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  1. Awesome job today Huge props to Jim A
  2. We have a bunch of tires at Al’s shop to band together. We need at least 5 guys, I think we have 3 or 4 now
  3. I saw the pile you guys made, great start and great job. I missed the party today but I will be there tomorrow to build more stacks. As well as on Thursday at the track to put them in place.
  4. I’ll see you at the track tomorrow buddy.. 

    1. Runthis


      Btw this is your old Jamaican co driver ;) 


  5. Is there a food vendor at tomorrow’s event?
  6. I thought the same thing Don, here we go again. After reading it a couple times, it just comes down to hp and weight. However, we will all have to get our cars dyno'd probably every year. Otherwise you leave yourself open to protest. Who will police this ? Base on my cars weight right now 2287lbs and roughly 120hp, I am ok. You guys will have to add weight, I am pretty sure you were all lighter than me.
  7. This is simply a great thing that is happening to GMP and the surrounding communities. Excellent work!
  8. Can someone help me find the results from this past weekend on mylaps ? Thanks Coach aka Derrick
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