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  1. Just my 2 cents, your type of car will play heavily into decisions on tires and brakes (as others have mentioned). Unless money 'no object' of course! So be cautious of people's experiences, though well meaning. The type of car really does matter, and which event your doing. In my experience only: stock '03 civic used only for autoX and time attack. No commuting at all. On oem ventilated rotors, 200 tread wear tires. And lapping day considerations are not included here; far more wear and tear on those days. Stock pads were ok for grip and lasted forever at autoX. But completely gone after two or three Gimli Time Attacks. Fade was experienced too, so little confidence in them in Gimli. Hawk HP+ were again ok for autoX (second pivot usually grabbed better than the first (no heat I guess, plus could be a function of cold tires too) and again lasted for ever. But amazing great grip for Gimli!!! I can go DEEP into corners with confidence. (Good tires help too of course). Also the HP+'s can last me a couple seasons. BTW, my HP+'s have never honked or squealed like they usually do for others, and especially on light cars like mine. Weird, but another data point. My second-hand experience: cars that are heavier and higher horse power than me go through brakes (and tires) much faster. To be expected, but still a surprising juxtaposition just how much faster. I have even heard of some cars going through a set of tires and/or pads in one day. I'm not sure if you are using a WRX, as mentioned in the OP, but that class of car does fall into the faster car category. So I'd say the HP+ level of brake pads or higher for Gimli usage. And if you're willing to switch pads between disciplines, then race pads could be the ticket for you if you're really serious about lap times. The drive up could potentially be a concern though when race pads are cold.
  2. Hey Darin, Super interested in this, but is the group buy limited to civic racers or open to all club members? Thanks (and thanks for organizing this). Cool either way.
  3. Super fun outing once again. Big thanks to the route guide, and all who came out!
  4. I'm most likely available, and would love to tag along! Count me in.
  5. Yes, I learned from the best! - patient grasshopper
  6. Hey blue, don't let 'kranky' pants pull your timing chain. Jab back! He can take it. Civic bros for life!
  7. Thanks to Jim and Kosta for getting the ball rolling on this year's spring drive. It was a fun run, and had a little bit of everything. A few good laughs too! Good times...
  8. A buddy of mine is coming out. He came last year or two years ago as well (Dino, red 944). Nish, enjoy the game. Shake the onion bag for me. Attending: Jim Carlos Dino (plus his daughter possibly) Kosta Taylor Pete(?) Maybes: Tim
  9. Perfect. Thank you sir!
  10. Sounds good to me. And just to confirm: KP is Kildonan Place Mall on Regent? (Not Kildonan Park on Main.) Just my luck, I'd probably show up at the wrong location. Thanks.
  11. Both days are good for me too.
  12. Get well soon friend!
  13. Thank you chief! See you out there soon.
  14. Thanks Darin! Looking forward to seeing you guys out there.