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  1. Derrick Pelletier - 6014 #6
  2. PTF #TBD (would like number 6 if possible) gonna be at the back of the bus for a bit, it's cool
  3. I want to make 1 thing perfectly clear, I am a beginner in every sense of the word. This will be my first year road racing. My opinions here are based on getting into the sport without having to break the bank to do it. I know it's going to cost to play, as I have said before. I really don't know enough about the PT class rules, but the jist of PTE sounds like you either spend money to go faster, or spend more money to make it lighter. Derrick aka coach
  4. I totally understand. What I mean is could we start the vote and leave it open until after the meeting.
  5. Why don't you get rims that will allow you to use the lead brand of discussion ? That seems to be the easiest solution
  6. I am chiming in at Matt's request. Personally, I built my car for the ccc class. Now I am not to sure I like where this going. We should keep the cars as stock as possible, have a spec tire (cheap), and a min weight......end of story. Let the driver win, not his pocket book. Without this I am not gonna be racing next year.
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  9. Text me Jeff 204 801 4569