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  1. Hi Everyone, As usual, we are looking for instructors and track workers for the 2018 HPDE. If you wish to help out, please make your way to the volunteer registration page. We need: 22 instructors, 16 track workers. One thing that we are changing from last year is we are restricting the number of lunch compensations down to what we need. We just don't have the budget to cover everyone's lunch that shows up. By no means are we turning away volunteers! So, we will be using the MSR page as record on who is coming to help out. The assumption is that if you are not on the MSR list, you aren't coming. There will be a meeting for all volunteers April 11, 2018 at Aaltos 826 Regent Ave. to discuss the 2018 changes and make any tweaks as necessary with the current program. Agenda to follow. Notes for instructors: When registering as an instructor, please ensure you provide your shirt size. We hope that with 22 instructors, that every instructor will have 2 students with a 25min break in between. All instructors: please apply for your instructor license on WCMA's official license page on MSR. If you are looking to instruct and have not done so in the past, please contact hpde@wscc.mb.ca to find out more info. If anyone has questions or comments, please don't hesitate to pass them on. We need your comments from last year to steer the 2018 HPDE in a better direction! You can either post your comments here, or email them to HPDE. Thank you! The HPDE Team
  2. Licensing

    Not sure how many fall into this category however, if you have taken an HPDE in recent past but perhaps it has expired (more than two years), there is an avenue to be approved for time attack competition. If anyone is interested in learning about this easy process, please don't hesitate to email me at hpde@wscc.mb.ca
  3. As with any public debate, if you want something passed...make it about safety. Regardless if it’s a solution in search of a problem...
  4. One of the “big name” car dealers is on the board for MPI. That’s where the 95-older “rule” came from. Looking out for their own wallet.
  5. HPDE Requirements

    Weblink for PDF list: FIA Acceptable Helmet List and Expiration Dates FIA Website: https://www.fia.com/technical-list-ndeg25-recognised-standards-helmets L25_standards_for_helmets.pdf
  6. i know many folks don't care about these but i can't see anything wrong except maybe a hole in the top. But that might also be the key? https://apps.mpi.mb.ca/salvage/SlvgItmImg.asp?salenm=4142&itemnm=349
  7. Licensing

    I should comment that the IR license vs TA license debate is whether or not you need both to participate in each discipline and is not about a workaround for taking an HPDE to be eligible to partake in Time Attack. IOW, if allowed by WCMA, you’ll still need a current HPDE certificate to be eligible to compete in Time Attack if you hold a current Ice Race license.
  8. Licensing

    Need to ask the new TA directors if WCMA gave an answer!
  9. Minimum requirements: What you need for an HPDE event: Daily driven street car. (You do not need a sports car!) Vehicle must be in reasonable condition Must be dimensionally wider than it is tall All maintenance up to date (oil changes, brake pads and fluid changes) Tires in reasonable condition (Tread left, no bulges, dry rot or cracks) Current SNELL helmet Motorcycle (SNELL M) Special Application (SNELL SA) SA is highly recommended SA is mandatory for all vehicles with factory or aftermarket roll over protection Plastic Tub to house your belongings while on track Attire: Long Pants Closed-toed, soft soled shoes (ie: walking/running shoes, driving shoes) Long Sleeves aren't mandatory but recommended Special notes for convertibles: Hard top convertibles are permitted providing they are equipped with an original OEM hard top. Aftermarket hard top equipped vehicles are NOT PERMITTED unless the vehicle has factory or aftermarket installed roll-over protection! Soft top convertibles are NOT PERMITTED unless the vehicle has factory or aftermarket installed roll-over protection! OEM installed roll-over protection includes but not limited to: roll hoops behind driver and passenger headrests, pyrotechnic roll bars, etc... If you are unsure if your vehicle qualifies, please contact the HPDE Director for more information.
  10. Licensing

    Amateur $100 Ice $45 TA $20
  11. Licensing

    Amateur license would be good for RR, TA and Ice. Ice is good for ice racing TA is good for TA There is a debate as to whether or not Ice license is good for TA.
  12. 2018 HDPE Registration - OPEN!

    Thanks Dason! Updated original post. Only open for 8 days and we've started booking up!
  13. 2018 Time Attack Changes

    This unfortunately didn't work well last year, for the competitor and specifically not the directors trying to calculate points.
  14. YES! That's right. The 2018 HPDE registration is now OPEN! Here is the link if you know of someone who's interested: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2018-wscc-hpde-gimli-motorsports-park-winnipeg-sports-car-club-229884 We've had an overwhelming amount of requests to open registration early so...we have! Lets see where this goes. I will be posting a workers/instructors registration form as well in the coming months. Let me know if you have any suggestions for this years school. Always looking for improvements. We must be on the right path as the response has been great and is increasing in demand! ***edit*** 20% sold! (11/16/17) 30% sold! (11/22/17)
  15. 2018 Time Attack Changes

    We previously had names instead of transponder numbers on the sheets/mylaps. Why the change? Is it a time constraint? Software issue?