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  1. They are a flange designations and doesn't necessarily mean that the T25/T28 is "smaller" than a T3 beyond the flange bolt pattern. The "AR" of the turbine housing dictates this. As an example, you can get a GT35 in a T3 flange with an AR of 0.63, and a GT30 in a T25/T28 flange with an AR of 0.72. The turbine housing on the GT35 is smaller and will create a faster spool in on equal engines. This is one of the turbos I have: GT3076R GT Garret Turbo 30 Turbine frame size and Inducer diameter 76 Compressor exducer diameter R Ball bearing I like this turbo for small displacement engines. Small frame (T25/T28), linear boost increase on lower displacement (~3500rpm to full boost), oil and water cooled, and has internal wastegate option. Chinese ones are new $200USD ea so if you burn one, just toss it and buy another. I have it on my Toyota 1.3L low compression 4EFTE ice racer. Worked very well. I am told, this is an upgrade for WRX/STI folks. One thing to keep in mind though is that a larger turbo at equal boost will make more HP due to larger volume of air and cooler charge. Think of a garden hose and a 2" pipe with equal pressure. One flows a lot more volume at equal pressure and duration. Make sure everything down the line of the turbo is able to take the abuse! But anyway, after all that, for a backyard build, find one, slap it on and let it eat!
  2. We've had some requests for one. We will see what the waitlist looks like this year.
  3. Did you apply for a license in 2016?
  4. You're registered for our HPDE so assuming you succeed at the exercises and pass the written exam, you will be eligible for a TA or RR license. I'd not wait too long after the HPDE to apply for your license as the first event is 3 weeks after! you can class your car at any time between now and event 1.
  5. The executive was toying with the idea of holding the national TA championship at Gimli. I don't think there was much enthusiasm over it but that would have been interesting.
  6. Bring the car with whatever it has in it. Make sure it has at least half the pad remaining. either car, doesn't matter. The pad topic is up for lengthy debate, however, between AS, HPDE, Lapping days or Time Attack, can use the same pad.
  7. Matrix, FWD model, OE brake setup, exceptionally large (wide) wheel/tire combo for the chassis. Never weighed it but suspect it's right around 3000lbs with driver/gear. Maybe a bit less. We also did a friction break on the rear pads (EBC Red Stuff) to get more weight transfer to the front. More effort on the front pads too. Not sure how much this attributed to additional wear but we were happy with the results. FWIW, I use them on my 2721lb race car, same pad setup. No fade w/o ducting but do not last long in this scenario. Again, the most aggressive pad available for my caliper configuration.
  8. EBC Yellows have been decent for us with a dual purpose car. No noises on the street and definitely more bite over HP+ when hot. HPDE days at gimli, no fade and faired well at the couple AS's it did. We do have the accompanying slotted rotors too which helps keep the pads square. They are by no means a full track/race pad and you can make them overheat if you try but with a mid weight car with 110hp over stock, they didn't skip a beat! Car was driven year round. For that particular car, it was the most aggressive pad available...and still is!
  9. I got this as a PM and realized it might be better to reply here... You and your fellow competitors run the track at the same session. Each competitor competes and races against the clock to better their lap times. As everyone has different cars, with different preparations, each competitor is assigned a PAX factor that levels the playing field. This is how a Corvette can compete with a Chevette on the track at the same time even though one is obviously significantly faster than the other. It does not matter one bit which car you bring to the track as you will be competitive with your fellow track mates providing you have done the PAX calculator correctly. The only time this isn't the case is the fastest overall lap time trophy. That goes to whoever has the fastest car throughout the season. As noted above, as you move through the season, your fastest laps are noted and assessed points based on your PAX. Championship trophies are awarded accordingly. All events are held during road race events
  10. Tony Bage at Bage Air ( Did real flames on my hood, helmet and sled.
  11. Fellow Time Attackers, The 2017 is upon us and we would like to hear from the group what they would like to see this season. Currently, we have 2017 Time Attack shaping up as follows: 2017 WSCC Memberships: $50 Get your 2017 WSCC membership here! (MSR) 2017 WCMA Time Attack Licenses: $20 Get your 2017 Time Attack licence here! (MSR) 2017 PAX Format One thing we will continue from 2015 is the PAX system. Trophies will be awarded for: Fastest Overall Lap Time Fastest PAX Lap Time PAX Points Championship 1st 2nd and 3rd Some of you already know what your PAX value is, however, if you need a refresher, please use the online form located here. If you are new to the Ontario Time Attack data base, you need to create a profile, find your car in their stock list (or at least the closest variety) and if you have mods, use thier handy checklists to do the calculations. You DO NOT need to submit the car to CCDB. Just go thru the exercise. If you need assistance, you can either ask former TA Director, Sarah (84TurboSupra), Myself, or one of the many veteran time attackers that have already completed theirs. Please make every attempt to class your wheels as it makes it more interesting for the rest of the competitors. If you do not class your car, you will receive a PAX factor of "Improved or 1.0". 5 events but scored on the 4 best! Your lowest score gets thrown out, so even if you miss an event, you still can be in the championship running. 2017 Time Attack Entry Fees: $120 Unfortunately with rising track rental/usage fees and the cost of vehicle transponders, we need to bump it up $20 per entry. It's been a long time coming. 2017 Schedule This will remain the same, Practice followed by 5 run groups of approximately 5 laps each. Max cars on track per run group will be 17 (Overall Max is 34 TA entrants) More than 10 registrations, grid will be split into 2 run groups. Online Registration: As with 2016, this year we ask that you pre-register online via MSR. All TA races will be under the "Road Race Event" schedule on MSR, select TimeAttack as your event fees. You will not need to pre-pay online, only register. Use code "TRACKPAY" to set your cart to $0 and register. Paying at the track will have a $20 surcharge. If you need a SNELL helmet, you can rent one at time of registration for $25 per event (Limited Number Available) Any items that you'd like to see??? Thanks, Road Race Management Team
  12. S. Wach - Toyota Matrix Photo Credit: S. Bradley
  13. Technically, it's open to whomever wants in. If you happen to have the same tire size as the group, it will be a better price but we can see about what the prices are if they are different.