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  1. I would integrate it. Open-air dumps have their own set of "challenges".
  2. This is a big issue for newcomers to our sport, and is one reason why i have a slide in my HPDE presentation that is dedicated to this exact scenario. Tune-in the loose nut behind the wheel, then figure out what to do next! I have no argument against it. There are many lessons learned to be found on this forum. @mcorrie is a regular reporter!
  3. Many "bolt-on" solutions make big changes and should be done incrementally. Many folks make two or three changes at once and can have a huge impact on the vehicle. Perhaps to the point where it's not drivable in it's new configuration. Now you need to work backwards to see what the culprit was.
  4. Yes! Basically 1mi flat-out! zoom-zoom. Watch the 130deg right-hander at the end!
  5. Road Race needed 20 entries to make it a go.
  6. It was quite the splash! From the pits it looked like someone did a cannon ball in a swimming pool!
  7. No Pistons Racing will be donating something.
  8. NT-01's if your pocketbook will allow. You won't be disappointed! They are good to the cores unlike other brands/models.
  9. Be careful with Mitchells. While as a general rule, they are ok, as you stated, they get their info from the manufacturers who balance politics with vehicle performance/reliability. For example, Mazda (and thus pro-demand) calls for 5W-20 non-synthetic engine oil for the renesis which by any one on these forums would argue that it shouldn't be used in our track time fun applications.Rotary engines returned for rebuild or core show premature wear on the bearings that have been attributed to this oil choice...by Mazda. A high zinc impregnated 5w30/10w30 API oil is needed for rotaries turning to 10k RPM for extended durations! ...and there goes the brake fluid thread! haha sorry @Weebly
  10. The RX8 trans can't use GL5. It must be GL4! It will be notchy and grind 3-2 and 5-4. Redline MT90
  11. Hi Roland! I've put your class as T1. Darin
  12. Don't forget about pad knockback! Lightly tapping the pedal resets the pads back to the rotor before heavy braking. Also note that light taps on the brake pedal while in the corner will allow the car to keep it's slip angle. More efficient in wet conditions however... Your left foot can do more than just hang out near the clutch actuation device!
  13. Agree. Do the lines, then get the flush done. But $350 is more than enough to purchase a tool that will cycle the ABS for you.
  14. I'm not sure I would agree with this. You can race side-by-side through that corner, so it can't be all that tight. Overall, its less than 2s slower in lap times, and statistically equal top end speeds into 1. Yes, it is a technically challenging corner and a wee bit of ice racing technique will slingshot you through it!
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