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  1. I'm in. I wrote it down on the family calendar, so it's 'in stone'.
  2. Haha, just like Jim. Not enough hours.... The 'drives' are always a great time! June is so jam-packed though. For me, I only have Saturday the 16th open. All other days are spoken for.
  3. Carlos1

    Sunday Time Attack

    Awesome. Thank you! And if it doesn't work out with the transponders, I'm ok with backing out. (let the others have a go at the track)
  4. Carlos1

    Sunday Time Attack

    Great, all sorted. Cheers!
  5. Carlos1

    Sunday Time Attack

    Kind of in the same boat... Tried to register for Saturday, but was placed on the waitlist. If sold out, that's cool; if not, please count me in. Thanks! Carlos
  6. Carlos C. #45 please Thanks!
  7. Nice seeing everybody out! It was really fun. And thanks to our fearless leader for organizing! I'll never forget that V10 screaming by... WHOA. Now that's a noise!
  8. Carlos1

    2017 Time Attack Championship Points

    YES! Another fun year! Congrats Martin! Thank you to Darin and Sarah for their work this year. And especially the course marshals. THANK YOU so much! Hope to see everyone next year.
  9. Looks pretty cool; I hope to attend. https://www.tribute.ca/trailers/ferrari-312b-where-the-revolution-begins/22588/
  10. Carlos1

    2017 Time Attack Championship Points

    Yay. Looks like the civic is a pax machine. FWIW, it's actually T2 according to the online calculator. Hope everyone has a great (and fast) weekend!
  11. Carlos Cordeiro, #45 please. Thank you!
  12. Glad it worked out! And looking forward to us all getting out there.
  13. The ccdb site does the classification fully. You'll have to sign up if you haven't already. The list I saw there from their home page is 'generic' in a sense. Once logged in, input and save your vehicle make and model. Then, Select it from your Saved Cars in order to Add a New PIP Schedule. Here's where the calculations begin. Enter a name for the schedule, (even driver weight, WOW!). The next screen will have your (factory stock) vehicle info. auto. filled-in, and then 'tab over' to the modifications screen; it's actually pretty comprehensive. Tick off the mods you have and submit. Bonus: it's pretty cool to see the assessed differences of mods. And I even learned I'd been classing my car one level too high. Cha-ching!! Post if you have any problems with it.