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  1. Dont forget mod points to boost the FRS to GT1. This is not a stock FRS in GT1.
  2. Yes after 5pm. Please note that priority will be given to the instructors. There will also be an opportunity for workers to get laps on the Saturday after the school has concluded for the day.
  3. You speak as if everyone's driving skill level is equal. This just isn't the case. He is right with his question. This also isn't a problem either. This is what gives lap times meaning. It's naive to think that tires and aero are the largest contributors to lower lap times. While these are perhaps high(er) on the list, they are definitely not number one or two.
  4. We just have to make sure that the folks that do come out, it doesn't matter what they drive, they need to be included, and included fairly. Lets help the newcomers not get discouraged because they look at the rest of the group(s), and not have the pockets to "keep up". This is where the PAX helps too.
  5. can you provide an example?
  6. Hi Folks, As with every new season, we are expecting a sold-out crowd at the HPDE and in need of track workers and every available instructor to register and attend. If you can make it, please head over to the volunteer registration page and sign up! Instructors get free lapping on the friday prior to shake the dust off before getting into a students car. Please take advantage of this! Just a friendly reminder, Instructors are required to wear their shirts. There are multiple tasks available for track workers. All volunteers get the lunch covered by WSCC. All of the license applications are located here! If you have any questions, please let us know!
  7. This! Here's the deal for me as HPDE Director and the face of the licensing school: While i agree that Time Attack has been growing generally across the board, for WSCC specifically, the new students at our schools get interested in the prospect of level playing filed competition. I can't sell this rule set as such. It creates silos and the sense that it's a money race. You can argue it all you want, but face value shows that it is. The "driver's race" aspect of Time Attack is lost here.
  8. DING DING DING! WTA cars have huge dollars in development.
  9. We (Sarah and Darin) can do 10 to 2 Saturday. Depending on load-in time Thursday, I also might help with setup.
  10. You can click the links below to register on MSR... May 24-26 - Road Race #1 June 21-23 - Road Race #2 July 6-7 - Track Day Weekend, Test & Tune July 26-28 - Road Race #3 WCMA Runoffs August 16-18 - Road Race #4 CMW Vintage Weekend September 20-22 - Road Race #5 - Season Finale´╗┐
  11. nopistons

    Sports car recommendations

    cuz I don't look at any registrations until April. So i am right, just 200ml off in displacement! The honest truth is I went off the posted photo alone.
  12. nopistons

    Sports car recommendations

    Can we guess? 370z NISMO
  13. nopistons

    2016-up Camaro SS front rotors

    PM sent