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  1. I guess your mileage may vary depending on wear characteristics. I was running 5 year old champiro gts past few seasons, I do tend to be a bit more aggressive but having non sticky tires will force you to do that We'll see how they go this year
  2. I got a really good price on the nexen sur4g for this year's season, running a 255/40/17 this year. Get them from 1010tires.com
  3. What kind of timeline are we talking about Saturday? Wondering if we can show up a little bit later? (Afternoon)
  4. Haha the only shenanigans are the tires or lack of on my car. Champiro era over haha
  5. I definitely have to give a thanks and shout out to Curtis today, he was bored in the timing trailer and offered to jump in on one of my runs. He gave me some awesome feedback on my run and I improved on my next run. Can't wait for next year!
  6. I'm so sorry to hear that Dale! What do you think happened? Look up Nemesis Performance in Wpg for your rebuild. Hear nothing but great things.
  7. Did anyone find a large magnet from the yellow Subaru with the Osborne Chiropractic information on it? I lost it run one but I have no idea where.
  8. Speedfactor will do a basic alignment I believe for 89 dollars plus tax. I am unsure, maybe take it to Canadian Tire?
  9. I had installed coilovers 2 weeks ago, thats why it was out!
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