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  1. Derrick P. #6 road racing ST6 fri/sat/sun
  2. Hello I am not sure what the poll in RR section shows in terms of RR vs TA, maybe there are some TA guys who voted in this poll. There is another poll in the TA section, it shows 19 yes, 7 maybe, 1 no I take back my earlier statement when I said it wouldn't be worth it to race with only a few cars. I am in no matter how few cars can make it, if that's what's needed to get things going again then I am in! So, to all of the Road Racers' - Please post in here if you are a yes or a no. If you were a maybe, then you are a no (unless you change you mind). Please post your name and class for RR. Thanks Yes I am in ST6 Derrick aka Coach
  3. Hi everybody Personally I need to know how many of the nine yes's are road racers. It will cost me at least $1300 to race in July and I already have a lic and new belts. I bought my lic and belts in Feb.....doh! Could we have 3 poles ? RR TA and Hotlaps I do not want to show up to race and only see 2 or 3 other road racers. It's not worth it if thats the case. Is this for points and ultimately trophies (provided we have at least 3 events)? Thanks Derrrick
  4. So sorry, when you said documents I did not realize you where talking about the supp regs. I thought you meant the waiver and other misc paper work...…….my bad
  5. Can someone throw up a link to the supp regs ? Thanks
  6. Miss you a lot Don. The shop won’t be the same without you. The place we pay to hang out....lol
  7. Yeah, that really happened! As I came around 2 I thought I saw someone spinning, so I started to veer right. At the last second you can see me turn right and then left just to try and get the back end of the car to go away from Clint's car. Seemed to work or I was just lucky.
  8. Awesome job today Huge props to Jim A
  9. We have a bunch of tires at Al’s shop to band together. We need at least 5 guys, I think we have 3 or 4 now
  10. I saw the pile you guys made, great start and great job. I missed the party today but I will be there tomorrow to build more stacks. As well as on Thursday at the track to put them in place.
  11. I’ll see you at the track tomorrow buddy.. 

    1. Runthis


      Btw this is your old Jamaican co driver ;) 


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