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  1. nopistons

    Sports car recommendations

    Ooops. I'm loosing time. September is going by in a hurry!
  2. nopistons

    Sports car recommendations

    Yes! C5 with a slightly cracked bumper went for $7k! Big hail auction coming up!
  3. nopistons

    Sports car recommendations

    Can you comfortably fit in either of those? Having driven many iterations of both cars you suggested, I would say the Miata. Z3/Z4 are not as forgiving and arguably not as reliable as the Miata. Mazda will be cheaper to "build" as time moves on. Mazda requires a roll bar to go on the track The Z3/Z4 might as well depending on the model. You will need to confirm it has roll hoops or the pyro roll protection. Another sports car that fits into the same category as the Miata would be the Toyota GT86 and all of its various derivatives (BRZ, FRS).
  4. nopistons

    Pot luck 2018!

  5. nopistons

    Aokohama advan AD08R 205/55/16 Tire

    Yup. can't read
  6. nopistons

    Aokohama advan AD08R 205/55/16 Tire

    NVM Tires are 200 TW
  7. put me down for a solid maybe. depends on if i can get away from the office quick enough to make it before sundown
  8. Agreed Scott. It seems that there are too many fingers in the pie. Ultimately it should be the director (and/or assistants) who generates a schedule that has our sponsors input and guest racer interests at its core and not impacted by external people or groups who want to modify it for their own personal daily agendas.
  9. nopistons

    2002 BMW Z3 Coupe- 3.0L six cylinder

    I believe Greg said it sold last week.
  10. nopistons

    Hot Laps Discussion Forum

    They are track pads, but they aren't as aggressive as Hawk Blues for example, but more aggressive and heat resistant than HP+.
  11. nopistons

    Hot Laps Discussion Forum

    Assuming this is a street car, we have had great service from EBC yellows. They take heat well, dont fade easily and have reasonable street manners without noise. I've used them in door to door racing too with predictable performance.
  12. nopistons

    10lb Fire Extinguishers

    What type are they?
  13. nopistons

    BN 255-40-17 Tires and 17x9 Wheels

    Rims gone. Tires still available