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  1. I ordered my numbers for the race car from a place in Winnipeg with competitive / cheaper pricing: https://www.bomexgraphics.com/. I'm not sure if he offers magnetic backing.
  2. Can a 95-2000 civic hit that target easily? 89-95 should be no problem. Don ran Hankook RS-3 – the most expensive of the bunch, but they did last him quite a while Westlakes @ $100 per tire, smallest size available is 15 Falken Azenis, more expensive but also more size options
  3. I guess I'm the most vocal defender of CCC at this point. Let's swap the content for CCC CCC prohibits the expensive parts in PTE. It can't cost more. Based on learnings from last year: CCC should have a spec tire – we really only had 3 different tires represented last year anyways a minimum weight – just base it on the heaviest reasonably prepped car
  4. I fear this will be a vote of a.) Inclusivity or b.) Affordability. If the vote goes in the direction of Inclusivity (embrace PTE as written and kill CCC), I can see myself – and other budget sensitive racers – just adding weight or removing some parts to drop into PTF. If the majority of CCC does that, the current notcivics will all be PTE, the current CCC field will just be the PTF (+ yogi) field – and the notcivics will just be racing each other again. Nothing really changes except for our supregs and the decals on our cars.
  5. I sent this to Don last year to help him come up with his ruleset. I did a bit of research based on a regional PTE champion selling his class-winning CRX a few years ago. I am against an all-out PTE ruleset because of the parts listed below: The prices were sourced last year, so they may be inaccurate now. The total is approximately $5500 CAD (based on cheap tires, no dyno tune, no machine shop costs, no shipping costs) to purchase the parts on this wishlist. Everything will also wear out much faster because we're going faster, so be prepared to buy more wear parts (Hoosier a6 will last a couple races? a day?). Some racers are already changing their Hawks every weekend, better bring two sets now. By contrast, last year I swapped in a $150 MPI salvage motor and raced on it for 3 weekends (it's still alive and strong). All I did was change the oil and bolt-ons. I'll take a $150 single day swap over a $5000 build (+ donor engine) any day of the week.
  6. The file has been updated ( Sandra's phone number was incorrect ).
  7. The top PTE guys could put even more cash into their cars to go even faster. I did some sniffing on the NASA forums for popular PTE mods on our civics, and those guys have a lot of go-fast parts that no one here is running yet. You can easily spend up to another $6,000 (more if you haven't bought a cam yet) on parts before you reach the 'fully modified' ceiling. Personally – I don't want to race a $1000 shell with a $10,000 engine. Racing is already the world's most expensive hobby, let's try to at least keep the vehicle costs down.
  8. Scott asked me to post these for him. Here you go. WSCC 2016 Supp Regs.pdf
  9. http://speedhive.mylaps.com/en/Events/1296685 Their new site beta, some of the breakdowns are nice.
  10. Thanks for all the hours Doug & Hamish!
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