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  1. Hello Everyone, I know it's been a while since I was active on the forums... or in racing. Houses take up a lot of time. Anyways, I'm selling my daily driver in favour of a larger more practical vehicle which really hurts as this is honestly a REALLY nice car. Meticulously maintained by the previous owner (all service done at birchwood lexus), and I have done any work that it needed as well (in two and a half years of owning, all it has needed is an alignment, new tires, and oil changes). This car has no rust on the body, and has nearly new tires for both winter and summer so it is 100% good to go. If I'm selling to someone who is a WSCC memeber, I will automatically give a discount, no negotiating required! Kijiji add for Lexus IS300 Bryan
  2. Awesome, I will not be there at six, but will probably show up around 6:30.
  3. I'm not on the list, but I was hoping to bring my front tires by to get them balanced for the trip down to Lincoln as I might be taking my car now.
  4. I have a parts car (MR2) sitting in my garage, and there is somebody that wants the windshield. I figured I would ask if anybody on here is able to remove it, I'm willing to pay cash for their work instead of waiting around all afternoon missing work one day for speedy glass to show up. If you want to tackle this job and are confident you can do it (I am willing to help / get in the way) and I can work around your schedule. I have shop air in the garage, and the car is on dollies so it can be rolled around for easy access. Alternatively, if you know of a mobile service that could do this, let me know! Either send me a PM or call me at six one two 1136 Bryan P.S. I'm located in St. James near the grace hospital
  5. It's me... I kept forgetting about it, and now I've forgotten my log in info. Might have to try to dig it up at some point.
  6. C'mon Joe, it's not a matter of "may have ended up with" I would have given you six months until there was a V12 corolla!
  7. OUT :(1. Kyle2. Art3. Ian4. Jeff5. Beau6. Brian T7. Carlos8. Scott2.3.4.
  8. Event 4, December 18th:OUT!1. Art2. Brian T.3. Jeff J.4. Ian5. Corey6. Taylor7. Carlos8. Jim2. Joe3.4.5.
  9. IN for new timing and new direction!!1. Kyle L.2. Taylor3. Beau4. Jordan5. Jeff6. Bryan S. W.Spares:1. Chris2.3.4.5.
  10. 1. Brian T 2. Jeff J. 3. Marion S. 4. Art S. 5. Kyle L. 6. Beau 7. Taylor 8. Corey 9. Bryan s 10. 11. 12. Spares: 1. Jim 2. 3. 4. 5.
  11. As much as it pains me to start the season down on points, I sprained my left ankle last night playing Volleyball... I'm definitely out for this week as there is no way I can effectively brake in a go-kart.
  12. On another note, we just scheduled the events starting on the 6th and one event falls on January 1st. Do we want to bump the remainder of the season, or skip an event?
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