So how do we encourage people to do their own course walks when it's their first event? They might not know that they should be doing it, or how to do it, or what to look for. Can we take a page from the L1 school and do a guided rookie walk and then tell them there's a mandatory solo walk? We'd need to do the guided walk a bit earlier to leave time for this.
  8. I bought a set of RE-71Rs from this year. They were about $50 more expensive than Costco IIRC, but had stock in my size. They were about the same price as all the other online Canadian retailers, all were within about $20 of each other (total price). Costco is such a joke for tires this year. The RE-71R is still "temporarily" out of stock. Has been that way since April.
  9. The fact you can see these "mistakes" in your videos means you are able to critique yourself and hopefully learn from those mistakes and improve your driving. That's the power of video analysis right there. I found it very valuable when I was a bit more serious about racing a couple of years ago. It's not as good as individual coaching or a school, but it's better than nothing. Plus, I love watching other peoples' videos. So post 'em up! Thanks for sharing Corey. Did you change your gearing? I seem to remember you needing 3rd (and sometimes 4th!) gear a lot last year.
  10. That course looks pretty fun. And you're saying the surface is better than St. Andrew's eh? That's awesome! I recall trying that area of Gimli a few years ago and the main problem was the lack of grip, which made it less fun despite the obvious benefits of having a wider surface. Glad to hear it's better now. This certainly opens up a few new possibilities for the Autoslalom program going forward. Having 2 viable venues is great! The last few years we haven't raced at Gimli very frequently, so we haven't really optimized the event management. If we start racing there more frequently in 2018, we can plan better for those events and make them run even smoother. Things like specifically designed courses, starting the event earlier/later, setting up the night before, changing how lunch works, operating out of a booth instead of the trailer, fixing up the access road, etc. all can be done if we start racing there more than once a year. And yeah, if it becomes our main venue, we could even put some money into fixing up that area a bit to make it even better. All in due time. Glad to hear it was a success. I look forward to racing there myself later this year.
  11. I did it a bit differently than Joe. When I sold my car to a US resident, the car was technically sold in Canada and became his possession in my driveway (even though he never stepped foot in Canada). So, legally speaking, it was his vehicle to import. Even though I ended up driving it to meet him in the US, it was his car. I was simply a transporter at that time. There was a form to fill out at the border and that's it. I filled it out on his behalf because he (the owner) is "importing" it into the USA. The only tricky part was insuring the car during transport because it was legally his vehicle, but I was driving it. That got messy, but PM or call me if you want details. Either way you do it, be sure to keep a copy of the bill of sale (duh) and also find a way to record the exchange rate on the date of funds transfer/conversion. I had to provide this to MB Gov't when I claimed a PST rebate. If you buy & sell a car within 6 months of each other, you can claim a PST rebate from Gov't of MB. I wasn't sure if I could do this since the buyer paid me in USD, but sure enough, I was able to. It was a headache dealing with the gov't worker and took far longer than it should have, but in the end I got a nice fat cheque. Sweet!
  12. Solution - bring Joe. He's the best tool for any job!
  13. Oh wow, very nice. Does it include membership into the MWR club?
  14. Great looking car in great shape. I was just eyeing it the other weekend at autocross. If I hadn't just picked up a summer car I would strongly consider this. Good luck with the sale!
  15. That weekend is looking more and more like a no-go for me. If I don't make the trip, my tire trailer will be available to anyone who wants to borrow it. Just let me know.