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  1. All cars can do the jumps - it's whether or not they can move afterwards is the issue!
  2. Thought I'd pass along some info about spring tire rebates from the manufacturers. Ran across this pdf from National Tire Distributors with a list of amounts and tires that are eligible. I believe these are direct from the manufacturer, not NTD. Of specific note to me is the Bridgestone RE71R $125 rebate. NTD Tire rebates.pdf
  3. As it says in your oil report their equipment won't detect the visible particles. I'd be a bit concerned myself to find that much in the filter. Are the particles aluminum or steel/iron? That may point you in a direction as to where it's coming from. Have you checked oil pressure & compression? As far as a litre useage every 5000kms that's nothing at all to be concerned about. I'm no mechanic, these are just my initial thoughts
  4. Until 2014 Nokian used "ringer" tires for testing.....http://www.autoblog.com/2016/02/26/nokian-tire-test-cheat-report/ I've had two sets of Nokians in the past and have been happy with them, but with their control of distribution I'm not happy with the pricing it creates... good tires, but not worth the premium you have to pay.
  5. Iceracer

    Spare Tire

    Definitely go for the walk throughs....in all my time working at recyclers we NEVER inventoried the compact spares.
  6. Looking for a codrive this weekend. Can't get decent tires for my Legacy in time and the stockers are horrid, even on the street... I'll try my hand at anything and I doubt I'll be any challenge to you in your car! I've only been out once this year and wouldn't mind finishing the season with both days Thanks for the consideration! Craig
  7. I'm headed to Pembina first thing tomorrow morning to pickup a few things. If you have anything there send me a message and we'll set something up. Craig
  8. Craig Thoroughgood #6473. I'll keep #2 please(for when I'm not co driving..LOL).
  9. Thanks to Jim for the tools, supplies, knowledge, space and heat!
  10. I'm looking for a codrive for the 2016 season. Other plans for an autox car haven't worked out and I'll be selling my WRX. I'm friendly, punctual and freshly showered every day! I'll even supply camp chairs! I have my own magnetic numbers too More than happy to discuss terms, but would have to see if I fit comfortably in your car before anything concrete gets setup. Thanks in advance for the consideration. Feel free to message me here if you'd like a contact number so we can discuss. Craig
  11. I've run the HPS pads for the last two seasons. No noise and no dust problem on my car. (wrx). The only "issue" is I found they needed to be at least warm to properly grip. If i forgot to warm them before the start of a run the first hard brake(like the first time into a pivot) was definitely interesting...LOL
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