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  1. I’ll see you at the track tomorrow buddy.. 

    1. Runthis


      Btw this is your old Jamaican co driver ;) 


  2. I just did the front on the corolla, and I would have to say it is not easy. yes, you need a hydraulic press (used a friends). Plus getting the piece of the wheel bearing housing off the spindle thingy can also be nasty. Personally, I would get it fix right away. You never know how fast it will get to the point where there is huge play in it, as mine did in one day. My wheel had at least 3/8 on an inch in play in one day, however I know people who been driving with a noisy bearing for months.
  3. Hey Joe, I hate to bug you but could you tell me if the front tie rod ends and ball joints are all from a 94 corolla ? I want to replace all of it.

    I plan to change all break pads and rotors

    all Hawk HPS pads

    rotors ? stock corolla front ? and back ?

    Let me know



  4. Hi Al,

    Are you doing tire installs again this year ? I have 2 sets that need changing.

    Let me know



    1. Al Marcoux

      Al Marcoux

      Yes I am . I'm avail everyday pretty much.  Lmk 291 7006

  5. way outdated, but the original rivals were a very good tire and had more longevity
  6. ^ LMAO............there is no where to hide
  7. That was awesome...... At first my favorite was the smart car, then I saw the tractor tearing up that field an thought that's the one. But...........then came the Fiat.......Nice
  8. Definitely in a league of your own ! I wish I was your neighbor and could be there every step of the way to LEARN (and clean up). I really like ToyJoeTa or simply YODA !
  9. WOW! What else can you say Can't wait to see the finished product ! Are you planning on having it running for the up coming season ?
  10. Hey Mohammed, you can have my ticket at the door. I have sent Peter an email. I am unable to attend. Derrick
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