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  1. I have a Large and an XL Bell Racing Sport Helmet for sale. Brand new in box. Retails for 400 USD, so about 600 to get one to Canada. I'm asking $400. SA2015 suitable for road racing, pre-drilled for HANS. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-sport-other/winnipeg/bell-sport-auto-racing-helmet/1443002000?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=airdrop
  2. Hi there, I see were doing the double header at Gimli again this year with the last day having 6 compressed schedule rubber races before the enduro. We had discussed moving away from this at the ice race meeting last year as it's very rushed and was only added to compensate for a missed event a few years ago and never went away. Just wondering if this is something the rubber guys want to do or not. I'd prefer not, but will go along with the whatever the majority wants. Damon
  3. The dyno rule would make it easy to level the cars. Technically in PT cars should be dyno'd too because there is an absolute hp/weight ratio that overides the points. ST rules are way simpler than PT. I think all the cars could fit into ST6 as the HP limit is 160 hp and a 2.4 litre motor I believe. So an Integra should be ok too. I think we should decide as soon as possible about ST6 versus PTF/PTE to make sure we all ave time to dyno and prep, etc. How do we set up a vote like ice racing just did for the layout of Winnipeg Beach? Damon
  4. I can probably make that work, especially if it’s in the west end.
  5. Hey I’m only gonna stick around until I beat Marcoux’s 11 championships, so maybe another 30 years? LOL
  6. I thought the plan was to stick with PTF rules as written to avoid running a proprietary class unique to Gimli. Having said that a spec tire makes life a lot cheaper. Damon
  7. I’m there for the race, missed the deadline for knojne registration.
  8. OK I had some good discussions and thought about it a bit. I'm going with Option 1 and will run my car in PTF. Damon
  9. 2286 makes sense to me for driver and car weight. I'd probably push for Azenis as I'm interested in running 14s but I'm willing to go with the pack on this one. Damon
  10. Makes sense to me. Is it basically between Falken and the $100 tires? If it's Falken would it be 14 or 15? I think Minimum weight shouldn't be the heaviest car/driver package but a more typical car weight (say 2200 or whatever is sort of standard for an ef with a cage) + 190 for the driver and gear. Damon
  11. I think we need to keep as many cars in the same class as possible. It doesn’t make sense to have 10-12 nearly identical cars running around in 3 different classes. A spec tire seems like a good idea. If you look at something like Formula Vee or TCB all the cars run the exact same tire in the same size. If we don’t pick a spec tire we’ll end up there eventually once we figure out which is the fastest tire allowed in the class. So we might as well just pick one. Why don’t we just fine tune ccc? Are there a lot of people clammoring to join the class with a different car? We had 8 civics last year and will add a couple more this year. If you want to race ccc go get a Civic, they’re cheap their reliable and there’s a good knowledge base about them in the club. i think as a club with limited members we should get as many cars as possible in one class and have some real racing fragmenting the cars into multiple classes seems counter productive. Look what happened with Formula cars, people started bringing f2000 and continental cars and vee drivers switched and now open wheel is pretty much dead. Ccc had its first year last year and it wasn’t perfect as some have pointed out but it did get a lot of people into one class. Now we have the opportunity to fine tune the rules and build on the concept. My 2 cents Damon
  12. No rush at all. I thought mylaps did it automatically. Does it get posted on the forums or on mylaps?
  13. Hi there, Anyone know now where I can find timing results online? Checked my laps but could only find last years events. Thanks! Damon
  14. Best wishes Jordan! Here's to a speedy recovery!
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