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  1. Permanent numbers

    I see no reason why a door number would be any different than a bumper sticker (as far as the law goes). It's not like they are obstructing your view. Similar to a work truck with a decal, IMO. On the other hand it might attract some unwanted attention. I imagine if you were pulled over for even a minor infraction, those numbers are not going to help you plead your innocence. Suggestion - if you're going to leave them on all year including street driving, maybe add your class (req'd for nats anyway) and maybe our club logo and/or website? That way it looks more like a promo than just a door number. And you never know, you might inspire some kid who loves corvettes to look up wscc.mb.ca and come try the sport. Double check the rulebook regarding what's allowed right above/below/near the numbers and class.
  2. Beau Maryniuk - 5970 Renewing number 26
  3. Join SCCA

    I chose a different region - Badlands I believe. This was a couple years ago so it may have changed.
  4. Neat. Is the bad sound and vibration from heavy impact because you're spinning the wheel quickly and then slowing down quickly and violently when the rubber block impacts the ground? Would being really gentle on the throttle help, or it doesn't matter because the rest of the wheel is slipping so easily? I guess in the big picture you aren't really supposed to drive on these things, just get yourself unstuck and then take them off as soon as possible. I could have used these this morning. Almost got stuck on my street and had to take the wife's car to work. I miss my Subaru.
  5. Brake Fluid

    Great link. News to me = low viscosity brake fluid exists. The author minimizes its importance, however it could be more useful to guys up here in Winnipeg. Not sure it's necessary, but good to know about.
  6. Drift Day

    Hi Kristina, Yes, WSCC used to have drift events, but the program struggled to get off the ground. From the last meeting I believe we might be looking for some new ideas and possibly a new director (but I'm not sure). The WSCC is a collection of programs - ice race, road race, autoslalom, drift, etc. The good thing is that we can all get together and help each other out with things we have common like regulations, insurance, organization, funding, etc. The problem is that we are a bit compartmentalized because there aren't a lot of crossovers in terms of actual racers, cars, or equipment. What this means is it's unlikely that someone from one of the other programs would be able to organize a successful drift program. We'd probably be better off finding an avid drifter (or a fan who is passionate about it) to help get things up and running. If you know of anyone who could help, please put them in touch with us. We could help by backing the program and lending a hand where needed, but ultimately the new person could run the program however she/he feels. With that said, I think the last guy had some success in getting a few cars to participate and held some cool events, so it wouldn't be starting from total scratch. I think there are more than a couple guys & gals just waiting for the next event (as you mentioned in your first post).
  7. Mustang 5 spoke mags for sale

    Size, bolt pattern, offset?
  8. FS: 2009 BMW 335i LCI

    Awesome car. Lots of power, goes fast, looks good, and still practical. What's not to like? GLWS!
  9. Promoting autocross

    We had a great meeting today with many good quality discussions. Here are the minutes. For all currently unassigned tasks, we need some help with these. They can become a separate forum topic for discussion amongst all, or a champion can take the ball and just run with it. Meeting Minutes 2017-10-15.docx
  10. Promoting autocross

    I will PM anyone who needs my address. Anyone else who wants to join, please state so in this thread. If we don't hear back from you before the meeting, that's okay, we still have all these great ideas written down. That's the benefit of a public forum. All these ideas are already captured. I plan to discuss all the ideas relating to promotion and gaining new members, but ultimately we'll have to narrow down the focus to actionable items during the meeting. We can share the results with everyone so hopefully there will be more than just 5-6 people (10-12 people would be great!) able to help tackle the jobs and help follow through with actions.
  11. Promoting autocross

    Okay sounds like we have at least 5 people for Sunday so let's do that. Given the hard stop at 2 pm, let's start at 10 am, giving us plenty of time to wrap up a bit early. Anyone else want to join? Please add your name to the list. Beau Corey Shawn Dale Tim
  12. Promoting autocross

    I am free most of this upcoming weekend, Oct 14/15. If anyone wants to meet I'd like to do it now while things are still fresh in everyone's minds. Again, I could host, or we could go to Corey's place. No matter to me. Sat at 10 am sounds perfect, but I'm flexible.
  13. Event #18, Oct 1

    Yes and no. Be very careful. Do NOT do any resistance checks with a voltmeter while everything is connected and live. If you want to measure resistance, you have to do it on a dead circuit. In other words, remove the battery first. If you try to measure resistance on a live circuit, at best you'll get some misleading/erroneous readings and at worst you could blow up your meter or hurt yourself if something shorts out. Don't do that. But if you take out the battery then do what you said, you are correct. If you want to measure with the battery still connected, then you have to measure Volts. This is what I was suggesting. Here's how. Take your voltmeter and set it to DC Volts. Check across the battery terminals first (reality check) and you should have something in the range of 12.0-12.8 give or take. Take note of this first reading, let's say it's 12.5 V. Keep the red probe attached to the positive terminal and move the black probe further and further away from the battery. First check the clamp that holds the negative battery cable to the battery terminal to make sure there is a good connection between cable and battery. Should still be 12.5 V. Okay now move to the other end of that cable. Now move to the bolted connection to the chassis. Now move somewhere further away on the chassis. Now the engine block. If at any point you see a significant difference from 12.5 (e.g. you get 0 or maybe something weird like 2.5 volts) then there is not a good connection between the test point and the negative terminal. So just try to trace it out. If everything looks good on a voltmeter at first glance, another thing you can try is to do the same checks while the car is running, assuming you can get it running. If you have current flowing then the voltage differences should be more apparent. Side note: when touching a probe to a piece of metal, always try to scratch the probe into the metal a tiny bit so you get a good reading because there might be a tiny bit of surface corrosion or dust or grease on the outside surface of the metal.
  14. Event #18, Oct 1

    Sounds like you might have a loose ground. That would explain why your battery is still charged, yet you entirely lost power during the race. Check both ends of the grounding cable that runs between batt and chassis. I've seen first hand where rust/corrosion has formed on the chassis grounding point. In that case the bolted connection looked perfect from the outside and the bolt was mechanically tight, yet there was no electrical connection. Only way you can tell is voltage diff between batt neg terminal and a different spot on the chassis. I'm not sure if those numbers should be trusted as absolute. But who knows? It's peak transitional grip you are seeing for a fraction of a second. Sustained cornering G is more in the range of 1.0 to 1.2, which looks to be the same as Tim's vette.