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  1. EBC yellows Most aggressive pad you can get without going to a full race pad, and have good street manners, yet still take the heat of track days. What my RX8 will get once the hawk HPS are done. Hawk Blues are great but your neighbors will hear you coming down the block with the noise!
  2. I've driven the 430xi (M) and an E46 325xi (turd) a bunch. Both manual transmission. In my opinion, I find that the BMW AWD gives the sensation of being heavier in the front to drive than some other cars that are truly RWD bias. Audi feels like this too but i think it's because they are actually heavier up front. Even with TCS in "off", it seemed the TCS was never truly off. The "M1 Sport" mode didn't seem to offer the experiences found in the M5 AWD that has further reductions in nannys. And to be honest, the E46 was so weak it could barely do anything except wheeze. Both cars had to be chucked into a corner to get it to oversteer which was quickly thwarted by the TCS. Steering angle sensors only let the rear step out so much. The E46 is a serious money pit! However, I do prefer the BMW AWD system over the Audi haldex from a drivers standpoint. Some Aydi systems will unlock the rear under hard braking and do other weird things. Servicing them can be a nightmare too...at least on the Audi vehicles I have been forced to work on!
  3. My vote is for the IS350 F-Sport It has great driving experience and rear bias to the point where you can step it out when you want to.
  4. Overall lap times are based on a number of factors, including setup and skill level. Big picture, if you can get yourself into a 1:10-ish (or lower), your moving fairly quickly around the track! A 1:13 lap isn't anything to sneeze at either. Something to consider is to not worry so much about lap times from session to session, first year out. Check them if you wish, but look for consistency as opposed to the actual time. You will notice as you get more seat time, and focus on your driving rather than lowering the number on the print-out, at the end of the season you will see a trend with the lap times!
  5. @Depauperate Not exactly sure where you were going with the above logic but there is a car on the base car list that more or less is an option to start with if you are trying to class the 2019 Genesis 2.0T: Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T 2013 R-Spec 3418.00 274.00 55 RWD 12.47 70.78 67.9 GT3 Wrong year, yes, but perhaps a better car to start your classing calcs with! You can from there add your PIP points (include your weight and power) to be close to where you need to be.
  6. You don't need to submit your form.
  7. Photos should be available to download if you wish to do so.
  8. @Ron Janzen This more or less sums up the answer for your question. It needs to be an OEM hard-top car. Since the solstice was never offered one, you will need supplemental roll protection.
  9. Does it have an OEM Mazda hardtop? If not, then yes.
  10. Magnetic decals are fine but if a corner lifts due to dirt, and it happens to be on the windward edge, they fly off. Same goes if they are wet and moisture gets in behind. they don't like to stick. I suggest using a something a little more substantial than painters tape, and place it on the glass. Any residue can be easily cleaned up with glass cleaner or brake clean. Painters tape and other derivatives of masking tape tend to be as reliable as the magnetic decals. If applied to a dry, clean surface, it will last. I gave up on applying and re-applying tape, and just went for regular vinyl (from the website you listed) and slapped it on the door.
  11. Nitto NT-01's I've had good results with other tires but those are without a doubt my favorites! You said reasonable price... Nankang NS2R Available in most sizes. Others have their own suggestions.
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