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  1. sold please remove

  2. sold please remove

  3. Text me Jeff 204 801 4569
  4. sold please remove

    1 set of new Hankook RS4's - still banded $790 225 45 15's pm me or text/call 204 801-4569
  5. I just did the front on the corolla, and I would have to say it is not easy. yes, you need a hydraulic press (used a friends). Plus getting the piece of the wheel bearing housing off the spindle thingy can also be nasty. Personally, I would get it fix right away. You never know how fast it will get to the point where there is huge play in it, as mine did in one day. My wheel had at least 3/8 on an inch in play in one day, however I know people who been driving with a noisy bearing for months.
  6. Mine showed up today Ordered from PMC, wasn't expecting them until May 1 RS4's 225/45/15
  7. I ordered RS 4's from PMC, should have them for the first event.......hopefully
  8. Derrick Pelletier 6014 Keeping #6 Thanks
  9. LOL, thanks but none of those Canadian places sell the BFG's I need PMC has Hankook though, they only have the RS4 available right now. Not sure if I want to change from BFG. Maybe @Magner knows something about the RS4?
  10. Looking for places in Canada to order tires, tireset.ca looks to be gone. I am looking for BFG or Hankook My size not offered at costco
  11. Thanks, that's all I need......
  12. Jim, all I am doing is asking a question. Sorry if I offended you.
  13. What the rational for starting an hour early ? Wouldn't we rather race when it's warmer? Narrowing the check in time to 30 mins seems extreme, not that I am ever late but stuff happens. So if I pre register and happen to sleep in (not gonna happen) and don't make it there in time to register I can't race ?
  14. 2017 Season-Changes

    Thanks guys, I was wondering if the loss of lateral grip would be worth it. Going to have to give this whole tire thing some thought.
  15. 2017 Season-Changes

    Dam, I really don't think I will go to a 245.... I think they would only slow me down (not enough HP) The tires I use are already taking power away from the car. I will buy a new set of 225/45/15's(Rival S), and I am also going to experiment with some 215's and lighter rims (less tire but less drag). The reason for this is, my car with 185's on it is so much faster off the line and in general that it is almost unbelievable. Now I know that I will lose some control with a narrower tire, but the speed gain could be worth it. I was always on the rev limiter last year with Shawn's wide open big car tracks......lol. I couldn't get more speed without going to 3rd gear, the hope will be that I will be going faster before I hit the rev limiter....? Not sure if the math is correct (getting advice from all corners of the globe). Please feel free to offer opinions (Joe...lol)