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  1. Hello Everyone, I know it's been a while since I was active on the forums... or in racing. Houses take up a lot of time. Anyways, I'm selling my daily driver in favour of a larger more practical vehicle which really hurts as this is honestly a REALLY nice car. Meticulously maintained by the previous owner (all service done at birchwood lexus), and I have done any work that it needed as well (in two and a half years of owning, all it has needed is an alignment, new tires, and oil changes). This car has no rust on the body, and has nearly new tires for both winter and summer so it is 100% good to go. If I'm selling to someone who is a WSCC memeber, I will automatically give a discount, no negotiating required! Kijiji add for Lexus IS300 Bryan
  2. Bryan Sprange, 5951, Renewing number 21 please
  3. Hey Mike, Joe's camera should have some potentials for the video as I drifted two of the sweepers when my tires overheated on me yesterday. I will let you know once I get the footage.
  4. Just checked back in, and my number is still blank, I posted earlier about it. Could I please reserve #21?!
  5. What about me Can I have my number please
  6. Finally getting around to this, Member 5951 Number 21 please!
  7. I'm going to try to get my suspension finished this week in which case I will come out to do a shake down / setup of it. If not, then I guess I will see everyone at the first event!
  8. I'm back! I'll be running mostly my 2 in SSM-S again, but there may be some guest appearances while some of the work gets finished on it early this season. Depends how much time I can devote to it and if everything fits up!!
  9. What format are you looking to get them in? I have footage from the Ex event where I went very sideways due to having my handbrake on slightly... (that's my excuse at least )
  10. I remember seeing a good bit of smoke from my car when you took it on a fun run Or maybe that was Joe spinning it into to grass! Awesome looking car Tony, can't wait to see it in action! I'm trying to convince my neighbour with a 2000 Miata to come out racing.
  11. All good, I will be spending my birthday in a park with friends to start, and then going from there. Thanks for the bumps!
  12. So on my way home today, my car decided to throw a knock sensor code. I did a patch fix on this in the spring, but unfortunately, I can't do it again. My car is going to be down for a little while now (good time to do my new exhaust as well). I'm looking for a co-drive for tomorrow, preferably in a SP/MOD car so that I can get some season points, but if not then I will just run in SSM-S in whatever car I can get. I can offer a 1 gal tire sprayer, and a co-drive later in the season, or we can work something out. Please call me at 204 six one two 1136 Thanks Bryan
  13. It's me... I kept forgetting about it, and now I've forgotten my log in info. Might have to try to dig it up at some point.
  14. Finally, people getting one ticket!! I'll get one as well please!
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